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Eliot Management Group / Scam charges

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This appears to be a bait-and-switch type of operation whose agents do not provide full disclosure regarding their partner processing services. Our Eliot representative advised us that online transactions would go through a company with which we were familiar and which had provided excellent service previously. We soon learned, however, that an online company notorious for poor service and nearly incessant spam email had taken over our account, which resulted in interminable wait times any time we called. Unable to contact our Eliot representative, we changed providers with about four months remaining on a 3-year contract. When our rep learned of our cancellation, he told us repeatedly he had been unaware the affiliate provider was servicing our account, although evidence of that company's relationship to Eliot appears on documents he signed formalizing our Eliot contract. We recently had a $300 early cancellation fee withdrawn from our account and are concerned that we may be assessed a monthly fee by Eliot's online partner, even though we submitted our letter of cancellation to Eliot two months ago. When we asked for some consideration on the amount of the termination fee, we were told the local office could do nothing to help and were referred to an office in Dallas. We caution anyone considering Eliot Management for card processing to investigate them thoroughly before signing a contract for services.

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  • Ha
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    I happen to know a bit about this complaint. Its a repost apparently verbatim from a post made years ago on /link removed/ This merchant was called up by a competitor claiming to be a company that worked with or bought out Eliot Management Group (an old and deplorable scam). They said that they required the merchant to resign some paperwork. The rep for the account was on vacation and was shocked to find that his client had made a switch. It was unfotunet and could have been easily resolved but the real colprets here are shady practices by third party processors, honest human error and terribly coincidental timing.

    I have a client who experienced almost the same scam and they switched back when the new companies bill was double what it was with me. Cancellation fees aren't sour grapes, they are a way to make sure people really pay attention to their accounts so they do their homework before falling to such a deplorable scam.

  • Da
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    Hi Joe,
    thank you for meeting with all of us last week to try to understand what the Seattle office has endured under the current district manager and his philosophy to run a sales office.

    I will try to take you through the chronological order of events that I personally was involved in or were witness to.

    1) With in the first couple of weeks, I felt that the training provided by my DM was lacking. I asked several times for more information about Merchant Services only to be told, "you don't need to know any of that now, just get on the phone and make appts, I will do all the rest". Though the Merchant Services industry is vast, I only wanted to know the a-b-c's of the industry to better understand my role and how to best serve the merchants I would be contacting and working with. I took it upon myself to be self taught on merchant services. I found a website that is Merchant Account 101.

    2) As my frustration grew with the lackadaisical approach my DM took on training, I sought the advice from several of the experienced sales staff and osa. As other new employees also were getting irritated with not getting proper training and given misleading or outright wrong information, they too sought the advice of the veterans. Our DM took several of us downstairs and outside to dress down. He was particularly upset with me because I questioned his answers and went to the veterans to verify his information. He said "I don't want any of you talking with the "WOMEN" in the office about ANYTHING, PERIOD!" He said he did not want them to get into our heads and tank our attitudes, that they were out to mislead us and provide us with misleading information. Ironically it was just the opposite, it was he who Lied to us, to our customers and just made up answers he knew nothing or very little about. Time and again, he would just give an answer without actually knowing whether it was right or wrong. (perfect example: last weeks sales contest, he said the first deal was $10, the second PERSON who turned in a deal would get $20, the third PERSON would get $40, the fourth PERSON would get $80 and the fifth PERSON would get $160 and then when we hit 5, all the bonuses double. I questioned him on Thur that INFACT that was the way the contest worked, and he again, without a blink, or doubt said that it was in fact TRUE. We asked you Joe on Friday if that was how it worked, and you told all of us NO. You had to take a call and left the room, the DM entered the meeting, I asked again in front of the entire sales staff how the contest worked, and he again told us the exact same way as before, without any doubt, and of course totally wrong.)

