East Coast Toyota / deception

Contact information:
Phone: (877) 247-5875

East Coast Toyota is Possibly the worst dealership in New Jersey. They have perfected every method to scam you out of money, with a smile.

East Coast Toyota will sell you vehicles that are over the advertised price, which according to the consumer protection act is illegal. If you are in the used vehicle market which I was, they will sell you vehicles were never inspected. Even if they tell you that the vehicle was inspected, it is a lie. I was told and given a service statement showing that the vehicle was serviced, fixed and reconditioned, but when I took the vehicle to be inspected the same parts that they claimed to have fixed were actually never fixed.

They will also pack the price and try to pull fast ones on you. They had given me a price on the vehicle which we agreed on, but they had added $300 to the price on the sales order with the hopes that I would not catch it.

I would completely steer away from East Coast Toyota, there are plenty of other dealerships... Do yourself a favor and avoid the headache because they will not do anything to resolve any issue. Read the threads, they all have a common theme...Fraud and Deception!

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