Don Farr Moving and Storage / furniture damaged, one bos still lost

Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-537-3152

I paid about $3000 to have 20 boxes and an antique table and antique cedar chest moved from Pennsylvania to CA. The driver examined the table and noted every blemish. We BEGGED them to wrap the table in moving blankets. They would not. Over a month later, the table arrived with huge scratches and digs in the side. After many calls and filing a claim, I was reimbursed $24.00. Also, one box has still not arrived. Again, it was an antique and is not replacable. They don't know where it is nor do the seem to care. Although one man is polite, the rest of the crew could not be more rude.
Their service is terrible. They are rude. They just don't give a damn.
FARR is a good name for them... as in STAY FAR FAR AWAY from this compony.

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