Domains Priced Rightunauthorized removal of website from the internet

I noticed on 18 December 2013 that my website has disappeared from the internet. Logging in on the web address, I landed on a page where a company by the name of Domains Priced Right has been advertising my website. This is done completely unauthorized. I have no dealings with a company such as Domains Priced Right and never had in the past. When I proceeded to send an email, I landed on a webpage referring me to [protected]@secureservice. In stead of immediately investigating the matter, this site required from me to go to my "Login Page" and then retrieve my password before I could be attended to. Since I have no dealings with Domains Priced Right, I have no login page, and obviously no pass word.

This is highly irregular. Worst of all, I have been deprived of an income fro my website. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Dec 23, 2013

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