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Drive Financial / Biggest Scam and Rip-Off

1 TX, United States

I read these complaints last evening after learning the dealership I went to was trying to work a deal with Drive Financial, now Santendar for my auto loan.

I went into the dealership on Monday and offered 2500.00 down on a car that cost 16K. They wrote me up an offer/terms and estimated payment range and told me that would have an answer for me on Tuesday.

Yesterday I got a call from finance manager that they were still working with a credit person at Drive Financial and hoped to have an answer today as to the terms of the loan so I can drive the car home.

Got a call today (Wednesday) from finance manager, asking me to come to dealership today and I should be good to go. "Should" was the key word.

I went to dealership, had to meet with the owner, of whom told me that 1. I got approved through Drive Financial and 2. the approval is with an extra 3800.00 acquisition fee. That means that I needed...guess what... a bigger down payment, close to four grand total. My payment was also 175.00 HIGHER than what finance manager quoted me. I told the owner that I was absolutely not putting another penny down.

Then, I left~! With no intention to purchase regardless of what the owner tried to sweet talk me into (i.e. I'll call you tomorrow after I try to work on Drive Financial and their rate).

I also think the Car Dealership is sketchy!

Does this 3800 actually go to Drive Financial OR the dealer directly? I wonder, really.

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