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Dr. Michael Gray / Terrible service!

1 West Bloomfield, MI, United States Review updated:
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Please note the following correction: Dr. Michael Gray is a Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons (I did a search at but he is not listed with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Michigan, which is where he practices. ( I apologize for the error, however, this does not erase the fact that I am still dissatisfied with my results and plan to send a letter to Dr. Gray in regards to such.

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  • Ba
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have a close girlfriend who is suffering terribly becuase of Dr. Gray's bad surgery. I wished I could of warned her before hand. I have encorged her to write into to the Board who oversees Doctors and write a complaint to the state of michian.

  • Ro
      5th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    i think its sad that he is aloud to practice how many people does he have to botch up before they take his license!!! be aware he has people that work for him that post complements about him on line so dont believe what you hear if its positive

  • Mr
      28th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Totally agree with these comments. I am a male and spend quite a few thousand with Dr. Michael Gray at his West Bloomfield office for liposuction in my abdomen and tummy area. Yes he was nice, but "rushed" during my consult as was his staff. Great that he has spent millions on his facility, but he needs to spend some time on the human element of customer service and train his staff accordingly. I am an executive for a Fortune 500 company based in MI, so I think I bring a grounded perspective on business, treating customers right, etc. He and his staff performed the procedure and wrapped me up with trash bags and sent me home. Their work was so sloppy, so juvenile, and messy. Granted, tumescent liposuction is not the neatest procedure, but it reminded me of McDonalds - get in, get out, and make a buck. There after care is also terrible aside from being rude. Because of their sloppy job in bandaging me up and affixing the compression garment, it was soaked with oozing fluids. I called them one day after the procedure to inquire (nicely) about getting another compression garment as the one they sent me home with was soaked and disgusting as they did a terrible job after the surgery in bandaging me - and the lady I spoke with said "sorry, you only get one compression garment for the procedure" and hung up. I spent $7k with Dr. Gray and they could not extend a compression garment which at the high end maybe cost $50.00. If anyone reads this, DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO DR. MICHAEL GRAY - they do not care for you, treat you like a commodity, and fall very short in any follow up or after care. These are real stories and are not formed out of bitterness in the least - just out of pure disgust for a sham of a so called plastic surgeon. Search elsewhere, but to not think Dr. Gray or his staff care about you, they don't. They only care about making a quick buck and don't value customer service in the least. Shame on you Michael Gray!!! And by the way, you are a customer of my company and I know we have only treated you very well as we do with all our customers. If we get a complaint, we listen with open ears and work very hard to make it right. M - R

  • Do
      31st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree. NEVER GO TO MICHAEL GRAY. The women there are very rude. Especially the one whose skin looks sunburned and tight. The head oldest receptionist was probably the one who hung up on you quickly. The only one I liked was the brunett with curly hair. Very down to earth. I think she tried to warn me. I didn't listen. My buffalo hump is still here and my nipples are lopsided and my breastlift wasn't lifted enough. He reduced my nipples more than the skin on my breast. I'm back to square one and waiting to find someone to fix them. It seemed to be rushed that day. I even hated the woman who had me sign for the anesthia. I'll make sure God makes him pay!!! He'll get his!!!

  • Lt
      27th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    CAUTION!!!Dr Michael Gray dilutes Botox that will usually give a short and less than optional result - NOT what you want! Basically, if he and his clown staff can't cross sell more costly procedures, your wasting your money and client Dr. relation are tossed out the window...Most doctors charge by area of injection without disclosing to the patient how many units of Botox Cosmetic will be injected in each area. You must be aware that dilution matters, ask the doctor how much saline solution he or she uses to dilute the vial of Botox Cosmetic and how many units will be injected in each area. Each vial contains 100 units and should be diluted with no more than 4 cc of saline. Dr. Michael Gray dilutes the Botox with more then 4 cc of saline, therefore you will be getting a smaller dose of Botox Cosmetic which will be less effective and shorter lasting. . His Practice is unprofessionally run. I can't see how this many complaints don't trigger a reaction from Attorney General Michael COX to investigate such a shady non traditional practice with mediocre results..His help "can not" handle such a simple task of properly schedualing appointment's that are not backlogged or rushed..

