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On july 10th 2011 i quit my job with dollar generl due to the mental stress i had been dealing with for about 8 months. i was with the company for nearly three years. My first promotion was within the first year, to third key. By the following january i was promoted and transfered as assistant manager to the rockmart store #4163. Around july 2010 we were sent a new manager william brazell. My issues of slander, and stress began at that point. I was moved to dallas 0877 within the first month, and back to rockmart around the first of summer due to transportation issues. All i heard while in dallas was talk of him lying to the employees, constantly keeping things going that caused alot of drama. my first day back i was told everyone dreaded hearing that i was returning to 4163. I was told by a new hire that he was told he should be scared of me that i was over demanding and that i would cause problems because i didnt like william brazell because he took over my store. A couple of the managers from other stores informed me that he was calling and starting rumors that i wasnt doing my job and that i wouldnt listen to him. Also that i was working against him to make him look bad.
None of these rumors were anywhere near true but still it frustrated me bad. I would come in to cover 2nd shift behind himthe store was never recoverd and stock, rolltainers, shelves etc. would be left on the sales floor. I spent most of my shift cleaning up after him. No time to work frieght for that reason, he was telling the District manager charlie foster that i wasnt doing my job and that i refused to do what he asked. He constantly blamed the store being behind on a former key holder christina fuller, and would tell me that she would blame the store issues on me. He continued the rumors over at the bank we used. The dm at one point came in and spoke with myself and william about everyting that he was hearing about our store from other store managers and that we must stop telling other stores about any problems within our store. we both agreed. not even a week later it started again, i was being told by cashiers that william was asking them " so what did marie do the whole shift the night before"? First off thats something he should have came to me about not cashiers. He would tell cashiers that i was trying to cost them their job, and that i was telling they wouldnt do their job. creating tension between my self and them. causing problems when i would work with them again. Constantly creating and and fueling a hostile work enviorment for everyone. I came in one day at 12:30 to relieve dustin clark because he had something to take care of. William once he showed me what i was to work on went to the front pulled dustins till and put it in the safe instead of counting it lie we are supose to do at the end of each shift by the manager who ran that shift. He didnt tell me before he left that he didnt count it down so it was a few hours later before i realized it and took it to the back to count. I noticed on my way into the stockroom that the auto timer box was lit up and making noises id never heard it make so i steped over closer to it and briefly read the screen. On to the office i went. Counted it and returned to the front to balance the till. It came up $55 and some change short. I immediatly called william brazell and informed him of the shortage.Later that night i counted the deposit it was short also. That comfirmed dustins shortage. A few days later a was aproached by the dm and told that william reported suspious activity when i took the till to the back to count and that i made the statement that day that i would be glad when dustin was gone. Not true. This really upset me. I was asked to write a statement about everything i could remember about that night. So i did, explaing why i stepped over to look at the auto timer because william sugguested that i might have taken the money trying to get dustin fired. Dustin and i were no longer allowed to work together and he was told not to talk to me at all by william brazell. Between this and all of the reports to the dm that i wasnt doing my job, i became more and more stressed out worrying about losing my job due to false accusations made by mr brazell. I talked to a coworker sheree colosky about all of this trying to figure out how to handle the situation. I tried talking to charlie and tell him none of this was true that in fact if he would work as hard as he run his mouth we wouldnt be behind. I got a call from another store manager Doris telling me that the next day william called her told her about the shortage and that i had called him as soon as i found that dustins till was short. But when reoprting it to charlie he told him that i leid that i did not call him and let him know anything. When i got off the phone with her i called charlie and asked him why i recieved a call about a matter that was under investigation from another store and what she told me he had said. The night of the shortage was i guess investigated, nothing was ever done about it. I felt i was wrongfully accused and worried my self sick about possible being fired. with everything pileing up i began to stay angry all the time and was taking my frustrations out on the people i cared about outside of work. I was dreading going to work more and more everyday. I began to let my attendance get real bad because of all of the stress. Time and time again i asked sheree to mention to charlie that i wanted to transfere because she worked with charlie alot being on the smart team, hoping he would do something about it if he heard it from her. Nothing was ever done. The tension continued to build and it became harder to deal with. somedays i feilt like i was going to have a nervous break down. I tried to hang in there until william told me he would be steping down in 2 weeks per charlie and he would be taking my position as lead assistant. This absolutly unnerved me, at that point i knew i couldnt handle anymore. I called because of a funeral on a sat i believe to be informed that i was soppose to have worked the day before and that i had a no call no show. William had changed the schedule on my day off with out informing me. Another unfare situation created by william that made me look bad for our new store manager. He didnt tell her about the funeral on saturday either so that was another no call no show. I told her that i told him he must have forgot to relay the info to her. she asked me for proof of me attending a funeral. which upset me even more never have i been asked for such nor have i heard of anyone else. Already off on the wrong foot big time with the new manager, shortly after opening i had all i could stand told the cashier i wasnt staying and putting up with all of the crap anymore and walked out. The last atleast 8 months was not something i would ever put anyone thru. I seriously thought i would have a nervous break down and seen nothing being done about it so i left.

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      Aug 10, 2011

    So you were an assistant manager? Why not be a manager and be assertive rather than letting things pile up to the point of being overwhelming? It doesn’t sound like you did much managing!
    Many people in management should not be there.

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