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Dr. Green / Billing for service not rendered

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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I had a contract for lawn maintenance for the year 2009. Their work was very poor but I paid all the bills. The service man came again 2010 without my signing any contract and fortunately, I stopped him on the first service. He promised to let his office know about the stoppage of the contract. But the company sent a bill for 50.62 and I immediately called their customer service who confirmed cancelling the contract and let their finance department know about it. But they have harassed me in claiming $ 137.74. I have filed a complaint with Service Alberta, BBB and am researching to file complaints with all available forums. The consumers should stop the harassment of Dr. Green by going for a class action suit against their unfair practices.

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  • Dv
      12th of Aug, 2011

    Yes I agree as i have faced the similar issues with Dr.Green in Mississauga. They more over threten and argue over the phone for not sending services. The reason they give are it rained for the entire month so they cannot do the areation and sya the next month they are bound to extend the contract as we signed for it. They are taking custoers for a ride.
    Is there any one to help us ?

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  • Sh
      19th of Aug, 2011

    I agree!!!
    We are in 2011 now and I have a similar case with them in Ontario-Toronto.
    They are nothing but fraud and they try to earn a penny anyway they can. They committed some to me and when they sent me the package, I found (only after the 1st treatment) that part of what they had promised and which was very crucial to the overall, was not included and they would charge an additional $150 for doing what their sleazy salesman promised at the first place!!!
    So I immediately canceled the contract knowing that it was a total fraud. Now they are invoicing me for that one session which they came unannouncedly, and it took them no more than 3 minutes!!! I mean it: 3 minutes!!! and what they claimed is that they have done "weed control"!!! OK, I am not a lawn expert, but I know if a job has been done properly or not. Not to mention that after that one so called "treatment", my weeds are soaring like crazy!!! So I'm guessing they spread "weed fertilizer" instead of weed control.
    I am harrassed every week with their telephone calls trying to call me...note that I still haven't paid anything yet!
    If anyone has found a way to teach these guys a lesson once and for all, I'm in.

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  • Id
      17th of May, 2013

    I just cancelled my contract with Dr. Green today. I had them three years ago and the service was awful. I told them to cancel my service and they said they would and but they came in the next year and fertilized my lawn. When i asked them why they did it, they refused to acknowledge that i had told them not to renew my contract. I refused to pay them but they kept hounding me and in the end i paid them half of it and closed the contract. Last year their representative called me numerous times and pleaded to renew the contract saying that they were under a new management and we understood the issues that happened in the past and it wont happen again. I signed up with them feeling sorry for the sales rep (Miranda).They promised to aerate the lawn and kill all the weeds and keep the lawn green. They did their first fertilization last week which was pretty late for the season and didn't do anything about the weeds. No aeration done either. I called them about the weeds and they said that they will do it in the second round so i will have to wait. but in the mean time i could pull the weeds my self or cut the heads off so they don't spread any more. I thought that it was odd because they are supposed to be killing the weeds and not me who should be doing their work. I complained to the sales rep and she told me that i just do my job and go home and don't care about the reputation of the company. I told her then to cancel my contract and never to call me again because i will report them .
    Dr. Green is the worst company i have had to deal with in Calgary. The will promise you the world and not deliver. Do not use them ever as wont be using them for sure.

    Ian (Calgary)

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  • Iv
      4th of Jun, 2013

    So far I only had my lawn fertilized and talked to them twice - they promised to put me on priority list - no result - since April nobody showed up to aerate and over-seed. They recommended to power-rake and over-seed the lawn by myself - I said that it is a good advice but it does not cost $ 220 which I paid for the service promised to me. Started complaining to BBB which actually never accredited them as they never applied for accreditation. I wonder how they are surviving with such work ethics and such culture of customer service.
    About 5 friends of mine were looking for some lawn care company, after my experience none of them would sign up with Dr.Green. Hope my "recommendation letter" will scare off more customers. NON-PROFESSIONAL or RIP-OFF, or both.

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  • Nm
      7th of Jun, 2013

    I'm having similar experiences with this company, the rep on the phone seemed the most helpful and knowledgable out of all the places I've called and that why I ended up signing up with them. I paid the entire season up front to qualify for the discount and received first granular fertilizer within days. I've since called in a half dozen times waiting for my aerating and overseeding and each time im told it'll be done by "the end of this week" it's been 3 weeks now. they promised again to have it done by today. but i still havent received that email confirmation i'm supposed to receive the day before so I'm expecting that it won't happen again. very disappointed, wouldn't reccomend at all and i wish i had searched the web for complaints prior to sign up as there are SO many. I clearly have made a mistake and should've gone with another company.

