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Fraud and scam

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Dugan' Travels
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Do not waste your money with this travel at home opportunity through Dugan's Travels. You get no support from this company at all. They charge you to join there chat list on yahoo which cost them nothing. A couple of times i needed to ask a question and tried to call the office never any answer only voice mail. The only other way to contact them is by email and they answer that when they feel like it. I was also very shocked by the nasty emails that the owner post to the message board always has a attitude. I think if people are paying a company to sell their product they would be a little nicer to their people. Do not sign up with this company it is a very poor company and does not support YOU the paying customer. Also charges a fee to cancel a contract if you decide you don't want to work with them. PLEASE BEWARE!!!
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D  25th of Mar, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Sad to say But I am also a TA and I have heard first hand knowledge of many.. many stories like this one. So in the end some truth has to be in it since I have heard it so much.
In the industry... if you know who to stay away from for a host agency.. they are one of them. If your looking for a host - Do your Homework!
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by    -2 Votes
Jennifer, I don't know why you say "We have several people who work the phones but if you call at midnight you aren't going to get someone. We also have instant messenger and 5 people who work our email account making sure emails are returned promptly.". I was with your agency for a year and never got a return phone call and it would take about a day to get an email response.

Your agency may have been the creme of the crop at some time, but it's not any more. You run a very unprofessional organization. You post very rude and unprofessional emails, you start hounding your agents for monthly dues around the 5th of the month when you allow a grace period until the 15th. If you want agents to pay by the 5th then don't allow the grace period.

You do have agents that do very well, but it's not because of you or your agency support. They do well because they do their own research and take the reigns. You, Barb, Yvette, or any other "support staff of the month" can't be depended on.

I'm posting using a fake name because you are vindictive and have nothing better to do than try to ruin the reputations of former agents. Everyone can form their own opionions about your company. I was there for a year and didn't renew because I got tired of the emails from you on the message chat list that were beyond rude, and I got tired of paying you a monthly fee and 25% of my commission when you and your agency weren't doing anything to earn it. You didn't even research missing commissions that were made payable to your company, instead you had the agent do the work for you.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you open your eyes and realize that changes need to be made in order for your business to continue to be competitive in this industry.
N  11th of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I am quoting you from your previous post. You do say the preferred method of contact is email but you don't even respond to those. If I'm paying you a support fee every month then I expect to get support from you or your staff, not from the other agents who are also paying you a support fee.

You sound like a broken record. "we are in good standing...", "we have over 600 agents...", "this agent has been terminated by us and is mad...". Why not start addressing the real issues such as: you posting rude and unprofessional content on the chatlist (your posts on this message board proves my point)? Or how about you hounding your agents for dues before they are even due? Or how about you making the agents research commissions that are payable to you? All commissions are made payable to your company, not the agent. Therefore, your company and the staff you pay, should be researching these commissions, not the agents that pay you.

Stop bragging about having so many agents. YTB has way more than you do and they are a card mill. If you're talking numbers your agency is worse than theirs. And, you may sustain 600+ agents but most of it is from turnover. You recruit and recruit and recruit.

Bottom line is this: you are unprofessional and it is reflected in your business. You need to make some changes in order to stay competitive. I've noticed and so has many other agents - that's why we post the information so newbies will know the truth. You may not see it as the truth but it is. You are the only one singing your praises.
D  20th of Jul, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Wow, this Alex H person is really pathetic! That so called message Ms. Dugan wrote is not rude at all. He/she must have some serious issues if he/she feels that this message is rude. You are no longer with her agency, get over it! Grow up and move on!!!

You also must be very new to the industry. Dugan's isn't the only reputable host agency that requires agents to research their own commissions. I would rather research my own commissions and have proof myself that my commissions have been paid.

Dugan's does not "hound" their agents for their support fee. Their accounting system sends out periodic reminders if fees are not paid by a certain date. It is all automated.. All agents know by the 1st of the month whether they owe their fee or not. It is stated the fees are due NO LATER than the 15th of the month. Yes, there will be reminders sent 11 days after the invoices go out on the 25th of the previous month. No other company gives as much of a grace period that Ms. Dugan gives her agents.

