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We placed an order at the website on Dec 26, 2009. At the time the order was placed it had been requested that the whole order be shipped together. We received the first shipment in mid-January 2010 which was missing several items. It appeared that inspite of our one-shipment request they had divided the order and the rest would come.

When nothing arrived I sent an e-mail to the vendor, which they chose to ignore. I sent follow-up e-mails and they responded only when I said I was going to contact my credit card and consumer protection. I received e-mails after that apologizing for the delay. One USPS envelope subsequently arrived; it had one packet with a shipping list stating 6 were enclosed. Since I had received an e-mail that the remaining items were being shipped before this envelope came - again we waited for the rest of the stuff to arrive.

Needless to say nothing came and I called credit card company blocking eFood Depot's access to it and sent then another e-mail informing them of this. With this e-mail I sent a detailed list of items that had not yet arrived and those that had been received, which included items that were a few years past their expiration date and products that had apparently been tampered with and resealed with scotch tape.

Following this I received a phone call from a very angry and accusatory person - accusing us of lying about not having received the ordered items since she could "see" in front of her that everything had been shipped. I tried to tell her that that was not possible. Most missing items were not listed on the first shipping list and both shipping lists had incorrect information. It probably would not have been possible to enclose 6 packages in the USPS envelope as they said they had on the shipping list. She would not listen to any description/reasoning, continued to say she could not trust us (- which was really ironic -) and hung up on me.

This was quite an experience. Anyway you live and learn. We did what we should have done in the first place - before going to them with business - and checked online. It was no surprise to us that the only comments posted regarding this site were negative. Others had had almost the same experience as us. It is unfortunate that these comments do not automatically pop-up as warnings for customers thinking of giving business to these groups.

There should be a mandatory link between these complaint boards and the websites they expose. It is really bad that first they cheat you out of your money, ship sub-standard stuff, make you waste your time in trying to follow up with different groups, and then to top it all call the customers untrustworthy.


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