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Dr. Sydney Coleman / Attempt to drown out Coleman mutilations

1 Manhattan, United States Review updated:

There is a blatant attempt to drown out proof of mutilations... by plastic surgeon "Dr. Sydney Coleman." Please post these links to pictures of these mutilations by him, so that people can find them. Will be adding more. Thank you...:)














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  • Co
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    Can everyone keep a check, on having these pictures up on every Coleman complaint page. The mysteriouly continue disappearing. Keep posting them if you will. I will need to place them on other places to expose Coleman as well. They must be very threatening?

  • Co
      26th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I would like to politely ask? that only "Coleman Victims, " or those who know someone who is one...attempt e-mailing me. Unless of have information that would be helpful in exposing him in any way. Suggestions or thoughts you may be wanting to share, after reading these posts... are also very much welcomed.

    But I do not have time, nor the patience required, to answer people who write asking??? if I feel they should see Coleman or not??? Telling me that they are "now" worried after having already scheduled an appointment... or had been planning on doing so...until having read these posts? But still wondering and have a few questions?

    If you are still wondering??? I cannot help you? Perhaps another person here, who has been so kind to still feeling kind enough to address something like this. Please contact them in the future. My feeling is that, more than will get the same response.

    Exception being. Some have not seen our pictures and may lack the skills to the links provided. The only way I know how to get to them, is by writing myself an e-mail and dragging them over to it, mailing it to myself. And after it arrives, clicking onto the links. Viola! They appear in living color...with "more" than enough obliterate any future thoughts of seeing Coleman

    Anyone working with Coleman is aware of the goings on...including Dr. Alesia Saboeiro. She has been there a number of years...witness to the complaints and seeing the results of his mutilations. It's like working under/beside Hitler...choosing to look the other way...for the ole mighty dollar???? Question the integrity of Dr. Saboeiro as well!!!

  • An
      7th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    The patient physician relationship is one of the most sacred in our society. It is legally protected and it forms the basis of successful and in some cases life saving partnerships in medicine. But when it goes bad, it can be bad.

    Recently, in the world of plastic surgery attack blogs and complaint boards have come about denouncing practioners and “botched surgery”. Proponents argue that internet web blogs and sites serve as a warning or information source to patients. Detractors state that it represents an unregulated and often unsubstaniated attack. You can guess which side the doctors and which side the patients fall on.

    Take the case of Dr. Sydney Coleman, a board certified plastic surgeon in New York (, who has a seriously unhappy patient. As reported by Jim Leonardo of Plastic Surgery News, a publication from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “The trouble began shortly after Dr. Coleman performed corrective plastic surgery on the patient, who, after leaving the recovery room, was never again seen by the physician or his staff. Several weeks later, however, the patient telephoned the practice insisting that Dr. Coleman pay his airfare from Chicago to New York for a follow-up appointment - and if Dr. Coleman refused, he threatened to use the Internet to damage his practice.”

    By report, Dr. Coleman declined to pay the airfare and the patient created a website decrying his treatment and outcome. Because the patient initially used Dr. Coleman’s name as part of the website address Dr. Coleman sued to get it back (see the National Arbitration decision in July 2006 here: ).

    But that wasn’t the end of it. The patient re-registered a second name and reposted the website. And then, cleverly paid for advertisement placement of the site.

    A little more research into this site confirms any practioner’s worst fears. There’s a lot of negativity. And there are a lot of claims, but not a lot of data.

    The site states “Recently, a website associated with Dr. Coleman has posted a direct response to our support group website and suggests that the information we are providing is not accurate. As a result, we will soon be posting detailed information about malpractice lawsuits and other complaints filed against Dr. Coleman.”

