Drive Here / SCAM

Ridge Ave., Conshohocken, PA, United States

I purchased a 02 Hyundai Elantra at Drive Here. We decided this dealership was an ideal option for us, due to my lack of credit history. My experience was very unprofessional but we needed a vehicle immediately. We had a very limited selection to choose from. The saleswoman insisted that due to my credit level we only had a select choice of vehicles. Despite their claim that "no one would be turned down, regardless of credit history". We indicated to the saleswoman that we were starting to have second thoughts and then she proceeded to use "high sales pressure tactics". She assured us about the quality of the vehicle, asked us to come out and look at it again, trying to rush us into a decision. She constantly insisted, it would raise our credit score. I asked for the car fax, and she seemed reluctant to give it to me. We finally received it after 30 minutes! Then I took it upon myself to investigate the Kelly Blue Book of the vehicle on my smartphone. According to KBB, the total market value of an 02 Hyundai Elantra was $3, 019.00- $4094.00. The vehicle was in fair condition, and they charged us 3 times the value of the vehicle at 9, 000.00! When I brought this to her attention, her response was, "Oh no, we don't go by Kelly Blue Book". We were reluctant, at that point the saleswoman said since I didn't have any credit, we didn't have ANY other options to fiance a vehicle other than Drive here. She continued to inform us on how financing this vehicle from them would raise my credit score. We were then sent to the financing associate, to whom we were to sign the papers. We rationalized that we really needed a vehicle, and we really felt we had no other options. We figured $150.00/mo payments were within our means, so I signed the documents. Immediately after we left, we pulled across the street to a local pizza place for dinner. When we tried to leave the car would not start! We only had it for 20 minutes!We tried to call over to Drive here but they'd already left for the night. Luckily, an employee from the pizza joint gave us a jump. We tried to return the car the next morning, but they insisted, "No, no, it's nothing, just a bad battery, don't worry bring it in" We were on our way to take the car, and it wouldn't start again! The vehicle was stuck at our residence so to avoid towing costs, we were forced to buy a battery to drive to the dealer. We were very discontented with our experience and insisted we wanted to return the car. They refused our offer to return the car because they said we'd already signed the papers. They even refused to reimburse us for the cost of the battery! I then noticed the exhaust was malfunctioning, so I notified them and they instructed us to bring it to a second location on the other side of town to have it repaired (Norristown, PA). Our experience their was very unprofessional, and time consuming. The facility looked like someone's residence basement/garage. The receptionist was very unprofessional in her communication skills, and had 4 children running around the "office"! They welded the exhaust which I later found out from my personal auto mechanic, to which he insisted was just a "band aid repair". My mechanic's opinion of the car was fair, he indicated we would have frequent problems with the vehicle. We voluntarily surrendered the vehicle 2 weeks after purchasing.We realized we had been scammed into an unfair contract.Pablo Martin refused to compromise and threatened to/and did put this on my credit.


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