Dollar Generalemployees

Fl Dec 01, 2018 Ocala, FL

Store # 13613 at 7080 S Pine Ave in Ocala Fl as a customer this store used to be good but seems they hire some not so appropriate people. I was in there about a month ago and their full time person Nichole was her name was asking customers for money then I heard her ask another customer for drugs and they made a time for the person to come back to bring them it was so inappropriate I was back in about two weeks ago and finally the girl walked off the job but I was back in there today and heard they are bringing the girl back and because of it they are loosing the good employees . I never see the manager Loretta in the store anymore and I'm in there frequently so sad this store is not what it used to be. I will be looking for a different store to shop at

  • Updated by Florida18, Dec 03, 2018

    Grown women do not act like this person is that better it was inappropriate of asking customers for money and doing drug deal in the parking lot she has some growing up to do before she can be called a women.

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