    3) I went on several appointments with the DM, he would mislead customers and tell them we would do "true pass through" @ .10 basis Pt's over interchange, only to put the .10 on the qualified section of the application, but put .50 and 1.00 on the mid and non. He told me that would make more on my residuals, that they would not even catch it because they know so little about the whole process. The DM would give every dime away on the app fee's, would emphasize we would do month to month, no contract. I learned early on that if I was going to make any money here, I needed to go on my own and close my own deals. It is very difficult to earn a living when your getting $50 fast start on each deal and giving away the rates with no contract. I viewed him as not a strong sales closer, just someone who gives it all away in order to get the "Submit".

    4) We were all told that we would earn $50 for every "Submit" we turned in. Turns out you only get the $50 if you sign up and install the software. Time and again the DM would just make up answers he knew nothing or very little about. Its my belief and experience that he also outright lied about certain things (IE; sign on bonus) to try to get us to do more. He seemed more concerned about the "submits" than anything else. His ability to properly fill out the application was horrendous. He filled out the least amount possible in front of the customer and would fill in the rest in the office, many times without filling in the #'s, only getting them to sign. I believe the osa would concur on his dismal skills on paper work.

    5) The Seattle DM is very arrogant in his approach to the entire sales staff. Often cutting off there talking points, talking down to many of us and barking out demands. It is my opinion that because of his lack of knowledge and experience, he tends to bully his way with his staff, expecting us to just go along with what ever he demands and tells us.

    6) When the DM would interview potential new hires in John Massaro's and my first month's, he would bring us in to hype up the potential to make money with the company. One example was when John and the DM had signed a potential new account that John would have made approx $6, 000 -$7, 000 on. John never collected, because of the type of business, poorly filled in application and the underwriters would not allow this account. The DM wanted us to inflate the actual money we were making in order to get some of our referrals to come work for the company. After being put together like that, we had to tell several potential employees that we had asked to come work with us, that in fact we mislead them. We could not in good faith tell them something that was hugely exaggerated in order for them to come aboard.

    7) The DM would submit applications, even with the knowledge that the customer changed there mind and wanted to cancel the application. He wanted only the "Submit", I thought because his bonuses came from how many submits our office had. I only found out last Friday that not to be the case. It only made our office look good. It made me even more frustrated with the DM because I could understand to motivation behind getting money for submits, but when I learned otherwise, I was furious. He made us deal with irate customers who had no intention of doing business with us because of the misleading information we provided them, just to make our office look good. How pathetic!
    a perfect example is The Hair Chair that John Massaro and I signed up. It was a referral from one of the accounts John and DM signed up. It was nothing but nightmares. The DM signed up a dry cleaner for John, gave away all the fees, no contract, month to month, $19.95 month lease, pass through under the guise for referrals. Well john received referrals, they all wanted the same deal. A losing proposition all the way around. He had more text messages, more phone calls, more complaints on these 3 deals than you can imagine. Talk about demoralizing, he made no money, had to deal with headache after headache on three customers he would likely not make more than $5 per month in residuals, all because the DM needed "Submits"!

    As I write this, the more frustrated I am becoming with how I allowed this to happen and to continue to go on. I don't know if I will be with this organization much longer, I am dying on the vine. I have tried to endure through the tough times with this company, and particularly with the Seattle Office. But because of the lack of trust I have with the DM and the misleading information I have received, the lack of proper training, I have put myself in a dire situation. As you can tell by my paychecks, I haven't made enough to continue to hang in there much longer until something gives.

    I do enjoy the work that I do, and I like the many opportunities this Company has to offer its hard working employees. I see it with Stacy Sloan, she has been a tremendous asset to John and I, and your organization. Without her and Tiffany, I know John and I would have left long ago.

    John and I have started going to Le Tip, a networking group that has lead to some promising leads. There is a membership fee, which neither of us can afford at this time. Without joining these leads will dry up very soon. We have done door to door networking and received many promising leads there too. We just need more of those marketing pamphlets to promote our products and services.