  • Zi
      30th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had lipo from dr gray and found his staff to be quite porofessional and caring. The y informed me that the fluids will be mess and they did not wrap me in garbage bags. The apply dressings that will soak through depending upon how much you had done of course. They warn you to cover you seats with plastic and beedding so not to ruin it. Medicine is medicine and these comments are rediculous. He has operated on my mom and friends and we love Dr. Gray, His staff is warm and friendly, He is busy because he does good work. The executive needs to get a real education. Lipo can be messy. Change your dressings

  • Hy
      30th of Jul, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Just came from my FIRST and LAST Dr. Gray's. My appointment at 3pm - I got in at 4pm. The office makes shmarmy "dreams come true" promises... buy buy buy our product thing...yuck. I swear he was on cocaine - he was so hyped up and thin. He had his "monologue" down pat and I felt invisible as he spewed it at me like at incredible speed using childlike metaphors and analogies. He wasn't interested in me / beyond correcting my 'misunderstandings" as he called it. He said what they do there is secret <<<< ??RED FLAG!! His eyes were totally glazed over. Not board certified?! I'm NOT going back. I see his HUGE WHITE CAR parked in a clearly marked NO PARKING tact putting it right in front of the door. The women in the office were like robots wearing BLACK (looks morbid). He has a lot of clients / but are they happy? On his facebook page all his "friends" look like playboy models and ask him if he has his pool is open yet??? WTH? (not what I really said) What a creepy guy. The man has a serious problem.

  • Up
      10th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Terrible terrible terrible I just wanted to add some volume to my breasts. I liked them very well before my surgery and thought I'd be extatic with them after adding volume. The total opposite was true. I had incisions under the breast, I thought would be covered by the implant, they are not. The insicions were cut way to long for my 350cc implants. One scar is longer and higher than the other. The lines of cleavege were not followed. I recieved no compression garment, no tubes and had terrible hypertrophic scarring, especially on one side. Jenny (employee) had terrible beside manner. Really terrible, didn't help me when I came back in with pain the next day either, well not politely anyhow. I went back several times hoping he would offer to revise them, he offered to do it for a price! Least I forget to tell you the most imporatant part, I think he is on drugs! He stuck his fingure in my ear the day of surgery and he had a huge amount of cash in his surgery garment (pre-surgery) when he was preparing me for surgery. My surgery surgery was more than 2 hours post-poned. When I returned for the scarring, He told me I could use steriod injections on the raised scar and needed $700 worth of laser to repair the scar. Of course I could do all this at his office... right! I went to a dermotologist because I was totally irritated with him. Guess what the dermotologist did the injections and didn't know what she was doing either! So I go back to Gray, and he again tells me the spiel about the scars, "the 14 yr old at the mall"..yada yada yada..( you know Im telling you no lie now huh!!) The scar is completely wore thin, practically flush with the implant. Of course I was given all kinds of options on what I could do and how much it was going to cost. But I just really wantyou know that, he's not worth the gamble. Photos are during steroid injection period and are not final stage of thinning out. BUT you can see the scar is not in the crease. I was not lifting up the breasts, only covering the nipple area. I have more pictures too.

  • Ke
      20th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I am one of Dr.Gray's more satisfied customer. He gave me exactly what I wanted, I love him and the staff of course there busy the man is good !! He is not driving a Bently for nothing. We talked casually as well as about my procedure it was short and sweet and straight to the point just like I like it. I would and have recommended him to family and friends I love you Dr. Gray ;) Kenya Malcolm

  • Rh
      31st of Mar, 2012
    +3 Votes

    He's not board certified in plastic surgery! End of story!! You do not get anything done to your body from some clown (and he looks like one) who is not board certified. I have no idea why anyone would go to this quack! Pay the same money for a REAL BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, not some lame DO with minimal training.

  • Dr
      23rd of Jan, 2013
    +4 Votes

    Dr. Michael Gray is NOT a board certified plastic surgeon! End of story. If you are going to spend money to have someone CUT OPEN your body, you at least need to make sure you are seeing someone who is qualified in the field. Saving a few hundred dollars isn't worth your body. Visit a qualified, professional, board certified plastic surgeon who performs surgery in a reputable environment (ie a HOSPITAL!)

  • Rh
      23rd of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I have several friends from different places (high school, college, work) who have visited dr. gray. they do not know one another and yet not one of them would recommend him to another one of their friends. their breasts look uneven, their implants change locations in their chests, one has lipo bumps that are unreal. this man is shady. from his group consultations to his lack of certifications. we have a lot of doctors to choose from in michigan...not sure why this guy and his commercials still get people in the door. be careful - you get what you pay for. in this case it's overpriced junk.

