Encompass Insurance / Encompass Insurance driver ticketed for auto accident but they deny claim!

Seattle, WA, United States

Police report narrative(EXACTLY how it is in the police report(names removed): driver#2(me)
told me that he was NB on 35th ave sw in the curb lane when vehicle #1
put on her turn signal and moved into his lane causing him to swerve to
get out of the way. This action forced him into striking vehicle #3
(legally parked). Driver#1(her) told me that she put on her turn signal
and began to change lanes when she saw that #2 was in the curb lane and
moved back into her own lane. #1 was NB in the inside lane at the time.
#2(me) told me that he was just behind #1 putting him in her blind spot.
#1 was cited for an unsafe lane change..."On

8/21/2014 Encompass claims adjuster Andy Stangby called me at 1030AM
and denied the claim stating to me on the phone "You made an unsafe
swerve" so we are denying liability.

Sep 25, 2014

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