    If there is anything you can suggest and/or assist with, it will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for letting me voice my experience and opinions about EMG
    this was sent to the regional manger on 11/12/2010, I got fired on 11/18/2010
    This is the worst company to work for and obviously the worst company for anyone to do business with.

  • Ba
      30th of Nov, 2011
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    Dan, thanks for the write up on this...I see a Mr. Braun has defamed you on another thread, but EMG is, in my 20+ years in business, one of the very worst, unethical, and ultimately immoral firms I've ever seen...this is my experience with these jackals (thats a nice name compared to what they really are)...I'm reposting this from another thread on this site...if I accomplish 1 thing in life, I would be proud to have shut this company down. Ain't likely to happen as the Russ Hausman type re-surface like putrid gases in a cesspool no matter what happens, it seems...

    We were ripped off by Eliot Management Group for a total of $1210.53.

    Eliot Management Group, First American Payments/Merimac Capital, and TransTech are all interconnected (some sort of conglomerate) ISO's of Keybank. Their headquarters is in SLC, UT.

    Eliot Management Group contacted me about merchant services in May this year (2010). Their salesman Matt (don't recall the last name and he doesn't work there now) gave me figures as to what their percentages were and the numbers sounded good.

    I met with Matt and Brian, his "trainer, " at Starbucks a few days later and went over their program and asked some questions about how it would integrate with the new website we were building and Brian assured me that it was so easy it could be done "in 15 minutes" and would work with any e-commerce platform.

    We didn't immediately start the service as we had some delays, but Eliot Mgmt. began billing our bank account even though they said they wouldn't until we were ready.

    Then their software didn't work with's website structure which is how we'd set up our site.

    Then they billed me an annual fee which apparently was hidden in the small print somewhere (they'd assured me there were no other hidden fees - they lied - about pretty much everything).

    Needless to say, this type of business is at least dishonest, and at worst fraudulent.

    Fact #1 - Eliot Management stated that their online software would work with anyone's website - NOT TRUE.

    Fact #2 - Eliot Management stated they would reimburse us every month from July to Sept - THEY DIDN'T (except July).

    Fact #3 - Acct Rep stated at least twice (Aug. and Sept.) that our account would be suspended to keep this issue from happening again - HE DIDN'T.

    Fact #4 - I sent Branch Manager Russ Hausman an email demanding a refund for services not received from Eliot Management Group on October 5...he responded saying he'd call me - HE DIDN'T.

    Fact #5 - After we stopped payment of the October fee for the service we hadn't commenced, an associated company of the Eliot Management Group proceeded to withdraw - unauthorized - over $600 out of our bank account - THIS IS FRAUDULENT.

    Recommendation - Run away from this company or any connected companies!!!

  • Im
      8th of Feb, 2012
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    So true all of these comments by consumers. You see I was just ripped by them. Spent several hours with sales rep discussing past issues with current merchant and how I was looking for customer service, a local company as well as honesty. I signed what the rep had filled out and described as a credit check so we could do business in the future when I had completed my contract with current merchant service. Come to find out 10 days later I signed a legal and binding contract, (according to rep at call center) and I am stuck! I also received a bill for the month of January in the amount of @$35.00 (min charge). Keep in mind I signed with him on a Friday afternoon the 27th of January. So they pushed this charge through for two days of the month. Wow if only I could do business like this. Wouldn't last long. So I agree with the sucker born every minute. I am one myself. Trying to call sales rep that got me to sign and gee whiz guess what? Unavailable. Shocked, no, not really. I am sure I am the last person he wants to talk to since I have figured out what he has done. Class action lawsuit and Washington Sate Attorney General needs to investigate their deceptive sales tactics. Don't even let them in the door! In fact slam it in their face.

