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I opened an live account on easyforex ( and my account number is 5020116. I deposited 3000 Euros and made profit 2513, 12 EUR. After than they disabled my account and grap my deposit and profits. They told me that they will delete my trades. (Trades are attached)

First i want to ask if it possible deleting any trade (Executed on past) on financial market?

Second, i am a trader and i can scalp or do long term trades. Who cares? At that night, USDCHF was very volative and i made scalping. It was very risky but it belongs to me, i like high risk and high profit. Who cares?

They send me an e-mail that explains the prices on usdchf was wrong, but when i checked from other companies, i saw the same graph on usdchf at same time and send the graph to them and told that the same prices were on other forex brokers.

And than they send me an e-mail including this sentence "the charts are only for illustrative purposes and are not the actual trading personal quotes for each client". What a fantastic explanation. Do they have different prices and graphs for every clients.

Finaly they dont pay my 3000 Eur deposit and 2513, 12 Eur profit.

easyMarkets (formerly Easy Forex) / EF Worldwide

Jan 10, 2017
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