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Emirates Customer Affairs / What does Emirates Customer Affairs actually do?

1 United States Review updated:

My brother and I had a bit of a weird experience on 13 June 2007 at JFK International - it's fairly minor compared to the other complaints. Anyway, i'm a real stickler when it comes to customer service so i reported the incident to Emirates Customer Affairs almost immediately when i arrived at my destination. All i wanted was a reasonable explanation for what had happened. The response i received after an "investigation" was conducted was extremely generic and ignored the facts i had presented in my complaint.

I've been battling with Customer Affairs for over 2 months now and their responses remain vague and do not acknowledge the validity of my case. In my search for similar cases or experiences, i found that most airline websites don't have e-mail addresses for customer service comments/complaints and it appears that the treatment of complaints is the same across most airlines: Ignore the facts, give the passenger a generic response.

I first tried getting a straight answer from the Customer Affairs rep who was dealing with my complaint. I eventually mailed my complaint to every email address i could find on the internet for the Emirates - still no joy. Every response i got from the rep was pretty much the same and EVERY time i responded to her i kept correcting her statements with the facts to show her that she was getting the story wrong (seemed like it was on purpose).

The rep chose to play down the incident and stuck to quoting their overbooking and Denied Boarding Options policies which implied that I was a liar and the airline was not at fault with the initial incident.

She kept ignoring my emails and so i resorted to an alternative means to get her attention: I went to the Emirates website, looked up every magazine that had given them an award in 2007 and submitted the ENTIRE thread of communication to them.

Two hours later, i received a response from the rep and upon reviewing the complaint again, she was pleased to let us know that "As a gesture of good will, without prejudice or admission of liability" they would offer usa return upgrade to any destination of our choice on the airline's network. I promptly responded and told her that it was still unacceptable as we would still have to buy a return Economy class ticket to "benefit"from this gesture - this is money we shouldn't be spending in the firstplace.

Furthermore, she was STILL refusing to acknowledge ANY fault on the airline's part for what had occurred at JFK. Her generic response to that email simply stated that they had no further comments to add. I kept re-sending this response to her daily until she replied.

On 7 Aug 2007, i also mailed the email thread to their Customer Affairs branch in New York as well as the senior vice president (Mostafa Karam) of Customer Affairs and Service Audits for the Emirates. I've asked them to kindly provide me with some insight as to how customer service investigations are conducted. I am failing to comprehend how customer service managers reach their conclusions - I've been informed that investigations have been conducted and reports have been reviewed, yet my story is still being denied completely. I've got confirmation from Delta proving my side and have the name of the clerk at JFK who was instructed to offload our luggage, but what does the airline have on their side proving me wrong? Absolutely nothing from what i can see.

I have a read-receipt from the senior vice president's email account, but not one email from him. In the last 2 months, i've been searching the net and am very surprised to find the most appalling experiences being handled extremely poorly (if at all) by airline customer services - what does service mean to them? The responses to passengers are very much of a "copy& paste" nature which leads me to believe that the complaints are barely being read thoroughly. The aim here seems to be to ignore or frustrate complaining customers to the point where they give up trying to get somewhere with customer services.

I kept re-sending my emails to Customer Affairs indicating that there was no way I could reasonably accept their "compensation" and eventually they responded to me on 14 Aug 2007, simply reiterating their position. My final email to them was on 15 Aug 2007 - I sent the mail to Customer Affairs in Dubai, New York, South Africa as well at their Media Relations department AND the Senior VP of Customer Affairs & Service Audits again. I've received read-receipts from the Senior VP (again) as well at the New York office, but I doubt I'll get a response.

Initially this was a crap experience we had endured at JFK and ALL we wanted was to be treated fairly - eventually, in time, we would probably be able to get over it. We thought that reporting it to Customer Affairs would yield some kind of constructive solution - it turns out that this is a joke. The rep's vague, inaccurate, inadequate responses have only made things worse. Even if they weren't willing to give us what had initially been promised to us, they could have simply said "Sorry, we screwed up,we'll try not to let something like this happen again" and we would have been happy with that. But no, they wouldn't even do THAT.

It truly amazes me how Emirates play down customer complaints - all I wanted was an explanation, and they couldn't eve give it to me. By handling my complaint poorly, they've really marred the impression I had of them as I would have thought they would welcome customer feedback to try and be a better airline. Their crap responses to me have made me rather frustrated, but at least I know I tried my best to get their attention and let them know what I think of them - the Senior Vice President is the top of the ladder and I can't go further than that. I battled with them for TWO MONTHS and still no real progress. I'd be very interested to find out if anyone who has complained to them has ever gotten a reasonable response and/or reasonable compensation (if applicable). It seems to me that the Customer Affairs staff are grossly overpaid as they don't really perform a service of any value.


