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Ectaco International Inc. / Scam

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Below is an account of my experience with Ectaco International. I believe this company is out to scam people. I am still waiting after two months for the "chip" to make my translator work.

Thank you for posting my complaint on your site.

Michael Shea

This letter is to inform you of a company doing business Ectaco International, Inc.

On 12-12-05 I called Ectaco International to order their model TL-2G Greek language translator. At the time I gave my credit card number I was told that I would have my unit before Christmas. This did not happen and so I called the company on 12-26-2005 and was told I would have my unit within the next few days. I received the unit on 12-28-05 only to find it to be defective and would not function properly. I again called Ectaco International and told them of the problem with the translator. They told me send back the unit and they would replace it with a unit that works. I packaged my unit and sent it back next day air at a cost of $40.00. I also explained to Ectaco that I ordered this in December as I had a trip planned to Greece on 1-12-06 and needed it by then and that they needed to send me my new unit overnight or next day air to which they agreed. After a week of waiting I called to find out that they had sent it out ground. I received it the day before I left on my trip. On the plane I discovered that the unit was also defective in exactly the same way. After use of just a few minutes it freezes up and ceases functioning. I spent three weeks in Greece carry a piece of dead weight around with me. Upon returning to the US I again called Ectaco and spoke with a Mr. Boris Krol who first acted like he hadn't heard of any problems with this particular unit. He then promised me on 2-7-06 that he would ship out a new chip for the translator and I would have it by 2-10-06. On 2-22-06, after not recieving the chip I called again and again spoke with Mr. Boris Krol. He assured my that the chip would get shipped right out and I would again have it by thursday 2-23-06. On friday 2-24-06 I called again and was told that it was shipped fedex 2nd day air. I asked for the tracking number and while he was on the phone I went online and tracked the package through the FedEx website. I found out that the tracking number was not a valid tracking number. When I told Mr. Krol that the tracking number was invalid I started getting all sorts double talk. He said that I would get the chip by Friday (2-24-06) even though he knew the tracking number was not real. He told me that he would get ahold of his shipping department and get this cleared up and call me back. He never called back. I again called today on 2-27-06 and Mr. Krol told me as soon as he heard from FedEx and got the chip back from them he would then ship it out to me. I told him that I should not have to wait until Ectaco and FedEx figure something out and that he needed to ship the "new chip" (if one really does exist) out immediately or I will file a complaint with the New York State Attorney Generals office. I also asked for the name of the president or ceo of Ectaco and was given a name of a Mr. Joel Edmunds. When I asked to speak with him or to be placed into his voicemail I was refused. I hung up and called back and asked for Mr. Edmunds and was denied a voicemail or an e-mail address. I was told I could send a fax, which I refused and again asked for Mr. Edmunds voicemail or email address and was again refused.

At this point it is very obvious that one of two things are happening; 1) they don't have such a "new chip" and are trying to buy time or 2) they are a fraudulent company and have screwed me out of $349.99.

I would like a reply to this email and also acknowledgement that your office will contact Ectaco International, Inc. or a form that I may fill out a formal complaint with guaranteed action of some sort from the NY Attorney's General office. I believe something as simple as a phone inquiry from your office could provide a solution. All I want is what I paid for From: Michael

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  • Js
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    Absolutely agree--this company is nothing but a sham. I found a Latin-English translator online which proclaimed to have pronunciations--a real benefit for anyone studying Latin. I ordered it, gave it to our daughter as a birthday present and when she put in the batteries and attempted to make the translator pronounce in Latin, it did nothing! I called to return the item and the company informed me that it could not be returned after 7 days!! What a rip off--I warn you...DO NOT purchase anything from Ectaco International.

  • Pr
      22nd of Feb, 2013
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    I ordered an English to Russian Translator and it was supposed to be covered by a year warranty. When I received the item in the mail it was damaged. I returned the item to Ectaco and it was signed for on October 31, 2012. I never received any sort of response from Ectaco regarding my returned item. They made no effort to correct the damaged item and they had it in their possession since October 31, 2012. I called them and they always gave me the run around. The item was supposed to be covered by a year warranty and I never received a new item when I sent it back. When I called in February to try to handle the problem once and for all I was given the run around and told to call back multiple times. I was told to call after 10:00 because that's when the Customer Service department opened. I called after 10 and was asked to call back 20 minutes later because the Customer Service Representative was not at their desk. I called back and I was told the only person who could assist me was the person who sold me my device. I was transferred to him and he said he was in the corridor and wanted me to call back in 30 minutes. I called back. He said he had to transfer me to a supervisor. The Supervisor, Dimitri, told me that the year warranty does not cover the product. The year warranty should cover the product. They did not offer me a refund or a new item to replace the damaged one I received

  • Me
      29th of May, 2013
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    May 29, 2013...essentially the same thing happened with my purchase of Partner Lux 6 with an added language Greek that was supposed to be installed on the Lux 6. The Lux 6 came with out the Greek Language installed on it and then after charging and turning it on the screen did not function. I regress, I ordered the Lux 6 2.5 months early so i could get over the learning curve before we left Greece on May 11, 2013. I sent the Lux 6 back got a new one but again the Greek was not installed nor did I get a MSD card. So I called and called and finally was able to get the Greek SD Card in Greece. It was impossible to load. I asked for help and received
    instructions that again made it impossible to use. On May 10, 2013 I asked for a refund. On May 11, 2011 I left for Greece with out the
    translator. When i returned on May 26, 2013 I resent the letter, no response so i sent the letter again and there was response was it has been to long since the order and we will not process a refund number. Do not do business with this company. They are graded "F" by the BBB. Who can I send my complaint to. NY Attorney Generals office????? They screwed me about $600.00.
    By the there Tech help people could care less about your problems. Indifference is very hard to communicate with

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