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I aquired a cat recently and as there was a DG handy I went in there for some cat food. I picked up several cans of EVERPET CAT FOOD. He ate it at first, but didn't really seem to like it and I had no idea of what he had been eating so I didn't think to much about it until he started throwing up. I had part of a left over can in the fridge so I thought I would put it in the micro for a few seconds to warm it up a little. When I started the micro the sparks flew from the meat. I tried 2 more cans and the sparks flew out of these cans. I guess they put everthing in this product so everbody be carefull of this animal food from DOLLAR GENERAL. I wonder what all they put in peoples food that they sell. The only information as to who makes this is someplace in Tennessee and I think all they do is put the label on it so it looks like it is made in the USA...Not sure who a person could turn them into, but there has to be someplace...I'm going to start looking so if anybody has any ideas let me know...[protected]

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      7th of Jun, 2012

    The food and drug administration also takes complaints on dog and cat food. All my animals just got sick from that pet food, which was the first time ever purchasing it . I Contacted the store where It was purchased, then called their corporate store. From there I filed a complaint, then I was contacted by the manufacturer of the pet food. Then I contacted the FDA and filed a complaint there as well. The Store where I purchased the pet food originally wanted to immediately make good and refund my money or substitute another pet food, Same thing with their corporate store. The manufacturer however it was a different scenario, they wanted all evidence shipped to them at my expense. That is when I went to the local FDA. You can call the local FDA or go online to to file a complaint. You will need samples for testing for the Vet, the FDA, and the manufacturer. Do not ship all evidence back to the manufacturer or you screwed yourself. The FDA requires a sample and it normally takes at least 10 days before they decide if they want a sample sent, so you have to hang onto it for a few. My problem was the classic and gourmet dog and cat foods (dry) and the dog treats. Good luck to you, and I will think twice about switching up brands on animal feed because of circumstances.

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  • Hr
      18th of Aug, 2016
    Everpet - Had huge chunks of bone
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    Opened a can of Tuna cat food for my cat he begain to eat i looked down and seen large chunks of bone, large enough that my cat could had chocked on. It worried me, but I am thankful that I caught this before anything came from this matter.

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