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  • Kb
      30th of Sep, 2007
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    I had pretty much the same experience with Lufthansa. Although I had requested an Indian vegetarian meal in advance, they did not have enough meals to go around, nor could they provide any alternatives such as vegan, kosher, etc. The flight attendant admitted it was a frequent problem and urged me to complain!!!
    I traded a dozen messages with various Lufthansa representatives, both in wirting and through e-mail. They just kept issuing stock responses.
    I ended up by cutting up my MilesPlus card into tiny pieces and mailing it to them.

    On a British Airways flight, my pregnant wife (travelling alone) was once rudely snubbed when she politely requested a male flight attendant if he could stow her cabin bag into the overhead bin. He simply said, "No, I won't do it. If you can't lift it you shouldnt have brought it." !!!!!!!! A passenger sitting nearby seeing this apalling response was only too happy to oblige. This is something most of us don't mind doing, leave alone someone whose job is to take care of passengers!

    I have never flown Lufthansa or British since. I have never had such experiences on Singapore Airlines.

  • Mi
      21st of Oct, 2007
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    I am suffering lots of since I came back home from my work. in details I came from Dubai to Bangladesh on 25th of august 2007. the day I arrived I dont get my luggage. Once I did not get my luggage I report to the airport authority as well as emirates customer services desk. They ensure me in this case baggage can be miss somehow for any international passengers. And they told I can get back my luggage within few days time. I was bit worried but I dont have any choice to do any further without wait at this stage.

    Well its being a long story and till today I did not get my luggage or even I did not hear anything from emirates. And so far I guess they think this is most funny things in the world. The reason why I called up everyday and I herd very different story from them.

    I send lots of email to all the around to Emirates based offices. Unfortunately i did not get any response till now. It is very hard believe for me to understand to get this sort of customer services from Emirates !!!

    Thank you,

  • De
      8th of Nov, 2007
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    To whom it may concern,

    SKYWARDS NO: EK 208768335
    Ref No BM3272

    I would like to draw to your attention of the disappointment of our flights we traveled on from London to Adelaide (via Dubai and Singapore).

    - Firstly my son's luggage was lost when we arrived at Dubai airport, we went to our hotel which we were informed that it will be sent to our hotel, when found. It was found at Heathrow airport so it arrived at our hotel Al Murooj rotana 26hrs later.

    - Flight seat change,- I telephoned your dept from the hotel to have our seat allocation changed to bulk head seating as I had difficulties on the Lon - Dub flight due to my leg cramps as I suffer very badly from nerve problems. I was given the seats but when we boarded the plane the seating was changed but not to bulkhead i was very angry, On the flight a gentleman had moved which in turn I was able to be seated with the extra leg room.
    When the flight was transiting via Colombo new passenger boarded so I had to move back to original seating to Singapore, I had difficulty with my leg but had to cope until we arrived in Singapore.

    -When we left Singapore to Melbourne, I requested again bulkhead seating but only two together and one on the other side. But a kind gentleman changed his seat for us which was great everyone was fine.

    - On arrival in Melbourne and when we collected our luggage as were transiting to Adelaide on Virgin Blue I noticed my luggage lock was missing. I quickly felt inside but thought everything was ok. Went through customs and proceeded to the Virgin Blue express check-in as it was not open yet due to the early time of arrival.

    - On check in at Virgin Blue at approx 0600am we had to adjust our suitcases as we were slightly overweight but on the weight tags on the cases it was put down as 25kg but that was not a problem we put items in our hand luggage.

    - On Arrival to Adelaide when we collected our luggage and put into my sister;s car we noticed 2 suitcase ripped one more than the other.

    I need to know what is my next step as my clothing was missing from dubai-Sin, and the damaged luggages from Melb-Adl can you please advise.

    EK 0348 Dubai - Sin 30 Oct
    EK 0404 Sin- Mel 02 Nov
    DJ535 Mel -Adl 03 Nov

    Thank you,
    Ms Collier.

  • Ju
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    I travelled overseas from Sydney to Syria on the 16th of July 2007. our flight was delayed in Sydney and didn’t fly out till 10.00pm, this made us late for the flight from Dubai to Damascus. We had to wait 5 hours until the next plane. In this time I had something to eat at your restaurant in Dubai airport. I fell very very sick on the flight from Dubai to Damascus. I was vomiting non stop in the bathroom and no one would help me. My head was spinning and asked staff that I really needed to lye down, I was told to sit in my chair and nothing can be done. I was really sick and had a huge head ache. They didn’t help. I was mad with them.

    I had my 6 year daughter with me.