And to address the statement that Jennifer's support staff does not respond to emails. Barb Cerbie for one answers her emails quite timely. In fact, I usually get a response within an hour or so, many times within a few minutes. To claim that she does nothing to help is absolutely a lie. You obviously are sending to the wrong email address or something.

Dugan's Travels does not have a high turn around rate as you claim. Many of the agents have been with the agency 4 years or more!

You are no longer a member of her agency, move on!
N  22nd of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Say whatever you want about me, I'm not the issue - I simply pointed out some of the more common issues. The fact that you have gone to so much trouble to defend yourself and your agency just goes to show that something is wrong in your agency. Otherwise, you wouldn't care.

Let me just point out though that you would have plenty of time to answer emails about CLIA cards and whatever else if you didn't spend so much time on message boards replying to everyone who is "angry because we terminiated them".
D  22nd of Jul, 2009 by    -2 Votes
I would like to make a comment on this. I have been with Dugan's Travels for many years. I have never had any issues with them what so ever. As for not answering calls, that is not true. I have given my personal number out to the chatlist many times and have spoken to agents at 10PM EST. I have even spoken with agents at 2 AM EST because I knew that we had agents on the West Coast and it is only 11PM their time. You have many avenues of support with this agency. It is up to you to use the tools and take the training that is provided to you. You have to have a certain skillset to survive in this business, one is that you can sell and one that you can motivate yourself to do what you need to do to succeed.

This agency has been around far to long for you to claim that they are a scam or fraud.

If agents would be responsible and pay the small fee that is asked of them every month, then you would not see the reminders that are automatically sent out when you don't pay. You do not have to pay to be on the chatlist, you have to pay to be a member of the agency, for the support that you are given and for the use of the IATAN number. All host agencies charge something in the way of a fee...and most are higher then this company.

Since you were so unhappy and you left/terminated what ever the case maybe, perhaps you should look into another host agency and put your energy and efforts that you have exhibited here towards that so that you can be a successful agent. Nothing is ever given to you, you have to work for it. If you want it bad enough you can achieve.

Yvette Mullins
N  15th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I worked with Dugans for several years and found it very disappointing. Now, I know you are going to hear back from her that I am mean, mentally unbalanced and in need of medication (yes, she told me that!)

All the negative posts you have on this site are in agreement with what I found. Jennifer will, without doubt, reply in her "everyone is picking on me "attiute that I was a lunatic and that she terminated me. What lead to my quitting was asking her henchman for a termination form so I could leave a little later in the Fall. That is when all heck broke loose and I decided to quit
A  15th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Among my problems with Dugans, as stated by others:
1. little backup for agents but what there was came with a LOT of attitude.
2. late, late commissions
3. no phone calls returned. Therefore, I quit calling
4. constantly changing procedures and people to contact with this problem or that
5. a very combative manager
6.Every question was considered combative and rude. I had very little positive contact with Jennifer Dugan

Do you think ALL of us with complaints are crazy and rude? After a while, it becomes obvious when someone is making excuses.
Run, run, run away from this host agency (as MANY have already done!)

I could almost post her reply to this. It's the same ole same ole!
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I don't think readers are going to see what Jennifer sees in the emails above. I don't see anything abusive in my emails. I started off just asking for the termination forms (a bad choice of words, wouldn't you think) and just told them I wanted to leave the end of Sept. for personal reasons. I really didn't think it was going to help anything to tell them the real reason and I was right. The first email I got from Barb, the manager, was immediately hostile and it went downhill from there. The real reason I wanted to keep the affiliation was that I earned a IATAN card from Dugans and it expires in Sept. I KNEW that immediately upon learning that, Jennifer would have it invalidated. I also didn't think they needed to know that I have used Duans as an insurance policy for any bookings I wanted to close with vendors who don't accept a CLIA agency. I could run those bookings through Dugans. There is nothing illegal about doing that. It isn't like being a realtor where you have to have an affiliation with one company.

I have re-read the emails she posted above and I want to make one point. I am a single agent, running a one man, part time agency from home. Jennifer is the owner of an agency with 600 agents. Who is supposed to be the professional "corporate" owner? Jennifer needs to remember that she would be NOWHERE without those agents who sell travel through her. It costs her nothing to keep in unproductive agent on the books. She collects a monthly fee plus insurance for each agent so they aren't a drag on her income. What's to be gained by alienating them?

