Digital Depot Online - Nikon5100fraud and non-refund

V Apr 24, 2013

7/24/2012 –purchased a nikon 5100 dslr
8/4/2012 – returned nikon 5100 dslr and not surprisingly camera defective
10/2012 – digital depot online confirmed receipt of the defective nikon5100 camera
1/9/ - I spoke to steven with digital depot online regarding my order that digital depot has received and confirmed receipt of the camera from me back in august of 2012. digital depot claims they have not received the camera back from nikon but steven said he would be happy to issue a credit because it has been so long
1/16 – I spoke to steven again with digital depot claims that the bank probably can’t accept a credit because the charge of $649.99 is over 180 days but he understand my concerns and they are working on a certified check in the amount of $649.99 that is due and owing me.
1/23 – I spoke to steven with digital depot again, he apologized and said that he would get that check in the mail and if I didn’t receive it to give him a call on monday or tuesday, 1/29.
1/29 – I finally spoke to andrew, manager billing, he was unaware of the certified check due and owing me in the amount of $649.99. however, he looked up notes and assured me that he would call me back by cob to give me an update. I never heard a word from andrew
2/5 – I called systems down andrew or steven not reachable
2/11 – I called and spoke to greg he read notes but said all he could do was leave a message for andrew or steven
2/12 – I spoke to john x103 and he read thru the notes but said it took 30 days for processing time and approval for the certified check and to please call him back on 2/20 and he would personally provide an update.
2/20 I spoke to s4236 and he was not helpful systems down
I have an open case with the chase executive department and I received a phone call today saying they have yet to each digital depot but will continue
2/25 at 11 a.m. ct I called and spoke to someone, didn’t get a name. however he said that he reached john and john is fully aware of the pending due and owing payment and certified check in the amount of $649.99 but the systems were down. I told them that I had been calling since last week and the person did advise that systems had been down for 7 days.
Please need this company to review this payment that is due and owing. you not only have the defective camera that you provided and you have $649.99 and no one there seems to provide the moneys due to me.
2/27/2013 at 10:30 a.m. called john at x103 he wasn’t available or in the office today. I called back spoke to andrew, billing manager, he assured me that he submitted the certified check on 2/27/2013 and it takes the 30days to get processed as noted by john. he said if I called back on monday, 3/4 he would be able to provide me a certified check number and tracking #. call andrew at 11 et on 3/4
3/4/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:30 a.m. recorder said close to call back during normal business hours
3/5/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:57 a.m. no answer after 10mins. of holding, called back x103 to see if I could get a hold of john, on hold for over 15 mins. no answer
3/6/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:42 a.m. held for 15 mins.
called back to see if I could reach john at ext. 103. I spoke to john, he said a check issued. I asked for check#, he proceeded to ask me if I had filed a claim with my credit card company. I told him yes but my credit card company can’t do anything first because they can never reach anyone, like me. he asked you have called and no answer I said yes and proceeded to give him the above dates and went into how the credit card company said they can’t reach you guys either so not much they can do. I told john besides he is the one that told me that after 6 months, they digital depot cannot issue a credit. he seemed a little irritated and he said that he just wanted to know if I filed complaint and it is no. check has been issued, check #70027, andrew will be calling me to provide tracking #, details as to when it will be mailed, should be calling me directly sometime today
3/14/2013 spoke to josh, still no call from andrew, head billing manager, he has been out all week. I asked since I check was finally issued if anyone was mailing it and if someone else could help, no andrew is the head billing manager

4/24/2013 I have given this ridiculous and most coniving and fraudulent company a break but I have yet to receive any sort of check. digital depot are crooks and its ridiculous to treat customers, people who work as hard as you do like this and ripping people left and right off. this company should be banned from any type of business. you all are crooks to the uttmost!!!

I located information when I initially placed the order and amazingly such great customer service ……. 7/24/2012 – talked to michael and he explained that the d7000 was an import japan model. I said no way, not my understanding.

Instead he gave me a new order for the nikon 5100 usa model special for $649 total and I kept telling him I was hesitant because I didn’t like refurbished items and he assured me this was new with a 5 hour battery charger, professional external charger I will get 5-7 days, he will be sending a new invoice

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