    On our flight home from Syria to Sydney (3rd September) we purchased a bottle of scotch from Dubai airport. This was taken in customs. I explained that I had just purchased it and was told I can’t take liquid on board. WHY WEREN’T WE TOLD. I paid $180 USD. THERE WHERE HUNDREDS OF LIQUOR BOTTLES IN A HUGE PLASTIC CONTAINER, Someone is making a lot of money? This is not fair and I think I should be refunded,

    My family and I have travelled with you before on a number of occasions and never had problems, I don’t understand why the service of Emirates has gone down so much.

    I am extremely upset with Emirates and demand an explanation why no one helped me.


    Julie Amari
    0414 83 83 15

  • Ed
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    How much do they pay customer affairs?

  • Na
      19th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    So who did you contact them i had experienced a lifetime experince with them. I had being smacked on the head several times by ther flight attendents after several times i asked them politly to watch were they were going.
    i had suffered with head and neck pains for around two months i then seeked medical help for months to investigate.
    i then went through food poisoning from there food on the way back home. it was a disaster. 7 years savings to loss of money as i wasnt able to work when i got back. I have sent them several laters and still no reply.

  • Kh
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    These airlines simply get complacent after they have initially broken into the market, I am sure thay work on the numbers game!
    Their awards are worthless and their supposed high standards and systems are just "Lip Service" and only on paper!
    They rely on only a hand few of the people who actually suffer to officially complain or even take their complaints to the media.
    I have seen British Airways go thru the same stage as Emirates. Currently Etihad airways seems to be acceptable, but as soon as they BUY a few of their awards from various magazines, travel agencies or related organisations their standards start falling. I have a theory that the speed of the falling standards is directly linked to the amount of awards they BUY!!

    Lets take our complaints to forums on the net like these and to the local press!!

    Dubai, UAE

  • Da
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    I was a satisfied frequent flyer ( a silver skywards member) until recently experienced horrible customer service. My journey from Addis Ababa Via Dubai, NY JFK to Dallas Fort Worth and return the same route. My luggage was delayed on 3 of the 6 stops I made for 4, 2 and 2 days and never get compensation as they claim they would on the Emirates website. On top of that I paid US$100 three times when I changed my booking although my ticket says US$50 for any change made on booking. I was told that I’ve to pay US$100 and the local Emirates office will refund you if I’ve the proof. I gave the paper which I get from my travel agent on the time of purchase before one month and they keep telling me that they will contact me as soon as they finish the process. God know which process.

    The fact that they don’t have customer service or complain section tells they know they have huge problem which they don’t want to face or care. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll fly Emirates anymore and for those of you who are new to Emirates, don’t be fooled.

  • Jo
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    hi this is mrs wakefield just wanting to know if you got our e-mail of complaint? sent on the 23 sept 2008? thank you joan

  • Na
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Absolutely agree with the crappy customer service from Emirates. They returned a standard answer that they received my complaint and would answer within 30 days. that is 5 months ago and I sent 2 reminders. Why even have a 'customer affairs' service!?

    A totally different - positive - experience I had with Etihad, where their customer service was excellent. I hope they will keep up the good work!

  • Sj
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Guys... you are lucky... coz u atleast got some reply...
    In my case I'm waiting for a reply from Emirates USA from February 2008 regarding a claim that I submitted when my son stroller was delivered damaged.
    One day I ws lucky to get a rep on the phone and she said the claim is approved and I have to wait... this is October... I hope i can use it for my next baby... or who knows may be my grandchildren if at all I am lucky.

  • Jo
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    we tried to book e ticket our simple query took 10 days to resolve . price increased but we still went ahead and booked e ticket. by using my wifes card it made her lead passenger and changed my ticket to mr saifon b every thing else was correct pass port etc. when asked Emirates office Bangkok said no problem. we reminded them if they cancel and change credit should be put back into credit card first as we had limited funds available and transaction would not go through without credit first. all was ignored and ticket cancelled and no credit to account thus no new ticket. No reply no help no ticket and no apology just pat answers scripted if you ever get through to presss 2 for english in various countries.
    we are surprised at all this we never had a problem before Emirates service and staff seemed second to none. our flights in the past have been wonderful.
    we are so disappointed and saddened by all of this attidude.

  • Bh
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I am waiting for my reply regarding lost items in my late arrival bag. It was emailes as below:
    Further to below email, I am enclosing above landing certificate which indicates more details. My one small bag which consists of 2 gold bangles & 1 gold chain (4 OZ gold) was also lost. I hope I will get best settlement from Emirates to continue my trust. Please respond today.
    Dear Sir,


    Bhavna Shah
    ----- Forwarded by Dipak B Shah/NA/Johnson_Controls on 11/11/2008 07:19 AM -----
    Dipak B Shah/NA/Johnson_Controls
    11/10/2008 08:38 AM

    Claim settlement form for Bhavna Shah

    Dear Sir,

    It was nice time to fly with Emirates during my visit to India. I had some bad experience also to receive my bags late & lost my valuables as per above enclosed settlement form at station AMD. Please advise me how to settle this claim & forward me the procedure to get value of my lost items. Please respond ASAP.