    Perhaps not suprisingly however, years later the site still remains empty about numbers of malpractice suits, complaints or unhappy patients. More troubling for those trying to find where the truth really lies is the patient him (or her) self has not even posted their _own_ pictures

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I to was a dumy. i was on a survey, took the trial offer and got scamed. there were no phone numbers on the offer but i thought there would be with the trial shippment.NOT, only a web sight. when i went to bring it up, all that would come up was a picture of the bottle of colonsmartcleasner, when i clicked on the bottle it would take me to another sight. i tried several times the same thing kept happening. So there i found a phone number so i called it. they kept saying they had nothing to do with colonsmartcleasner.needless to say i was very angry.then i thought well when it comes in i would just put on it return to sender and wait for a refund. well it never happend... my bank said they couldnt do anything for thirty days from the day i sent it back. so i waited filled the dispute and waited four days for the results.. well then i get the results from my bank... NOT HAPPY my bank sends me some copys off the internet from colonsmart stating there is only one way you can receive a have to follow four steps. one of thoughs steps are they do not except Return to sender packages as a way for refund. what they dont say is that package i sent back is theirs now and you get nothing for $ it said nothing about ANY policys when i ordered the free samples.and when i got the free samples it had nothing of any policys either. so im out the money and the FAKE product(COLONSMARTCLEASNER). OH DID I MENTION YHE PRODUCT DID NOTHING... I TOOK THE SUPPOSEDLY FREE SAMPLES AND HAD NO REACTION !!! if there is anyone out there that can help me get my money back.i would be very happy... TO EVERYONE------ STAY AWAY FROM COLONSMARTCLEASNER !!! THERE A RIPOFF !!!

    1 minutes ago by Mark Keyworth [send email]
    i forgot to mention the paperwork my bank got off the internet was dated july 10th 2008 REVISED. this was 2 mth. after i sent mine back. when i got my (FREE) sample.i couldnt get on their web site to cancel nor did they have a phone number... COLONSMARTCLEASNER IS A RIPOFF...

  • Co
      30th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Anna Smith is a Coleman advocate. Too late. Too many people have spoken the truth about his mutilating them. Will let all know, when the MySpace page is up, revealing Coleman mutilations. The Image site continues to be sabatoged by Coleman and friends.

  • Sa
      11th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am not a Coleman patient, but I went to a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills CA that used the "Coleman Method" on me. I can tell you first hand, that if my result is anything like the patients who have been personally done by Dr. is a disaster. I was grossly overfilled (as per his method) and it resulted in horrible lumps above my eyes...and bags under them that were not there before. The shape of my formally large eyes (probably my best asset prior to the procedure) is now totally changed...and not in a good way. My once large eyes now look like 2 pee holes in a snowbank. I can no longer close my left eye completely...and have to use ointment in my eye every night and drops several times daily for the rest of my I don't get a dry eye condition and lose my eye completely. There is not way to surgically fix it...because I would risk it getting worse. With the change of my eyes, I feel as if I have lost my identity...I look like a different person. I hardly recognize myself in the mirror each and every morning. My cheeks look like a chipmunks, and smiling makes me look simply grotesque as the cheeks up on my new bags...and press my now tiny eyes into tiny slits. This is the "Coleman Method"..So, .I believe every word written by the victims of this man. I can certainly relate. There are doctors across the country, and perhaps globally, using a method that is hyped by its creator...without regard for the lives he has personally destroyed with it...and apparently continues to do so. It's criminal. I believe Ms Smith is either a paid advocate, family friend, associate, ...or perhaps naively, has been duped by Dr. Coleman himself. But given my own experience, I would guess the victims of Coleman, are the ones telling the truth here.

  • Te
      19th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    I know exactly how you feel because my face was also wrecked by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Lam (Lam Facial Plastics, Plano, TX). I was going to see Dr. Sydney Coleman first but Dr. Lam's office talked me out of it. He raved on and on about how much better he was because he doesn't overfill unlike other doctors (yeah, right) and how I should get it done by him and not by Dr. Coleman or other doctors. If you want to see what Dr. Lam did, look at the after pictures of Lara Flynn Boyle. He look one look at me and told me how much younger and refreshed I looked. He is either a liar or delusional who knows, just know that you're not the only one suffering and I know your pain and I hope you heal from this.

  • Sm
      3rd of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    how can I see these pictures? they have been removed

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