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  • Cn
      18th of Jun, 2013

    FRAUD ALERT: Do not prepay this company. They have not provided service and will not give our money back. In March we responded to a flyer left on our door for an Aeration Package. Dr. Green immediately charged my credit card $239.20 for the service. We called the Dr. Green Customer Service Department weekly through April and May to try to get them to come and Aerate our lawn. In June we suggested canceling the Package, Customer Service promptly cancelled the service and said a Manager would call us back to discuss repayment. No one called. We just contacted customer service and we are now being told that the service is cancelled and they do not provide refunds. I also tried to contact the person who attached their email to each of these reviews and was politely told that there was nothing that she could do to help us.

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  • Nm
      18th of Jun, 2013

    An update on my account, they did FINALLY come to aerate and overseed on June 11th, i had to call back 2 more times. In the end they did come and the employees were very nice and helpful and did a good job. But regardless I'm about a month behind on where i should be and now can't cut grass for 3 weeks! We'll see how the rest of the season rides out to see if they can recover from the bad taste they have given me... I have pre-paid so I hope that they will follow through!

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  • Da
      19th of Jun, 2013

    We paid for a comprehensive package, yet only the first lawn treatment occurred without any prompting from us. Some action on Dr. Greens part occurred from my first call, yet nothing has happened since my last two calls. Our first lawn treatment was on April 24.

    Since we wanted our lawn to thicken for summer, an early start was critical. As such, our first phone call was end of April/ early May to determine action on the power rake, aeration and top dressing/overseeding. The call centre representative seemed surprised that no other action had taken place and assured me that Dr. Green would be very busy during the rest of May addressing all outstanding items.

    While we were contacted via email on May 17 about power raking (which was done on May 21), nothing else took place in May.

    We again called Dr. Green (last week of May) to get a status. The call centre representative assured me that the outstanding work of top dressing and aeration would be done by Friday, June 07.

    On Thursday, June 06 we received an email from Dr. Green indicating that a lawn treatment lasts between three to five weeks, and that Dr. Green would be out within the next two weeks for a lawn treatment application. Nothing in that email indicated other work to be done.

    As of June 06 the only treatment was already six weeks old and, per Dr. Green’s own specifications, was no longer effective. Waiting another two weeks would only further negate any benefits from the first application. In order to combat weeds, we have been manually removing them. We hired Dr. Green specifically so that our yard work would be lessened. We’ve paid you and we’re doing your work.

    On Friday June 07 we called Dr. Green to get a status as this day was the outstanding work revised completion date. We were told that the work would not be done that day, and that the representative would push for work to be completed by Monday, June 10 (surprising since the weather in Calgary was fine that entire week). We were also told that lawn treatment could not be done right after seeding as this would harm the seed, and that a lawn treatment would be two weeks after seeding.

    It is now Tuesday, June 11. Our neighbours who are with Dr. Green had service calls yesterday, yet nothing was done in our yard.

    Tomorrow marks seven weeks since our lawn has been treated. Even if seeding and aeration took place today, adding another two weeks means nine weeks between applications. This spacing is nearly double what it is supposed to be and means that future work will be for regaining lost ground instead of building upon previous gains.

    We went with Dr. Green because of a bill of goods that promised to help make our lawn beautiful. Service started off well, and then completely fell off the grid.

    Commitments made to us have not been met. If weather related delays occur that is acceptable but no attempt has been made to contact us regarding on-going delays. To be blunt, we feel that Dr.. Green either cannot or does not want to fulfill what we have paid for.

    We have since called the call centre 5 times requesting a manager call back as we want our money refunded and not once has a call been placed back to us. This company should not be in business.

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  • So
      17th of Jul, 2013

    This company doesn't even have a business street address for itself on it's own webpage. What does that tell you people?


