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Dr. Gerald Truesdale


Botch Implants

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Greensboro Plastic Surgical Ass.
2715 Henry Street
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 336-790-6193

On June 25, 2010, I had breast argumentation (475cc) and abdominal liposuction around my mid-section. Prior to this surgery, my husband and I met with Dr. Gerald Truesdale for a consultation. During this consultation, we discussed what I wanted to achieve by the augmentation. At that time I voiced one of my greatest concerns which were the best method for not leaving scars on my breasts. This was because I was greatly concerned about the possibility of keloids. I was also concerned about recovery time (I wanted to be completely recovered by my birthday on July 18) and having a very natural look. I told Dr. Truesdale that if I had to be cut on my breasts then I did not want the implants. Upon examination, Dr. Truesdale said that I would not need a breast lift because it was his opinion that my breasts would line up after the implants were in place.

We were told that there were several ways the implants could be put in place. I asked about going under the armpit to prevent the possibility of scaring on my breasts. Dr. Truesdale confirmed that going through the armpit and under the muscle will achieve the above results. He assured us that he had done this method many times and it would give me the best natural look. He said that he had performed this procedure many times and that I would have a very natural looking and feeling breast post procedure. He also said that going under the muscle is better for cancer screening. With his recommendations, I chose the method of going under the armpits because he assured me that I could accomplish all my personal goals as I outlined to him during the consultation. We set the appointment and the procedure was done.

I was given instructions which included wearing a wrap on my chest and doing specific exercises that was prescribed. I followed these instructions implicitly. After nearly two months, my implants were sitting very high on my chest. They were extremely hard and my nipples and breasts were sagging and hanging downwards. They looked deformed. I had scars on my stomach, my underarms and on the right side back. The scar on my back occurred from the bandages being wrapped too tight. I had 4 scars from the abdominal liposuction on my stomach from the incisions and from bandaging. Both my husband and I were very concerned about my appearance.

I did a routine follow up and brought my concerns to the attention of Dr. Truesdale and his nurse. Upon examination Dr. Truesdale suggested that he go back in again to remove scar tissue that was preventing the implants from dropping into place. I asked him if this situation was normal. He said it was not normal. I also asked him if it was safe to be cut again in the same place. He said it was safe. He said that because of my athletic build my muscles were two times thicker than most women and that these muscles were preventing the implants from dropping into place. I was very disappointed that I would need surgery again to correct this problem.

I asked what this would cost and he stated there would be no charge for this because he was ultimately concerned for my satisfaction. I asked him about the abdominal liposuction scars and the knots that had formed under my skin. Dr Truesdale said he would go in again and get the lumps out with another abdominal liposuction on the right side and that the scars would then fade away. Because Dr. Truesdale was so convincing that he could correct the problem we agreed to the second surgery even though my trust and confidence were now shaken. We scheduled the corrective procedure for October 1, 2010.

While I was being prep for the second surgery, I told the anesthesiologist that I wanted to speak with Dr. Truesdale before I was put under. I wanted to go over what we had previously discussed about what was to be done, what I could expect, and to be reassured that this procedure would correct the problems that I now had. Frankly, I was very scared of this procedure because of my loss of trust. I had an idea in my head that I may not even go through with it at that point. The anesthesiologist said he was not in the building yet but he would be in to talk to me before the surgery. She put me under and I did not have that chance to talk to him before the procedure was done.

After a few days of recovery from the second surgery, I remove the wrappings to change the bandages. I was shocked to see that my breasts were just hanging toward the floor; the implants were still very high on my chest, they were not in the lower breast! My husband had told me later on the day of this second procedure that Dr. Truesdale had told him that the surgery had gone well. My husband had been really concerned because I was the first patient that morning and was in recovery for a very long time.

