Dino Brown C. 3. P. I Chapter 3 Productions / Fraud

1 P.O. Box 3068, Frederick, MD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 301-845-8598

It seems that the "son of god" head dilusional whack'o, dino brown, hasn't learned his lesson. He seems to be trying to resurect the chapter 3 productions name. Even after all the bad press, all the (True) accounts all over the internet (See / link removed / his stint in jail for fraud / writing bad checks to everyone (Including $15k debt he ran up for a church he was then disassociated from) , his wife's house going into freclosure, his many automobiles being reposessed. . . Need more???. . . This sick little man has learned nothing. While his family struggles to survive and goes without, this tiny pea brain of an excuse for a father / husband has moved his website and put up a new store front. You used to be able to find him at, but now his insane ramblings can be found at Slightly different look, but it's all the same crap, hiding behind his fake faith in god and promises to rule / change the world. A convicted felon can run, but he can't hide. . . And he sure can't change his stripes.

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  • Re
      Aug 01, 2012

    im a cousin of his and every word is true to the bone this ni// tricked his own aunt out of $ 7000 and i hope the c sucker gets every thing he has coming to him i was thire in the begining but i never believed in the and he never got a dime from me, im family and i know for a fact that he has never, never ever, ever, had no more than a high school diploma if that, the ni;;ger always thought he was better than the rest of the world ha"fat chance, he"s a die hard" pipe" dreamer

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  • Am
      Jul 20, 2017

    @real deal ya why you said that to your cousin? I think He has a sweet wife and kids.

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  • Cr
      Jul 11, 2019

    Long story short i hit him up on Facebook after he left a crappy review about a company i was considering working with. I was trying to get funding for my start up. We got to talking and after sending him my business plan and some other things he said he would fund my start up business. I opened a business bank account. For things in place with vendors. Got an LOI that he made me get from the projected job sites owners. Had me write up and agreement, said he didn’t like it and had me rewrite it. Then the day he was supposed to pay up he said he was behind schedule and couldn’t make it happen. Then promised today he would pay and he’s blocked and ghosted me. Dude is an absolute clown

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