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EMC Mortgage / Nothing but crooks

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We been having a problem with MortgageIT and EMC since 2005.We still have the house.But we stop payment because first when we ask for a modification they send us a letter saying we could not get a modifcation.Then they send a letter to our bankruptcy lawyer that they would modify the loan.We gave then all our information we were working with a housing consoler but they wanted noting to do with the housing consoler .They would only talk to my husband and I. We ask if the our tax could be included with the mortgage they said yes then they raised our mortgage.Our was 2403.98. They send us one letter that our mortgage payment would be 3, 922.60 then we got another letter saying that the mortgage payment would be 4, 688.68. So from their on we just stop paying now they send us a letter that our loan is in default 426 days and that our Mortgage payment is in default 34, 959.87 and to make payment by 9/30/2010.Then we got another letter since our loan was to reset on 10/01/2010 that our new mortgage payment is 2, 719.23.It said this payment is based on your current interest rate 8.6500% .I get so many different amounts from them that I don't know which is right.We were on bankruptcy and they still was charging us the late fee.Before they would charge us inspection fee property valuation fee then outstanding advances then money was put in a suspense account . We also had a problem with them because they never gave us our Good faith esimate.I Never really looked at all the papers they gave us .When I started asking question on the Internet in 2005 and in 2007 someone told me to check 3 of the papers one was the good faith estimate, HUD 1 form Truth in lending paper to see if all the amounts were the same on each paper.well to my surprise I did not have the good faith estimate. Then I called them and ask then for that paper and they would not send it we had to write to the Banking Department and to Respa.Then they send a copy. After looking at the 3 papers the numbers were different so I wrote to then again and they said we such have told them in 2005. Then we told them how could we if we did not have the good faith estimate paper and we did not know until someone told us.well anyway it stood like that noting done about it. when we first refinance the mortgage their was lot of problem because we wanted to cancel the loan and none of them would answer us.We wanted to cancel because it was not what they told us it would be. What they did was screw us with this loan.Now they are sending us papers again that if we want a modification if not that they would start foreclosure with out telling us.So we don't know what to do.

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  • Kh
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    I am trying to figure out how you havent paid the mortgage since 2005 (five years) and still are in it. Is it in a ever going BK or something like that? Yes, if you escrow your payments will go up. Also why did you sign the laon if you never got a GFE? They have a copy of that, they can make a copy for you. Complaining 5 plus years later is going to get you anything. You should of made sure you had everything you were spose to have. Basically just get rid of the house...file BK on it. You cant afford it. Why keep it? They are not going to give it to you for free.

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