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I have had my phone number connected to a fake ad soliciting for sex 3 times in the last 4 days.

This is the ad:

It is listed in cities across the country.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Midlothian, ILI have received hundreds of texts and phone calls looking for sex.
This is a business number!
Several members of your sites have already reported this as fake!
Please remove this immediately?
Is there not a way for you to ban this user/IP?
Is there not a way for you to block my number from [protected]?
Remove this immediately?

May 04, 2017
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  • Do
      Jun 16, 2017

    The girl who posted this ad stole my pictures from my Facebook n posted a couple of pictures of me mixed wit her n another girl with my number I've been been getting calls n texts for two days now wondering why da hell I keep getting calls until I got tired n told a guy they have da wrong girl n number n he send me a screen shot of da picture n said it's ur number when I seen it I automatically knew who did it n dat she stole my pictures I haven't spoke to that girl in weeks n those pictures r new pictures I just took there is no way she had even seen them wen I took da pictures I already had stopped talking to her so I know she stole da pictures from my Facebook I'm very upset I keep getting calls for sex I'm even more upset dat she was able to steal my pictures n post them without me knowing or having permission can't she get in trouble for dat for posting my pictures without me knowing for sex I wanna press charges if possible

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  • Mi
      Sep 04, 2018
    Escort Babylon - Posting my phone Num and photos as an escort
    Saint Louis
    United States

    Remove all ads photos and phone numbers immediately or I will file a slander complaint as I am not a [censored]ing escort. I have never posted on your site I did not authorize anything to go on your site remove immediately. This site steals info and uses it claiming a person is an escort and they aren't nor have permission to advertise as such

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  • Mi
      Jun 29, 2019
    Escort Babylon - Escort
    United States

    I did not make these accounts please remove it

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  • Vi
      Jul 15, 2019
    Escort Babylon - My reviews being compromised
    United States

    I have an attached photo of my stalker ex comprising my reviews, his account is bobishung. Plz remove them. Thank you

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