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I have loved Dooney and Bourke for about ten years now. Normally I buy two (2) purses a year and if I'm luck get one for a present. I've been seriously considering setting up a small business selling Dooney and Bourke's disposal items. These would be items that can not qualify for "top line", many times they are called "seconds"

I called customer service asking if I could buy any asset disposal items, seconds, etc in a bulk amount. I was told to call [protected]. I called there and spoke to the representative that answered. She told me they have no asset disposal department but that "PHIL" could help me.

I left a message on 09/22, 09/26, 10/20, 11/24 and 11/25. When I called the first two (2) times I left detailed messages. After that I just asked my call be returned.

I was delighted today (11/25) when I received a call from Dooney and Bourke. The man identified himself as Philip Kinsley. When I heard this name I was shocked because I knew this was the Vice President of the company!!!

I explained I loved their product and was a huge fan. His response was, "Yes, what did you want when you called?"

I explained what I wanted to do. Mr. Kinsley said, "I have no intention of selling you anything. You are a complete idiot and a waste of time. Next time you leave someone a message say why you are calling. If you had, I wouldn't have bothered to call you back and waste my time." He then hung up on me.

I must admit that I was taken by surprise. Dooney and Bourke is over a 6.5 million dollar business because of people like me that love their product. I pay this man's salary! I enable his company to employ over a hundred people.

I gave this much thought. It saddens me but I will never buy or recommend another Dooney and Bourke today's market there are to many other companies out there that want and appreciate my business. Dooney and Bourke have many competitors that would be happy to have my money.

I hope anyone considering to purchase a Dooney and Bourke product reconsider and invest their money in a more customer appreciated competitor.



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  • Mi
      2nd of Dec, 2010

    Dooney & Bourke have ripped many customers. My $250 purse turned yellow after only 3 or 4 times that I used it. It wa always kept in the closet. I wish they go out of business. Dont Buy their Products.. bad quality!

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  • Hs
      30th of Apr, 2011


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  • Hs
      30th of Apr, 2011


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  • Mi
      1st of Jun, 2011

    I wish to help you but were are both out of luck :(

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  • Do
      26th of Jul, 2011

    I won't ever buy Dooney again. I have a huge purse collection. I use each bag for about 1 week a year. I now have 2 coated cotton Dooney bags that have bubbles all over them and Dooney refuses to stand behind them. Those that think Dooney stands behind their bags, obviously haven't ever had a problem. The first bag was about 3 years old when I contacted Dooney cs. They had me mail it in, at my own expense. Of course they "couldn't fix" the bag and offered me a credit that was half the bags value. Which I could have accepted. Had then not required I spend that same amount as well. I had just bought a $300 bag. I didn't want to spend anything right now. So I had the now piece of trash, sent back to me. Now this summer, I pull out my Miami bag to not only find it full of bubbles, but also discolored. It was once black, it is now gray. My mother noticed immediately. So I am not just being nitpicky. I emailed Dooney and got the same generic response. I called Dooney and demanded a supervisor. basically the deal is if your bag was purchased more than 1 year ago, doesn't matter if you only used it one day, they do not stand behind it. They did not care they were losing a customer, they did not care they are selling defective bags. Therefore I say to you all don't buy Dooney, unless you plan to beat the heck out of it in the first year, and then you will feel you got your moneys worth. So disappointing!

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  • Dp
      30th of Nov, 2012


    I ordered a Mens Watch from the company with which I was quite happy for several months. I then misplaced my watch and ordered a replacement watch. About a week after my replacement watch had arrived, I found the original watch and returned the replacement watch to Dooney & Bourke.The Returns Department (the woman said her name was "Shanel") refused to credit my account and made me wait for extended periods on the phone only to be told that the watch has been worn and nothing can be done.

    I am left with two identical watches both in mint condition.I hope the company feels that permanently losing a customer is worth the $145 value of the watch. I don't plan to spend any more of my money with the company after this extremely irritating experience.

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  • Uh
      1st of Jun, 2013

    I got a satchel hydrangea collection ( pink and white) for my birthday. I was so happy and excited to use my fancy bag( I haven't got any expensive bags before though). I used it for 2 days, and I found out that it had a lot of black stain on it. I was very careful and didn't put it on any dirty place either! So I really don't understand what they talk about their products are well treated ???? and good quality????I went on to the company website and followed their instruction try to clean it but it didn't work. finally I called the company customer service, the lady talked so mean when I explained the situation to her. she just said if I followed the cleaning care instruction but the stains didn't come off, it was my fault and it was not under warranty. What a rip- off! I was very upset with their customer service! I wouldn't recommend anyone buy any those bags. It's not worth it!

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  • Be
      26th of Jul, 2013

    I got a Florentine leather satchel as a gift. It was sitting unused for a year. I finally decided to use it. I used it for six months of and on. One day getting home from work I noticed one of the rivets was missing. I can no longer use my D&B handbag that I loved so much.
    I emailed their customer service and didn't near from them.
    So here I am stuck with something that is useless.

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  • Jo
      27th of Oct, 2014

    My issue with Dooney & Bourke is one of poor customer service follow-through. I purchased a bag online on 13 Oct...did not receive a confirmation email. I wrote to D&B Customer Service the following day and they did reply that same day with an Order Number and the information that I would receive an email when my bag had shipped. This bag was in stock according to the website. Nine days later, hearing nothing I wrote again requesting a shipping credit card had been charged at this point and they specific they do not charge until the product ships. No response. I wrote again the following day and again nothing. Today the bag arrived. I've been a Dooney & Bourke customer for the past 35+ years and this was the first time I purchased through their website. And it will be the last.

