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I was told by Tim Scroggins, the salesman, that if I was dissatisfied for any reason within the first 30days, just call my credit card co. and reverse the charge. That was a lie, I tried and Everycontractor fought tooth and nail.

During the phone verification, I hesitated at the "update your profile every 90 days" and Tim got on the line and interrupted, promising me that they would remind me to update my profile. Another lie. A lie that is recorded on the phone verification transcript that I have a copy of. It was sent to me when disputed the credit card charge.

I was never able to properly set up my profile. I spent 26 hours on the phone with them trying to set it up, but I kept getting a " Server Timed Out" message. They told me that because I had dial-up, that my computer was too slow. I asked for a refund and was denied.

I never got any qualified leads, the only leads I got did not fit my profile that I was never able to finish setting up.

I spoke with Tahlitha Houston about getting a reund after the year had lapsed. She told me I had 2 violations;

1. Profile violation, for not updating my profile every 90 days

2. 24 hour violation, for not rejecting or accepting a lead within 24 hours. I don't know how to dispute that one, I did indeed reject within 24 hours, but I have no way to prove it.
Ms. Houston said she would read the transcript where the salesman was lying to me, and she would call me back the same day. She never called me back.

A month later I called back to find that she is no longer in that department. So I spoke with Andrea Brody, who claims he does not have a superior for me to speak to, and that I am not getting a refund because of the 24 hour rule. He invited me to get a lawyer.

They are in business to collect your money and to keep your money. They are a scam from the get-go. Their salespeople are liars. They are steeling. They are thieves. They are scam artists.

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      8th of Feb, 2010

    Let me add...I had asked them to send leads to my fax first, my cell phone second, and my e-mail 3rd. They sent all the leads to my e-mail. And they sent each lead 2 times. I kept refusing the same leads over and over.

    They sent one at 2:55pm, then after I rejected it, they sent it again at 10:05pm. They did this with all the leads. I never got faxes or phone calls.

    Eric Decker
    Decker Drywall

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      14th of Jul, 2010


    I was a member last year with good results, until September - 2009.Due to their good leads in 2009, I renewed at their request and promises of good continued service. Sice September of of 2009, no hear from. Calls to them met with "we are revamping phones - we are redoing our services - no call back at all - the president-a Mr Johnson-saying they would definitly be back on line in a few days." Still, to date, no leads - no hear from - inability totalk to a life voice. I intend to soon make contact with Nevada AG-Consumer Fraud Division, BBB, FCC, FBI, IRS, and other officials who might take an interrest in this type activity, help get my moneies back and take what ever legal action appropiate. In my opinion, this company has become a sham. It is likely they will or have started a new operation to repeat similar activity. Upon a planned trip to VEGAS, a personal visit on them will be enlightning.

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