  • Je
      28th of Jan, 2014
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    Eliot Management - Receiving a bill but no service
    Eliot Management
    15406 Meridian E.
    United States
    Phone: (253) 604-6232

    RUN AWAY!!! I referred to this company by someone who no doubtedly got something free from referring me. I had a nice lunch with Stacy Sloan who completely lied to me to receive a commission. Really in order it went #1 selling me by telling me she could save me money with no early termination fee #2 having me sign a contract #3 ignoring me completely, would not answer the phone or call back, and not providing me with any type of merchant service let alone communication about what had happened #4 I get a bill for $1040 after getting absolutely NO merchant services, no communication, no nothing.
    After calling the collections department!?!?! They informed me they could knock that $1040 down to $635 if I returned the merchant machine which Stacy told me I owned which I stupidly believed because I had been charged for it when I originally received it.
    As far as Eliot management I have called them, left messages, asked to speak to managers, only to be sent to voicemail boxes to leave yet another message asking for an explanation. No one calls back.

    Is this real life...

  • Vi
      8th of Mar, 2014
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    March 5, 2014
    The below document outlines the interaction with Eliot Management Services. The BBB has more than 150 complaints about this company, several websites stating case after case of their unscrupulous practices, yet, they are alive and well scamming businesses through- out the country including South Carolina.
    Vicki Ci
    Small Business Owner Easley SC
    TO BBB 2/18/14
    I phoned the company to straighten out this issue first on January 30th and was told a Supervisor would return my calls. I phoned again on February 5th and February 6th being told that it takes 24-48 hours to complete an investigation. I phoned today, February 18th and was told there are no supervisors to speak to, I must wait 24-48 hours to speak to one. I was also told by the young lady today that they left me a detailed message with one of my employees on February 12th . On February 12 we had one of the worst ice storms in SC History, we were closed and had the answering machine detailing that. There were no messages and I did not receive a call on my mobile phone. The young lady told me today this is a closed issue, we are in a contract period. I will have to pay them to cancel.

    This system is still not functional, is not what we were sold on, were not informed of minimum billing, were offered a free month trial and we have spent close to $400 in equipment. In addtion, The BBB has not been effective, so I closed our bank account. Today, our Bank, First Citizens, accepted the charges again, even though my account was closed.
    February 10, 2014
    Dear Sir or Madam:
    Thank you in advance for your co operation with this matter. On February 6, 2014 I requested that our One Touch POS System be returned and our Agreement with Eliot be terminated as Eliot has breached our contract.
    There are several issues with the system. We were "sold" quite a bit of empty promises. Our requirements were that the system was:
    • Easy to use and program
    • Had multiple cash draw capabilities
    • Managed Inventory
    • Was latest in technology, using hand held capabilities
    We were told all of the above was part of the basic system. In addition, we were told that our current set up of wireless router and capability was sufficient to support the system. Since this is a new system, I requested and was granted, " The First Month Totally Free of Charges" knowing that no system is ever implemented without a learning curve. And since this office had never installed one of these systems before, I didn't want to pay to be their testing ground.
    We received the system on January 15th. The Salesman, James Glenn, came in and put the system together and registered it. He was to return to train us on how to use the system, and has not returned to do training. He has had no car, no babysitter, no time for us.
    When the system arrived, we were charged $65 for shipping which was not in the contract. We were subsequently told that the printers would need to be hard wired. We spent $200 in cables that evening and had to have my husband run wires through the ceiling, about a 2 hour job. James told us he would reimburse us for the cable. The next day his supervisor came in to re install the kitchen printer which would not work. We were then told that our current router which has an open WiFi system for customer use would not be good enough, we needed another router. We were also told we would be reimbursed for that at a cost of $200.
    The system by the way cannot handle multiple cash drawers, cannot process credit cards table side, and each of the features we were told the system could do, it maybe can, but for an additional fees. Same with the credit card processing which we were told would save us money, but the features I have now do not charge for batching, statements, next day processing. In fact the front of their brochure states "free Statements" yet I have to pay $5 for the statement.
    Last week, I called 1stTouch directly to try and understand exactly what the system could do and because I still hadn't heard from James and the log in reset every time I tried to access the system. They confirmed that the inventory system I was sold on was beyond the actual capability of the system.
    I phoned James on Thursday January 28 to find out what was going on and to again raise my concerns that so far this system did not do many of the functions we required AND that we were billed by the leasing company $144.69. This was higher than the agreed amount AND was not supposed to happen for a month out. I also, not expecting the charge, bounced two checks ( which I NEVER DO) because of the bank draft from the lease. He told me he would talk with his manager and get back to me.
    On Monday February 3, I called James again, since I had not heard from him to ask him what was going on and I wanted a plan that day.
    This morning I called Daniel, the Sales Manager at Eliot. Went through this entire scenario above AND the fact that we had another charge come up on my bank account for $54 from Eliot directly. We have yet to process a single transaction. He informed me he had no idea that the system was not up and running and that I had to pay them $54 for credit card processing. I asked him to come and pick up the system that we were done. In less than one month we have been billed close to $300 for a system that was to have the first month free, and has yet to be used, programmed or trained on. Plus we have spent close to $400 in additional equipment that we were told we would not need. And he said, NO, we have a contract. A contract is a two way relationship, Eliot has not kept their end.
    I sincerely believe I have been scammed and will pursue this matter in whatever way necessary to return it and recoup my monies. As I told Daniel, when you have been lied to this much, going forward is impossible. My vendors and I are partners, and I will not be stuck in a relationship that has nothing but lies and deceit as a foundation.
    I am requesting this system be returned and my lease agreement severed. I have informed my bank that no further charges will be accepted from either Eliot or The Lease Company.
    Thank you again for your assistance,
    Vicki Ci

