Exact Data Consumer Base / Terrible Product and Service

Chicago, IL, United States

I only wish I read these reviews before doing business with them. Their sales rep Elliot Organ (I'm assuming now he must be related to the owner) called me constantly and I finally agreed to do business with him in August of 2015. Originally, they told me we were going to be deploying context ads in the Yahoo network. The campaign went live and we saw absolutely nothing. I asked them to pause the campaign. I spoke with their VP of Sales and he suggested we do an email campaign with the balance of our contract (he wouldn't let me out of it) so I agreed. We were going to target a list of roughly 12, 000 people that met our criteria. I provided them with the HTML for our creative and a link to the landing page. When they sent over the test copy I realized they somehow managed to insert the landing page copy into the email copy. I called and spoke to a girl name Tamiya. I took 10 minutes of me explaining to her that landing pages do not go into the ESP. She kept saying "that is how our campaigns work." In other words, this girl didn't know the difference between email copy and a landing page. I knew this wasn't going to end well but I never expected the results we saw. After 2 weeks of them struggling to get everything set up the campaign deployed. We had a 1% open rate. I REPEAT 1% OPEN RATE. Now, we have been and continue to run this exact copy and creative with the same subject lines with other partners and consistently get anywhere between 12-15% opens. We had 0 opt ins (hard to do with 1% open) and the company won't make it right. Thankfully we didn't invest too much with them but these people are a joke. STAY AWAY FROM EXACT DATA!!!

Sep 17, 2015

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