    About 4 or 5 years ago I applied for employment to Dr Green for what appeared to be a professional company with a decent paying position of employment. I went to the employment interview when Dr Green was in the SE of Calgary. I met the owner's son and his father was there and they were talking and my first impressions where they were aggressive scummy, scheming swindlers that would short any employee and profess to be the good guys to all others. I should have trusted my gut feeling at that time but I didn't trust it yet at that stage in my life. The owner advised his son in a low voice that this was too good of a opportunity and to do as the father had taught him to do to people like me. I figured they were discussing me as a employee to be interviewed and later I suspected the father was advising to follow the instruction in abusing other males and using the position in the company to do that and to cause delays, interruption and confusion that would waste some time of my life.

    The result of the entire application process was constant run-around, a apparent bait and switch in that the position I applied for was available but the owner's son the manager wanted me for another position and would not let me be interviewed for the position I applied for because he wanted me to accept a commission position that I clearly stated in my application that I didn't want. The owner's son repetitively telephoned me for weeks with assumptive comments as if I had accepted a commision job and would be meeting the sales team and heading out the next day with them. The owner's son the manager repetitively over weeks advised me to call him about the position I had originally applied for and when I telephoned I heard him in the background advising his employee to tell me to call back again and this went on for about 3 weeks and it was very time consuming for me and I had other employment search activities that he was causing to be held up and delayed in their progress and the owner's son at Dr Green was apparently abusing me and intentionally wasting my time because he was displeased with me and maybe he has some sort of psychopathic personality and was controlling me because of that.

    Then... about 4 to 5 years later I had a roommate and he was a landscaping guy and he went to work for this company and the owner's son apparently had a file folder on me stored in his filing cabinet, he had all the documents I emailed or faxed to him for the employment application about several years before and the owner's son was bad mouthing me, apparently slandering my name, gloating that he has a file on m, that he continually updates it any time he gets more information and that he's been tracking me. I was advised that the owner's son was very creepy and bizarre and that I should go discuss this with the owner's son and clear up the matters of him apparently stalking me and holding private employment application documents and other things he documented about me for more than 6 months after the application was received by Dr Green.

    What kind of person apparently does this?

    This person apparently is the sort that uses his supposedly professional and reputable position in the business to acquire and stockpile resumes from people. Then he apparently retains these employment application documents for near 4 or maybe 5 years years and he uses them to apparently cause harm to the person that simply applied for a position of employment and was not looking for any problems, abuse, creepy slanderous politics and maybe even stalking. The creepy arrogant gloating 4 to 5 years after the employment application, after never seeing or hearing from the person that originally applied is simply creepy, arrogant, gloating, abusive and apparently the activity of a stalker.

    I can't recommend this company, it's owner or this specific son to anybody for anything and I simply think they are to be avoided because they are a security threat.

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  • Iv
      22nd of Oct, 2013

    Rip-off. Trying to provide service which they are unable to provide, after I already canceled. Several times they still would come and do some work on the lawn. I called and told them I did not order any further service and I am not going to pay. Till now the bills keep coming, I am thinking about seeking some legal action against them. Unsolicited service, fraudulent billing practice.

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  • Gi
      11th of Mar, 2014

    I appreciate the intel on Dr. Green, as they just came to my door, got my cc number, without 3 digit security code (spidey senses kicked in). After these and other reviews I have decided against using this company. I called my cc company and advised them of the situation. They said without the code I shouldn't worry, but I do, how hard is it to come up with those 3 numbers. They said should they charge my cc they will put a block on it and send me a new card. Feel better now.

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  • In
      16th of May, 2014

    I'm also in the same boat in Calgary, I cancelled them last year yet they came back like an std. and I was billed for it, I stupidly paid them and reiterated for them to cancel the contract. Three weeks ago I received a phone call from them indicating they had scheduled my lawn service and again I told them no as I had cancelled service and told them if they performed this service I would be filing criminal trespass charges against them. Apparently this did not sink in, as today they performed the service and managed to get it mostly on my back deck. I called them to complain and they hung up on me not once but three times. I will be speaking to the police on Tuesday to file on them I am not paying those ### one more red cent. I will most likely post a sign on my front yard indicating what these thieving ### have been up to.