Dr. Truesdale also told my husband that he had stood me up while I was on the table to look at the implants and make sure they were in place. He also mentioned that he had removed about 25 cc of saline from the implants in order to help them descend. I was shocked upon hearing this because he had done this without my knowledge or my consent. The implants were still in the same place and I now had two set of cuts under my armpits, more scars from the wrapping, hanging breast and now my back was badly bruised.

I returned after five days and was very concerned about the appearance of my breasts. I relayed my displeasure to the nurse and to Dr. Truesdale. I was also very angry about not having been afforded the opportunity to talk with Dr. Truesdale prior to being put under for the procedure. Dr. Truesdale reassured me that the implants will drop in place, and that I should just give it awhile. He also said I should continue the exercises. I told him that I was not happy with the way things went the day of my surgery. I told him that I had specifically told the anesthesiologist I wanted to speak to him BEFORE the procedure. Dr. Truesdale was very reassuring even though at this point I felt that I had a serious problem going on. He calmed me down and I left after setting a follow up appointment for October 20, 2010.

I returned for my scheduled appointment on October 20, 2010. There had been no improvements or changes in my condition at all except that now I had a very hard lump on the side of my left breast that is painful. When he looked at them I could tell he was concerned and this frightened me. He said that I was a rare case and that he had spoken with a colleague in Atlanta about my situation. He told me that he wanted to go in again and that I would have a procedure where he would make an incision under each breast about one inch long and that he would be able to release scar tissue that was preventing the implants to descend into place. This “release of scar tissue” sounded exactly the same as I had been promised on the last procedure. My husband asked Dr. Truesdale a very pointed question. He asked Dr. Truesdale if he could give us his opinion of what percent of likelihood that this procedure would correct this problem? He answered 100%! My husband was surprised by this answer because in these types of surgeries, he could not see how anyone could guarantee a 100% chance of success. My husband repeated to him, “100%?”. He stated again emphatically that he is 100% sure that it would correct the problem. I had made it perfectly clear on our very first consultation that I did not want any scars on my breasts.

At this point, I had lost all confidence and trust in him and I told him so. At this point, I felt like I was a person being used to practice on. Dr. Truesdale then suggested that I speak with another doctor at Baptist Hospital to see what he would have to say about my condition. He said that he would speak to him first and give him back ground on my case and that I should go see him to see if I would feel better about him performing yet another procedure. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Malcolm Marks who is the department head and a teaching doctor at Baptist Hospital. I also scheduled appointments with two other doctors to get their opinions of what could or should be done to correct this. These doctors were Dr. Willard and Dr. Kirsch. These consultations were all done at my expense.

At my consultation with Dr. Willard, I was told by him that to achieve the look I was seeking he would not have gone under the armpit and under the muscle together. He also said that he would not have tried it without doing a breast lift. He said the only way to correct it would be to do a lift. My second consultation was with Dr. M. Lee Kirsch. He said that he would not have attempted going under the arm pit in my situation because of the difficulty in getting a good placement. On my consultation with Dr. Malcolm Marks, I was again told that he would not have gone under the armpits because of the difficulty in placing the implants. Both Doctors Marks and Kirsch said that they would have done it by placing the implant through the areola.

I was scheduled to have the third surgery on November 19, 2010 with Dr. Truesdale. However, after hearing from three other physicians (one of whom is and esteemed teaching doctor and department head of the plastic surgery division at Baptist Hospital) I canceled because all that I heard from these three other plastic surgeons only cemented my fears further. I was also very concerned that I would have to be administered anesthesia for a third time in such a short period. I am Hepatitis C positive and I was told that the liver must clean this out of my system and that this is hard on a person’s liver. I advised Doctor Truesdale of this fact on our first consultation.

We had an appointment with Dr. Truesdale to discuss him doing the third procedure. This time I had made up my mind to ask for a refund or as another solution he could pay for the procedure to correct my situation with another surgeon. I was/am completely afraid of him doing another surgery on me and I am also afraid of anesthesia again. Dr. Truesdale declined my offer and said he would not refund the money. Even with my extreme fear of being operated on a third time, I want to have this corrected because I am repulsed and appalled at my appearance when I look into the mirror.