  • Go
      18th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    hes screwing his neighbor who is a young indian married woman with few kids

  • Lo
      28th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    This man delivered a 2 hour nonsensical "seminar" in the guise of a consultation meant to distract, much like a magician and slight of hand, talking in circles and a hundred miles a minute. His eyes were glazed over and red, and he was very thin. Something wasn't right. It's very apparent to me that he's on some sort of stimulants. I certainly wouldn't put my body in his hands. He needs to be drug tested or investigated. I think he needs help.

  • Jo
      13th of Mar, 2015
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I have had a tummy tuck recently. 3rd day post op. I am an RN and obviously have some understanding of how things should work and NOT work. My pain has been intolerable. I call and all I hear back is "you should not be having pain." I have been crawling on my hands and knees in tears to the restroom. After calling the 4th time and talking to a "receptionist" explaining my needs; I realized she is not a NURSE or anything of the sort, giving me advice on how I am not in pain. I explained to her I needed an extended release pain medication and my Percocet that I have on hand to manage my pain. Her reply, I have to google this cause I have never heard of such a thing and you need to turn in the medication we have given you?!? (The medications I have already paid for totaling at least $100.) I feel that my intelligence has been insulted. I am an RN and definitely know what I am talking about. I don't think they care once you are off the surgery table and out the door. I plan on having my sister put me in her car and drive me there in the morning. This is going to be a very painful situation but have no other options. As far as my procedure, Dr. Gray did a wonderful job!!! He was very kind and educational the day of surgery. I just just believe his staff needs to step up and be considerate of post-op patient needs.

    "Pain is whatever the patient says it is" a term that all medical healthcare professionals learn in school. It is our duty to care for our patients. I just happen to be on the other side
    of it this time and completely discouraged and hurt that I have been set aside and insulted.

  • Sp
      15th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I just had Lipo a couple of weeks ago. I also went to doctor Gray. The biggest complaint that I have is that I was not given any post surgical instructions other than bring plastic to put over my car seats. It took a lot for me to come up with the funding for the procedure. He quoted me to do five areas. I could only afford to do three. The day of surgery he told me that he would do all of the areas that he quoted me for no additional charge. I was very happy and told him thank you. His response was "you deserve it". I really don't care if he is screwing his neighbor or what kind of car he drives. He did a very nice thing for me when he did not have to. I agree with other posts as far as his staff not being friendly at all. They try to push products and services on you. I do wish I would have been better prepared on what to expect after surgery. I am extremely swollen and am not sure if this is normal or not. Going to call them this morning so we'll see what kind of advise I get...

  • Sa
      29th of Sep, 2015
    -1 Votes

    Michael Gray is the worst doctor I have ever seen. I don’t even want to call him a doctor because he was so arrogant and unprofessional.
    He is a disgrace for his profession. He is all about $$$$$. His staff is just like him careless and arrogant.
    I hope that he loses his license one day.

  • Sm
      30th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I've been there several times for consultations and have been kept waiting for at least an hour each time. The video in his waiting room shows him in a suit and tie in his office consulting a patient...NOT TRUE...he rushes into the room with you, hyper, fast-talking and hurries through whatever you want to know. As the person above stated, I feel he's "on" something and that you're wasting his time by being there. Totally opposite of the video playing over and over in the waiting room. The girls have gotten my chart mixed up twice now. I walked out this last time because I feel if they can't get my chart right, why would I let them touch my body? Now I find all these complaints and feel better it's not just me. After calling another center and hearing from them the complaints they have heard, I feel I dodged a bullet by getting out of there.

  • Lo
      10th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    I went in for a consultation thinking that I was going to see a professional. Everything these people are saying is true. He has this "monologue" prepped and talks a mile a minute while telling you how stupid patients are and how they know nothing about their bodies. He was extremely rude and even scary. He attempted to intimidate me and was extremely degrading in how he spoke. This man talks at you, you're nothing to him. Do not waste your time.

  • Sh
      15th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Despite all the negative comments I read online, I still chose to go to Dr. Gray. I am 1week post op and so far love everything he did. As far as the staff, I didn't feel they rude at all and was given plenty of information to take home about the procedure. I did feel they should of supplied the garments but that is my only complaint.

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