I did get aggravated with the agressive emails I was getting and I did question some of her business practice but she did resort to calling me crazy, in need of medication, a bitter old woman and said she's sorry my husband has to put up with me! So much for keeping it professional! I'll have to admit that I told her I had taught dozens like her, book smart but lacking common sense. I'll be glad to show anyone the rest of the emails if you wish to see them.

NO ONE needs to put up with this type behavior. You have seen that others feel the same way and have the exact same complaints. Strange, isn't it that we're all whacko's and she's always right! My suggestion for new agents would be to spend $300 to join CLIA, spend $500 to get insurance (any general agency can get it for you) purchase cards and letterhead from Vistaprint and go for it! Unless you are in FL or CA or Io or WA, you don't have to register as a seller of travel but you can check with your state to see. VA doesn't require anything but I got a local business license for $30 a year. (Of course, Jennifer is going to turn me in to every state for running a business without being registered but I don't know how since I have all that VA requires and I don't have a website up and running. It was just another vicious, ridiculous threat. Why would she care?) All the vendors are more than eager to help you with bookings and there are agents out there who will help you. Heck, contact me at woodard@va.metrocast.net and I'll be glad to answer questions for you. It's what a good agent should do, even if she's not getting a monthly fee for it!!
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thank you for the information on the seller of travel laws. It seems crazy anyone would start a business without doing research on it. This is why I am reading things. It does seem like a common theme is that when agents are fired, they get angry and post things here. It seems sad that they can post things without proof.

Ms Dugan, I have actually done alot of research on your agency and have found that you are very helpful to those asking for information. I have emailed a few of your agents who speak highly of you and were also very helpful to my research. It seems you offer something low cost also. One agency I spoke to wanted $499 just to get started and the monthly fees were much higher.

I don't understand why if someone is unhappy they just don't move on to another agency. It seems crazy to post personal attacks online because you are upset that you were not renewed.

Again thanks for information and as I continue to do more research I will contact you if I have further questions on becoming a homebased travel agent. Your ebook was actually very helpful.

D  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been an agent with Dugan's Travels for 3 years now. I have found that there are alot of agents who get upset when they are not successful and blame others. It is up to you to do something with your business. It is also your duty as an agent to make sure you stay up to date with the industry including knowing how to make bookings. Log ins often get messed up due to other agents not the agency. Jennifer and Barb constantly have to remind the group to not keep trying a password over and over or it locks everyone out.

I was with another host agency prior to joining Dugans. They charged alot of fees and also required computer programs just to submit my bookings and get paid. 1/2 of my commissions were not paid because they would say I did something wrong.

I have had one lost commission and once I contacted Dugans with the check number and date, Jennifer found it right away and I got paid. The supplier paid under a different name than we expected. I also got a bonus commission due to Jennifer submitting it for me.

I have been able to get help from Barb at midnight! She works pretty hard and has always been nice to me.

N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Also on Betty's comment

"I also didn't think they needed to know that I have used Duans as an insurance policy for any bookings I wanted to close with vendors who don't accept a CLIA agency. I could run those bookings through Dugans. There is nothing illegal about doing that. It isn't like being a realtor where you have to have an affiliation with one company."

If Dugans was so bad, why would you want to make more bookings with them? That really doesn't make sense. If you aren't going to get your commission as you claim they don't pay on time, why give them business?

Sounds like you are bitter to me... just a personal opinion. It actually sounds like you were wanting to use your IATAN card for one more discounted trip or something. If you have done so much travel, why not just apply for IATAN on your own?

N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I would have used Dugans ONLY when I had to. It's called good business to be able to meet the needs of your clients regardless of your personal preferences.

I know the laws of travel. I don't have a website so I don't have to worry about the laws in those states. I've never sold to anyone in any of them.

I think you need to know, Julie, that you don't just walk out and get an IATA card. You must have $5000 commission in one year OR have over $200, 000 in sales if you want to be an IATAN agency. I am a single agent and I've gotten right to the mark but not over the mark to become an IATAN agency.

I'm willing to bet that Dugans put out the message on the chatlist for everyone to come to this site to refute what I say.