This has affected every aspect of my life and the lives of my family members. I am severely depressed and my marriage is now suffering as a direct result of this. I have a hair business that has required that I close down already for about three weeks and now it is likely that I will be closed down another week. These has cost me greatly in expense and in mental anguish not to mention the pain I now have to live with, the disturbance to my sleep from the hard implants and the bruising that is recurring over and again on my left breast.

I am currently in the process of pursuing this through legal channels. I feel that although my request for a refund will not compensate me for the pain and suffering that I now endure, I am willing to settle this with Dr. Truesdale. Else, I will then be forced to pursue this legally. I am currently talking to two different attorneys about this case. I also would want to warn other prospective patients that would consider using Dr. Truesdale’s services through other means available to me such as media.

I know that it was my choice to choose cosmetic surgery, but it was to enhance my appearance, not the opposite. I have before and after pictures of my breasts and stomach if you would care to see them. I am disgusted by their appearance and – if the truth be known – so is my husband although he will not say anything to me. I can tell because he no longer wants to touch
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D  9th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I like to hear the Doctors side of the story as well. But Just like previous posts say, you elected to have this done. You won't be getting a refund.
N  10th of May, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Whether it was elected or not, when you take the resposibility of performing surgery on another human being who trusts your representation of yourself you need to know what you are doing. Whether you agree with cosmetic surgery or not, everyone has the right to receive full benefit of what they pay for no matter what it is. Yes, there are assumed risks, but when someone is negligent why do people forget the part of the contract that says the doctor will perform to the best of his/her abilities?
N  17th of May, 2011 by    +2 Votes
WOW! That's the worst boob job I've ever seen! A agree with the comment above wondering why you waited until you were about to be put under before voicing your concerns to the doctor. I have breast implants and I did extensive research and had consultations with several doctors prior to my procedure. During my research I learned that if you already have large saggy breasts that the best method is above the muscle silicon and NOT under the muscle saline which you have. Over the muscle implants have the advantage of settling into your natural breasts and not sitting up high which makes it look as if your breast is sliding off the implant. I'm sympathetic to your situation but it seams to me that you were pressed for time and didn't allow yourself enough time to find the right doctor and do it the proper way, instead rushing in order to make it to a silly wedding.
A  5th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I think the other people writing comments are being cruel and engaging in victim-blaming. This surgery result is completely unacceptable. It is unreasonable to say "You knew there were risks when you elected to have this procedure!" This is not just an imperfect result, or a result the patient is dissatisfied with...this woman has been mutilated and disfigured! The LEAST this doctor could do is refund her money! Jeez, if I was hired to do a job for someone, and I totally screwed it up, I would be apologetic and decline to charge them! That is just simple decency. Even if this bad surgery was an honest mistake--the doctor did his best, and for some strange reason, the operation was unsuccessful--he should still have compassion for this woman and feel badly for the way she looks, and refund her money. If you go to a salon to dye your hair, and the (trained, accredited, licensed, insured) hairdresser says, "Sure, I can definitely make you blonde...I've done this before...but I do have to warn you that bleach is hard on the hair, so there might be some damage." and you agree to the procedure, and then the hairdresser fries your hair and it all breaks off, then it is reasonable to expect a refund and 98% of hairdressers would do it without being asked to. Surgery is infinitely more serious than a hairdo, but the same principle applies. The finger-waggers on here who are being calling this woman an idiot and basically saying "That's what you get for being vain!" are just being nasty and judgmental. When you eat oysters at a nice restaurant, are you just asking to get food poisoning? If your child gets mad cow disease from a hamburger, would you say "Well, nobody made you eat the burger! Everyone knows that there is a risk!" Give me a break...
To the poster...I am sorry that this happened to you, and I hope that you get your money back and I hope that you get surgery that will restore your appearance...
N  21st of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Margot, thank you for the comment and your sympathy.
I was shocked to read the negative remarks about my surgery. I figure you probably know him and you are defending his name. For the above and future comments, let me clarify the remarks. I did not jump into this nor did I rush the surgeon. Elective surgery is a loophole, this I found out after the fact. You nor I should have to do that much intense homework before any type of surgery, when the real "Idiots" have the papers; documents, certificates, honors, newspaper articles the Board of Cosmetic Art, and the North Carolina Medical Board, just to name a few backing the Idiots up! Homework is an insult. I planned this sugery for well over FIVE YEARS, I interviewed several surgeons, I didn't jump into this without "doing my homework".
No, I didn't need the surgery, and you don't need the internet to take your frustrations out on the unknown, but you chose to give your insensitive negative feedback without really knowing the facts.
As for hearing the doctor's side, that will be admitting that he made a mistake.
I did have reconstructive surgery to fix the licensed, adcheivement awards, A&T alumni, certified, professional's mistake. He made the mistake not me. I did my "homework" and he should pay, but in the mind of the proud and the perfect, to refund the service that I did not get is a admitting to his imperfections. I didn't even get an apology.
N  20th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Bless your heart.