    Bhavna Shah

  • Al
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    coming back from Japan, your arielines lost my baggage, unfortunately I got very poor service from your office in Iran. I wrote to customer affairs but nobody answered. That is really awful. Please call this number 0912 141 2354 or write to

  • Ch
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    I know someone who works for Emirates customer affairs

  • Bo
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Its very very worest experience from emirates flights, , i reached chennai from ek544 on 2 feb, they lost my baggage, after 2 day i recived my baggage its allthe things are stolen off. i report to chennai office.. they not give proper reply, i maild to no use.. one time reply is came.still no outher steps are taken..Boobalan.,

  • Ra
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    This is about my experience on Dubai-LAX -- EK215 on 11th Mar 2009

    Yes, EMIRATES defenitely have to do something about their customer service. They have good and new flights, they are neat etc..

    ...but there CREW defenitely need to be fixed. Sofar my last 10+ years of international travelling this is the worst experience I have had with service in flight.

    None of the CREW member were answering call button, I have pressed it 15 times and ot would simply re-set itself after 15-20secs.

    ---Dubai- Los Angeles-Non-Stop-16.5hrs...except 3 time food service..they did not serve any water or juice at all..if you need any water etc... you have to walk all the way till the end of the flight and help yourselves..I wouldnt mind but I was travelling with my 10month old son and he was exteremly cranky...

    I have left 4 voicemessages for Emirates Customer Service and 3 e-mails till today (24th Mar) but no responce what so ever..

    I have a return flight on the same I am thinking to buy a ticket on different airline (Probably Singapore)...

    I kindly need help in escalatin this case to other sources if any.


  • Ni
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Thanks to these kind of websites because of which we can share our views and experiences

    Once I was travelling in Emirates. I was with my wife and kid. Our baggage did not arrive with us at the destination, we had another 220kms journey to reach to the final destination of our journey. So we did all the formalities and left the airport. The baggage arrived on next day at the airport. But from the time when I was informed by emirates about arrival of my luggage, the public holidays were starting so I was not able to collect my luggage for another two days. I was 220kms far from airport. I send my brother after three days to go and collect the luggage.

    Now I got the luggage after three days but what about the compensation? I demanded the compensation but they refuse straight away and they lied that they do not pay any compensation. I made some telephone calls to Dubai. I produce proof of inconvenience and money spend because of this inconvenience and they agreed to pay US$ 50 per person per day + cost of collection of baggage form the airport.

    Just don’t give up. These days the multinational companies are making us slave.

    But remember one thing when you are on the other site of the desk treat your customer as human and don’t let them feel that they are been abuse by your company.

  • Ma
      2nd of May, 2009
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    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to commend two employees of emirates and I don't exactly know if this is the right page to put it, I was trying to find a page for costumer commendation but couldn't find it.

    So, anyway, I was a passenger on flight EK334 Dubai to Manila last May1, 9:55 flight. I had an allergy attack on flight to manila, one of the flight attendants approached me and ask if I need anything and so I said I think I don't feel well and ask if they have any medicine. A few minutes later Ms. Josephine, a filipina flight attendant came and checked my status and took all information needed, after she left, another FA Ms. Eli, I think she's an American, came and check on me as well. They check on me every 10 to 15 mins. until they got a go signal to give me medicine., after which they assured me that if theres anything I would need, rest assure that they are on standby, and brief me with all the information I needed to know. They handled the situation (for lack of a better word) perfectly.

    ASSURANCE, this is a term which was clearly defined during that experience, and as a passenger in my situation it was a big deal, knowing that I would be safe and taken cared of.

    So, to Emirates Airlines, and to those two flight attendants, Ms. Josephine & Ms. Eli, Thank you so much, and may you continue to keep up the good work.


  • Sh
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Emirates, horrible. Emirates crew terrible. They made me eat non-veg. Lied to me that it is veg. When I complained they started preaching me about my religion that Hindus do eat meat!!! How could they a bunch of ###s, try to preach me my religion after feeding me non-veg. When I vomitted, they came and so humiliatingly told me, not to spoil the luxury class toilets !!! And I was crying bitterly and was in shock. I am a staunch Hindu girl who for several days go on fruits but has never eaten non veg in her last 22 years of life. But this Emirates crew made me do so and they way they reacted !!! Huh...Niether was I provided the customer complain or feedback book, they said it is not there and over...Rather I was threatened by them...They are a bunch of good looking people good for nothing. I hate Emirates, shall never travel again, by it. My journey was through the 2:30 pm flight of Emirates from Lagos to Dubai on 20 June 2009.
    They need to be penalised for hurting my sentiments. Let God do no good to them and let us all move to other airlines.

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