  • Sl
      25th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Vicki this doesn't surprise me about Eliot Management Group, I believe the attitude their sales rep showed with respect to being dishonest and misleading is one that can be traced to the company's management. From my time at Eliot, it was clear that all the management was interested in was reps signing as many new accounts as possible, from what I saw this came at any cost. For example telling clients they were on a month to month contract and having them realize later that in actuality they were in a 3 year contract which had a $495 early cancellation fee. They use an app called first on board on the IPAD, they say they use it because it makes it easier, but in actuality its used because the potential client doesn't have the chance to read the contract terms and only requires one signature rather than 5, there by reducing the chances the client will change their mind. The sad part is that their are a lot of companies like Eliot in this industry, but I believe Eliot is one of the worst when it comes to dishonesty and down right lying to potential clients. There are many processors out there, from what I have learned is that merchants need to take the time and do their research before signing with anyone company and most important read the contract before you sign it and make sure that it contains everything you were promised. I hope you are able to get out of your contracts with them. One side note, equipment leases in this industry are very shady. I'll explain why. It is the responsibility of the merchant to call and cancel the lease after you have successfully fulfilled your agreement, i.e. you have made your 48 payments if it was a 48 month lease. If you don't call and cancel they will continue to bill you until you do call. Don't believe them that the lease is a lease to own contract that is total crap. At the end of the lease their is an option for a 49th payment which is the option to buy, either you pay it and keep the equipment or you have to return it.

  • Sl
      26th of May, 2014
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    Having first hand knowledge of how Eliot Management Group works I would advise any merchant that is looking to start excepting credit cards or who is looking to change processors when anyone from Eliot calls just hang up. The reps will out right lie to you, they will do anything to sign you as a client. A common tactic is to tell you, you have no contract you are on a month to month but in reality they have put you in a 3 year contract with a nasty $495 cancellation fee. Another tactic is to mislead you about the rates you currently have. The idea is to get you frustrated with your current processor so you will sign immediately, they are counting on you acting impulsive. They like to find your hot buttons and exploit them. From a professional stand point they are honestly one of the most unethical companies in the industry. This attitude can be found at the top of the company and flows downward. The sad part is people that don't last there because they make little to no money are usually the one's that are honest and have a good set of moral values and a sense of ethics.

  • Li
      20th of Apr, 2017
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    Is anybody starting a class action lawsuit against their deceptive ways and poor service? If so, I would like to know how to get in on it, and make it larger...

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