I understand the desire to improve your appearance all too well. I learned the hard way the ripple effect of these surgeries, though mine were all done very well.

First, the Dr. you used? Jerk. Sue him. Hard. Go to a personal injury attorney and/or med malpractice one - a good one - in your area. First, get a signed and notarized statement from your husband as far as that 100% remark. In fact, get all information from your husband you can. Because...

Your husband is less than, too. I have to tell you, a husband - a real one - would stand beside you no matter what, love and reinforce your many attempts to resolve this situation, and love you - as well as make love to you - no matter what. If he only married you for your looks? In 30 years, lemme tell you, those change in men, too. He will have hair growing out of his ears and nose, may lose all on his head, his eyebrows will develop a life of their own, and his 6-pack will be greatly expanded. I wager you would love and care for him anyway - yet it isn't being reciprocated, at least from what you've posted.

Again, I understand - more than I can say. You deserve better - much better - in both departments. First? Sue the Dr. Then, get statements from your husband, and either seek counseling or do something else...I chose the something else, but that was my choice.

Whatever it is, you must always do the best for yourself - and accept that sometimes, unfortunately most times, you are the only one who will step up to that particular plate. Take care of yourself, seek justice, and get it.

Be well. Dixie
N  20th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
One more thing - you are likely working on a 2 year statute of limitations. It could be less. Better get going with an attorney in order to file a lawsuit in time against that terrible plastic surgeon Truesdale, and since you have posted here, I'd get my own set of medical records from his office as well as the hospital and anesthaeologist immediately. He has a malpractice insurance policy to protect, and he already knows he's in trouble.

Be well.

N  27th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Wanting surgery does not mean you should have to accept bad surgery. Surgeons advertise their skills and assure they can do the job. The surgery on you is of poor quality. The doctor has placed the implants wrong and they are far too high. It is his responsibility to assure his medical procedures are properly done.
D  4th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
It appears to me that the implants you chose were way to large for your frame. Also, from your article, I gathered that perhaps your breasts were already somewhat saggy and perhaps a breast lift alone would have achieved your desired results. I have been a patient of Dr. Truesdale for many years and I have found him to be caring and competent. Surgery of any type is serious and should not be planned in accordance with some occasion deadline.
D  25th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
To: Blackattackcat,
Cosmetic surgery should not be an ongoing term unless you're paying for something that could probably be resolved with long time organic care at home. However I chose Dr. Truesdale to do what I thought he was trained in and licensed to do. I want stand behind a surgeon regardless of his skin color when he is wrong. I don't need to know the medical decisions that is what he is paid the big bucks for.

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