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  • Ta
      11th of Jul, 2014

    Last summer 2013 we have
    signed up for the lawn treatment, and provided the company with 3 post-dated
    cheques. We have made a note this service was only required for that season. At
    the end of the season I did try to call Dr. Green Services to cancel the
    service for the next year, but it was extremely hard to get someone on the
    phone. I've finally succeeded in reaching someone in February, and just advised
    we wanted to discontinue their services. I had no idea I was supposed to
    require a confirmation number for this cancellation notice!
    This spring of
    2014, their company rep called us to advise they were scheduling some services
    in our area and wanted to book it for us, too. I advised we were not interested
    to continue this service and the guy agreed. There were also other door-to-door
    representatives a couple of weeks later that tried to sign me up, but I've
    reiterated we did not want to. So, in May 2014 I came home to discover a bill
    hanging on my door handle for some service completed on our lawn. This is
    weird, as the company used to notify me beforehand to advise of the upcoming
    service. Well, not this time, since if I had received it I would've contacted
    them to stop it. So, I called the company immediately telling them the whole
    story of my attempts to stop the services with Dr. Green, and the
    representative on the line said they had no record of my calls to them, and also
    "was surprised" I had not been notified of the service. I have also
    mentioned to the representative that I would not pay for this bill as I simply
    had no budget to pay for the bill, as I was staying home on a mat.leave, our
    earnings have dropped, and literally I was struggling to feed my kids, and that
    was the whole reason why I didn't want the lawn care for this season. The rep
    seemed to be convinced, and she even provided me with the cancellation
    confirmation number. Since then I had to have phone conversations two more
    times with different customer service representatives where I had to repeat all
    the story over and over again. They all seemed to be satisfied with it, and I
    have not heard from the company for a while, till I received a statement in my mailbox,
    which not only included the "outstanding" amount but also interest on
    it for non-payment. They have as well sent the same statement to my e-mail.

    This is just a very sneaky and dirty way of conducting business, Dr. Green!
    Really, I had much more things to do rather than wasting my time on the phone
    trying to get someone or cancelling the service. Why did I even bother to do
    that since nobody listens, and when I think everything is settled you attack me
    with even higher amounts to be paid?

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  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2014

    Marina (Calgary)
    All complaints exactly match our situation. They "caught" us too and keep bugging with their bills and threats. We had a contract in 2013 and were unhappy with them charging us for something they were supposed to do as it was included in the contract. We clearly expressed our refusal to continue services in 2014 on the phone and they still came without notice and left the bill. Sure they did not confess they had our cancellation and they know well that average people do not start relation with company with filing every word and asking the names of the representatives or cancellation number etc. We already had the second bill while we were abroad and I do not know how not to pay them and not to have troubles with credit history. If somebody knows how to fight these poachers - could you please advise?

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  • Uw
      24th of Jan, 2015

    I totally agree. We paid them cash for one year's services before we sold our house. Their service was very bad, did not improve our lawn at all. We sold the house that year and moved to a different province. Dr. Green start calling us next year for more money. They will not stop calling even after we told them we don't live there and we did not sign any contract. They are running a scam business. They call every day, including weekends, to harass us (including threatening to ruin our credit). Even though we never signed a contract, they will not stop calling. They even brag about harassment saying we will not stop calling until you pay us. They have hired more people to harass their clients than they have actual workers to work on lawns.

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  • Al
      12th of Jun, 2017

    Dr Green tried to charge me for a service they never did. When I asked for a proof, they said they have to check their GPS and will call me back. I've talked to at least 5 different agents, but never heard from any of them. After 6 weeks, the only thing I got from them was an over due invoice. Finally, I told them either they provide me an evidence of their service or I will file a complaint on BBB. On my last conversation with them, they dismiss the charge. However, I made sure I recorded every single calls with them (date, time, agent, details) and I captured the last conversation on Voice Recorder.

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  • Su
      6th of Sep, 2017

    Please beware of this company. Even if you take their sales call, they assume you have said yes and then start sending bills. This is what happened with me. I received a call from their sales, I listened and then told them to send an email with details for me to make a decision. I never received email, but started receiving their bills. I objected but they are still aggressive and making aggressive collection calls.
    This company has very bad sales practices.

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  • Pu
      26th of Sep, 2017

    Still facing same issues mentioned above 7 years later from this thread and I am shocked to learn they continue to use same business practice and get away with it. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY THEY WILL GET YOU IN A CONTRACT AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET OUT. They say on the bill you can call to cancel anytime but when you call their rep tells you they will put a note on file and you will not be billed and sure enough you will get a bill in the mail. What consumer agency can you report them to ... I am concerned as they keep harassing my parents with calls and collection notice and will not even confirm to us that they are cancelling the service.

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