Einstein Industries, IncUnethical behaviour

Do Not Use This Company! They are a search engine optimization/ website development company. I contracted with them to optimize my placement on Google search pages for my dental practice beginning 2/2016. They did no work for 8 months while collecting $8000.00 of a $12, 000.00 fee. When they submitted my new website for review, It was obvious the cut and pasted my old website unto their new format.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA I became concerned and had several people from silicon valley check out what they provided. It was unanimous they were a scam. I contested the credit card charges but $4000.00 was disallowed because of using a debit card. Another $4000.00 was disputed, but the bank allowed them to keep it. During this time, my conversations with Einstein indicated they would stop billing me, and we would agree to go our separate ways. I wasn't happy about this, but accepted it. Today 1/19 2017 I received a demand letter for the balance of $4000.00 Unbelievable!

Jan 26, 2017

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