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  • So
      18th of Dec, 2014

    Bought two bags on Dec 9th, after 7 days with no updates, I sent email to their customer service dept. Nothing. Today's the 18th. Order status is still NOT SHIPPED, and their customer service line is just a recording about how they want to give me a quality experience, so call back I've not purchased from them before, but I can pretty much guarantee I won't again. So instead of having two very important people on my Christmas list taken care of, I'm in limbo, and according to some of the other reviews, the bags may not even be very good quality. Such a disappointment.

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  • Sh
      19th of Jan, 2015

    After dealing with Dooney and Bourke I will never spend any money with them again. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with for a "reputable" company. A wallet ordered in September shows up in December. No return emails or phone calls from the "service department". If you can get ahold of anybody on the phone they don't know anything, can't tell you when something is going to ship, dont know their own inventory and blame it on a system transition. I had to return the wallet after it showed up out of the blue and I was charged because I found it elsewhere. My efforts to contact them to cancel the order were useless. They received my return unused 2 weeks ago and I have not had any communication attempt from them. Will I get my return? When will I get it? Both valid questions that can't be answered if you can't get ahold of anybody.

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  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2016

    On 12-04 I ordered a handbag as a Christmas gift from my husband. It arrived in great shape. I decided to order a 2nd handbag of the same design but a different color on 12-19-15. After carrying the 1st handbag for a couple of weeks it became just too heavy for me as I am older and have weak wrists. As soon as the 2nd bag arrived, I promptly returned it explaining the weight problem and it was never opened so I still have not received word of credit on my bank statement or written word of credit from Dooney and Bourke. Would you please check on the status of this return. I tried your customer service number but after being on hold for 15 min. I gave up on them. I have 9 handbags from your company and I love them in every way. Thanking you for you help with this matter Sincerely, Marie Dawson 256-851-0607
    121 La Rue Street
    Huntsville, Al. 35811

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  • Gm
      27th of Jan, 2016

    My husband stood in line for hours back in Nov 2014 to get me the Disney Haunted Mansion bag. The ones they released that day had a red interior, and were very limited. They have since released the same bag with the purple interior, but mass produced them. A couple of months ago the strap on my Dooney popped off. I followed the directions on their site and sent it to them for repair.
    They never sent me a letter, email or even a phone call to let me know what was going on with my bag. I was very hesitant to send it to them as it was. A couple of weeks later I received a package from them with a brand new bag, with the purple interior not red. I normally would have appreciated the gesture, but would really have liked the option to have my original bag back. It's worth 3x the price I paid for it right now, because of the interior and it also has sentimental worth, it was a gift that was not easy to attain.
    Unfortunately, after emailing and calling and holding for hours..they let me know that the original bag had defective leather, could not be fixed and they DESTROYED it!!
    They claim they sent a letter, but it was never received. If they did, wouldn't they have waited for my response? Their customer service is the worst, they did not care at all, I was practically crying on the phone. They just told me it was their policy to destroy bags if they are defective and not able to be repaired.
    BTW, the leather was not defective. The grommet that attached the strap to the bag popped off. There is no way they couldn't repair that. If I had known this would happen, I would have just taken it to a local repair shop.

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  • Be
      16th of Feb, 2016

    As much as I agree that the man was rude, let's be real here. 2 bags a year doesn't pay anyone's salary or enable their employees to feed their families. Your request does sound a bit silly--after all why would they want you to make a profit off their product, that you had nothing to do with producing? So you will never buy a D&B bag again because this man was rude to you? I work in retail and hear at least one person a day say they will never shop in my store again because they are unhappy...and then I see the next week shopping in my store. Once you get over being butt hurt, you'll be buying the bags again. I'm sure Phil will be heartbroken to learn he will miss out on selling 2 bags a year.

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  • Ba
      23rd of Feb, 2016

    Ive been buying D&B products for over 15 years! After trying for two weeks to get through to the company I am just left on hold for over 45 minutes. I thought I would try emailing them and no response. I phoned D&B corporate and they said they couldn't help me they have nothing to do with customer service. SAY WHAT!! I called D&B back again and after 45 minutes again I asked for a manager as the corporate told me to do. He said oh the manager is in a meeting and has been there for a hour. He said she would call me back the same day, she never did. So as I sit here on hold again at work for 20 minutes now I am furious. I'm not sure if they are going out of business or what is happening. There is no excuse for any of this. I won't be buying any of their products again. What a shame!

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  • St
      3rd of Jan, 2018

    am trying to get a status update on Invoice #704626. If any more info is needed from me, I will be glad to help. I have sent numerous e mails to with no replies. Thank You

    Stanley Steele (Stacy Haddox)

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  • Re
      26th of Dec, 2018

    I ordered the florentine satchel, natural.
    when i received it, it was in a box, period. not wrapped, no paper, nothing.
    This purse had already started to "age" in color.
    the box had a return label for someone else from 3 months earlier. I had to call for a new return label.
    I called customer service, wrote an email, and sent a letter about being sent a new purse. No response.
    They also charged me for a return fee, they would not refund.
    I had to get the refund through my credit card company.
    I will never order from D & B again!

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