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It appears that has set up a fake reseller company called A client of mine has had her account moved to this company without either her consent or her knowledge. This company then set her account to auto-renew without her consent and renewed her account for a year without her authorization or knowledge. told her they knew nothing about this company when she called them and told her she would have to call them.

I am a former GoDaddy support rep and know how the system works. I called and told them my background and then got them to admit that DomainsPricedRight is a wholly owned company by GoDaddy that they use to move accounts to when a reseller account expires.

The issue is that the account was not moved to this company when my reseller account expired. I KNOW that it reverted to GoDaddy as over the succeeding months I accessed the account to do modifications to the website. I was entering the account at

We recently found out, when I was not able to login at, that the account is now at

When speaking to the "Office of the President" at GoDaddy I was told their records tell them that this account was NEVER at GoDaddy, that it went straight from my reseller account to DomainsPricedRight. shows in whois that it is owned by GoDaddy. It is their address and phone number in the registrant data. They have it one layer removed by showing it registered by, which is also a GoDaddy company (Wild West Domains).

So, this company is taking accounts from the main GoDaddy system and moving them to their servers and then changing auto-renew from off to on so they can automatically renew the accounts and neither ask for permission, nor inform the customer.

I believe this is shady and unethical at best, and at worst is out and out fraud.

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  • Di
      Jul 15, 2011

    i have had to deal with doing the same thing with tucows after they do it they tell you that you have to pay 160.00 to recover the domain name back when they not only showed my account as not needing to be renewed but they also shut down auto renewal so now i would have to pay this outlandish price to get the domain name back...seems funny until they did this we were accessing the domain name c panel and changing things for 4 months with it acting and showing the days left like it had auto renewed then the domain name just stooped working now the domain name shows negative days totaling up to 3.5 months of not being payed... so that tells me they shut off the auto renew and changed some things so we would not know...not even an email about auto renew being shut off...

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