By the way, there were months that I was paid on time. There were also months when payments were misplaced, or lost or held up for some reason. i didn't like having to jump through hoops to get paid.

Those of you in Jennifer's corner are welcome to stay there. It wasn't for me and some of you missed the point that I asked to terminate in Sept. I had had enough after 6 years. Actually, I had had enough 2 years ago when I quit using her services. Some people keep overlooking the reasons I stayed on as long as I did.
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Please note that TERMINATE means to leave the agency. It doesn't mean you were fired. I ASKED TO TERMINATE IN SEPTEMBER. No one asked me to start the process. It was my decision which I have stated repeatedly. Some people aren't reading the posts, they are just jumping to Jennifer's defense. I paid for all the months that I wanted to and planned to leave when my card expired in Sept.. Jennifer requested that I leave now once I had requested Sept. That was and is fine with me.
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am an agent with Dugans Travels and I have earned enough to qualify for my IATAN card this year. I get paid regularly via direct deposit. I don't have any issues getting paid.

I have had no problems with Jennifer, Barb, or Yvette. I have been with the agency for 2 1/2 years. I book alot of hotels so this means alot of different commissions coming in and I get paid just fine.

Working with an agency is a choice. It is also the agency's choice to not work with an agent.

It sounds like pastagent that you wanted to leave and now you are gone so you should just move on. Don't attack other agents because they are happy and don't feel the need to bash the agency.

Jennifer has helped me learn how to operate my travel agency and if it was not for her, I would be forced to go back to work outside the home. I appreciate that she has taken agents on and helps others realize their dreams.

You had the opportunity too and if you are doing as well as you claim, you probably owe that to the years you were with the agency. Did you have prior experience before joining the agency? Did you know how to run an agency prior to joining?

I am not looking for a fight from you since you do seem like you want to argue, but I think you attacking the agency is really wrong.

The best thing is for you to move on and get over the issue that Jennifer she would like you to terminate now. It is a bad reflection on you and really you are defeating the purpose since people like myself will share our views which will actually give more publicity to Dugans Travels.

Just my opinion, I am sure it will make you upset but I am okay with you attacking me!

N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
FYI Julie asked why I didn't "just go out and get a IATA card. I only explained why. Go back and read her post all the way through and you will see her comment. You seem so intent on educating everyone about the laws of travel and I just wanted to educate her on how one gets an IATA card. I didn't attack her. That's a crazy statement . Everything that I say is being interpreted as mean and spiteful. Can't I just make a statement without blame?

N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes

I didn't say to go out and get one. You are claiming you booked $200, 000 in sales which is what IATAN requires. I guess you don't do much in the way of research before you act like someone doesn't know what they are doing. I know what I am doing.

I have over 10 years travel experience. I know what IATAN requires to get an IATAN number. You don't seem to know the facts and need education on the travel industry.

Jennifer does not need to educate me and anyone can find this out by going to IATAN's website. It is also an IATAN card not an IATA card.

Everything you say is mean and spiteful. You attacked me and quoted me wrong. I did not say go out and get an IATA card. I said 'If you have done so much travel, why not just apply for IATAN on your own?
" This means you apply with IATAN for an IATAN number.

Get educated before you attack others. It sounds like this is how you treat everyone who disagrees with your opinions. You might take the time to actually READ what someone posts before you attack them.

N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
FYI for pastagent


N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
READ my post. I SAID I was right at the $200, 000 mark but not quite over it. You did say just go out and get (same as aply for) an IATAN card. Go back and ready your post. My answer again is that you can't just go out and get one or apply for one without the $200, 000 limit. I wasn't bashing you. I just answered your question/statement. I had no qualms with Dugans. I simply asked for the paperwork so I could quit and all h@#$ broke loose. I will not be reading any more of this blog so if you want to discuss me, go ahead but no need to address me, I'll not be reading any more. FYI, I have been an agent for over 15 years and have worked for two storefront agencies. I know the rules, I know how to get a card and I know how to sell travel. I also know that this is pointless since most of what I am writing is being misconstrued and villianized. As I said, bye and have a happy life in travel.
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thank you so much for the link. I already have it in a folder and know EXACTLY what is required for an independent agency to get a card. What's the point you want to make?

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