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I discover yesterday 16/3/2016 that "Easy-Forex" change margin rates on EUR/USD future without advise Clients!

They, from time to time, quadruple the margin on EUR/USD pair, but you cannot know becouse and when this happen during open market hour. You never noticed also at what time this changing of market rules will remain in force.

I suffer a loss of about USD 20, 000 because they widened the bands of STOP LOSS without advise.

This is distruptive for any trading strategy (automatic or semi-automatic) working with STOP LOSS to reduce risks of losses. You ground change and you cannot know when and for many hours during critical market situation that normally are profitable independently by pair direction.

They set ordinary minimum EUR/USD margins at 10-12 PIPS, but during critical (and profitable) event they change this market rule to 40-42 PIPS without advise Clients.

The result is that you cannot manage any trading strategy and losses is around the corner waiting your money.

If other Clients noted this fraud and/or misconduct of investement service involving STOP LOSS changing without advice, please notify a compaint to CYSEC at address

They have to restore all Clients for this fraudolent policy of changing essential market rules, without advice.

Furthermore, I discovered that "Easy-Forex" use without a previous authorization any debit/credit card you provide them to put FREE BALANCE on your account, during a a deal opening in tha case you do not have enought FREE BALANCE on your account or if you do mistake in dealing.

So, the Easy-Forex" fraud works as follow:

1. you can open a deal with a fixed margin and you can build a trading strategy on it;
2. they, during a critical phase of the forex markets, change the margin requirements without advice (precisely from 12 PIPS to 42 PIPS about);
3. after this you cannot reduce exposure managing STOP LOSS to reduce risk of losses;
4. you cannot reduce exposure also to get more FREE BALANCE to open new deal;
5. if you try to open a new deal, they will get money from your credit/debit card without a previous authorization.

I remember all readers that un-authorized use of debit/credit cards is a criminal compliant.

Thank you for attention!

Easy Forex

Mar 17, 2016
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  •   Mar 18, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    If you will note something strange on your STOP LOSS margin:

    1. it will not because at that time to many traders are on the platform;
    2. it will not because your internet link is down;
    3. it will not becouse your PCs is become creazy;

    It will be because Easy-Forex's Risk Control Department are protecting you by one side, but want your money from the other side.

    Thank you for attention!

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