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burdekin plaza, Ayr, Queensland, Australia Review updated:

I've been a loyal customer of EB games for about 2 years now. I've read through their entire policy, and they CAN'T deny a return if with-in 7 days. I have a level 4 card with my partner and just before I went to return a game, my internet would not let me play it properly on line; and because of that I decided why should I keep a game that I want to play but simply can't. So I went to return it, yet the assistant manger completely refused saying I was no longer allowed to return, AT ALL. I have had this problem a few times with this person and I am not very happy about it. I don't shop ANYWHERE else for my games since there is no where else. Even though they are WAY over priced. A game that came out almost 6 months ago still selling for $100 new? Not right. But I ignore that and still buy it because I don't like buying on line. They have had a loyal customer; and a friend out of me. Yet to plainly refuse me and make me look like an idiot in front of other customers? That's not right! Their manager hates me (for unknown reasons) and they are constantly rude to myself and my daughter. Their newest staff have no idea what they're doing and I'm the one who's got to stand around with a screaming two year old while they continue to teach her the BASICS (she's been there for 3 months already). Honestly it is quite pathetic and I believe the should hire COMPETENT workers who can master a basic computer. The whole store is a shambles and everyone of them is rude. This store needs to fix it's problems because it has just lost a customer, I REFUSE to go there any more and I will just start buying on line from one of their competitors. There is no policy stating nothing about REJECTING a return. He didn't even let me speak about why, just plainly said NO. I find it offensive I was spoken to like ### in a store. Teach the young ### some manners and get the hell with the program! I am sick of being treated like dirt just because I'm a girl who wants her games to work freaking properly. EB, you SUCK. You are just lucky I'm not calling to abuse the hell out of the district manager for this appalling behaviour.

Mar 12, 2013
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  • Za
      Feb 13, 2009
    EBGames - Bad service
    United States

    I Pre-ordered 2 (two) copies of GTA IV on 4/25/08. Paid for overnight shipping, Order number 4080425104879620.

    Order was shipped on 4/28/08. Received one copy on 4/29/08. Called to report this on 4/29/08 and Cust Service said that they only shipped one copy.

    After not hearing back from them or having taken delivery of the second copy, I contacted their Cust Service department again on 5/1/08. When they got around to replying on 5/4/08, this time was told that they shipped two copies. They also said they would file an investigation with UPS. I told them that if the 2nd half of my order was not shipped overnight by close of business next day (5/5), that I wanted a refund for the items not shipped, plus shipping changes.

    They responded again on 5/6/08 and reiterated that their records now show that two copies were sent and that their investigation would take 8 to 10 business days, which had they kept their word, would have been on or about May 20th.

    Three weeks after their last correspondence, I still had not heard from them, so I asked for the status of their investigation. What I received was this ###.

    "Thank you for writing to us. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you via e-mail with this issue.
    Please call us and we will be happy to attempt to help you further. GameStop - 1-800-883-8895"

    So I called last Thursday 6/5/08 and talked to a Customer Service Rep. He was unable to help me, took my name, and return number, and told me I would be contacted within 24 hrs. Today is 6/9/08.


    I have given them a lot of business over the years. They will never see another penny from me. Not online. Not brick and mortar. They have shot to the very pinnacle of my ### list.

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  • No
      May 05, 2013

    Doesnt help that you and your bf Hayden return every game you buy within 7 days... Try hiring games!

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  • Pr
      May 26, 2013

    notsonice it doesnt matter its EB's policy you can return games no questions asked within 7 days as often as you want

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