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I orderd a lacefront wig on the 5th of june, and has you can see with the attached e-mails, nothing viable, I have since done my research on these sites! and all bad reviews and very upset people being ripped off for oh! God knows the amounts, The distress it caused me over a full weekend past is indiscribable, emotional upset has i sent for this wig because of my medical condition ie: loosing my hair. There are people out there with serious illnesses and don't know what i know now, still ordering from these companies, It has to stop!! They fob you off when you seek their help has you can see.

Jun 25, 2015
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  • Jo
      3rd of Sep, 2015

    I just received my order from this company yesterday. How disappointing! The wig cap I ordered is wrong (I was sent a black one; I ordered blonde). The wig is the most disgusting color I've ever seen - looks absolutely nothing like the picture online. Also, instead of a box to protect the contents, the shipping bag it was delivered in was so filthy, I would have been afraid to put the wig on my head, even if it had been the right color! It had no shipping slip with order information or return information.
    This company is truly a scam -all products are made in China and "distributed" through the UK. The website makes you believe that the wigs are handmade and shipped from the UK. How awful!
    I emailed them today for instructions as to how to immediately return the items I ordered and am waiting to hear back.
    I posted this because I, too, ordered them because of a medical condition. Now on top of that, I'm upset and distraught that I was scammed!
    Please do yourself a favor and never, ever order from

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  • Ju
      23rd of Oct, 2015

    The worth experience I ever had. ordered 3 human hair wigs, got wigs directly from China with defects and not the colors I ordered. Tried to return them, they ignored my emails with the pictures of the defective wigs, These people take advantage of the sick and vulnerable patients

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  • Ne
      30th of May, 2016

    I ordered a supposedly human hair wig from ewigs, upon arrival it looed nothing like the advertised picture, i tried to style it with a luke warm hair tong and it melted showing it was not human hair . my attempt to get a refund was met with an abrupt NO the company is a disgrace

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  • Ag
      16th of Jun, 2016

    I have been complaining since the end of April with a lady called Young Amanda, the wig i purchased for £75.00 is supposed to be made of real hair, it looks like it came from a horse's tail and the colour is disgusting, she keeps saying to comb it...i have lol, the wig is not at all like the photo it actually looks likes something i bought in a joke shop.She is trying to say its not their wig even though the payment was made through Paypal ! The company EWIGS.CO.UK is actually based in CHINA. They have offered mea refund of £35.00, but the principal of the matter is i paid £75 for something i cant use. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY...RIP OFF !!!

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  • We
      26th of Sep, 2016

    I ordered from ewigs due to a medical condition thinking it would be my saviour because I was getting to a bad point in my life from loosing my hair, when it turned up there was loose sticking on the back and it was so obvious so I sent pictures and tried to send it back and get a replacement sent out but they wanted more and more proof and pictures when what I send was more than enough proof, then I was told to take it to a hairdresser, I have been a qualified hair technician, colourist, stylist for 16years and had tried to fix/hide it as best as I could and it was pretty much impossible for where it was positioned, after telling them this they still dragged it out for a few months. Eventually after telling them I just wanted what I paid for they informed me the best they can do is give me £25.00 off another one. I was discusted but at the same time I was so desperate to have hair and other than the part which was wrong it looked the right colour, length and size so I decided to get another even though I really couldn't afford to after buying the first one (and being off work because of depression and panic attacks from my condition and the shock of loosing the hair) I was desperate, so I ordered another. When it arrived I was so devastated, it was way too big for my head measurement which I gave them, it was really dark brown and I ordered blonde and it was no where near the style I ordered which was short, it was so long and so thick. I tried emailing again but got the same reply and there was no way I was going to be an idiot a third time around And to this day I'm £400.00 out of pocket and the Boath wigs are unwearable in the back of a draw!.

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  • Ap
      8th of Oct, 2016

    to help with any queries
    Young Amanda [protected]

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  • Us
      19th of Jan, 2017

    DO NOT ever order from this company. I have gone through chemo and needed another wigs. I paid through PayPal and called PayPal because after weeks I never heard anything about my order from this company. PayPay got back to me and said the wig was finally delivered, & it was that day.
    No packing slip, no information on the wig itself, no care instructions, and no information on how to return. I email their customer service, twice, but no response. This company is a big Rip-Off!

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  • St
      10th of Jul, 2017

    This company is such a scam I regret not doing better research before I ordered a wig.!! Their reviews on the website are totally fake and as a customer, I cannot leave a comment there. The wig came, and if you see the picture I don;t have to tell you it was worse quality than $12 wig on amazon! just Awful!
    They offered to give me instant 40% back but I feel like for the price I paid for this awful thing, I wanted all my money back. I WAS LIED TO! I shipped the wig back, on my own expense, and have not heard back from customer service since (it's been 4 weeks) NOONE IS GETTING BACK TO ME AND NO RE-FUND.
    i WOULD NEVER USE THIS WEBSITE AGAIN. please save yourself the trouble and a headache and never order any products from them. It's a scam

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