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I recently ordered 3 wigs from Dhgate name of the supplier is (xcsunny) Sunny & Candy I think they are Couple/Married/Friends etc... Just guessing The 1st time I ordered a wig from them I was impressed without fitting the wig, I see how beautiful, soft, and the color is lovely. But when I tried to fit the wig I don't understand the wig is smaller than my head, then when I cut the lace and fit it again the cap is really small. So I emailed the supplier (xcsunny) I told them that my wig cap is smaller than my head and they replied to me and said ("There is a stretchable on nape area") I thought "WTF I don't need this [email protected]#$%^&* stretchable belt for god sake, I asked them if I can send back the wig so they can fix it for me and they said I cannot return the wig after I cut the lace ... So...I cant do anything except sell my wig to a friend and she likes it...

Second time I ordered 3 wigs from the Supplier again (xcsunny) Sunny & Candy, I gave them head measurements before I order the wig, and add two-tone color of wig, wig clip, to prevent the wig from falling and send it to UPS (not fedex) So it took about 1 month for my wigs to arrive. When I first to look at the wig its very beautiful, soft and lovely like the first time I ordered, then when I fit the wig still smaller than my head, the cap is small, even I already give them my custom head measurement and they still can't make it the right size. They also didn't add two-tone color of the head, wig clip is not attached already, they just put the wig clip without putting it on the wig and sent it to me so I will have to sew it in mysel[censored] How rude is that? I payed the exact amount of the wigs, shipping & taxes and I expected that the product I ordered would arrive. I can't do anything with the wigs as they are too small so I think I have to sell it again like the first wig I ordered. I am so disappointed with these scam artists and I wish nobody else will attempt to do business with them. I emailed them and asked them why they sent me a small cap instead of using my custom head measurements like I sent to them before I ordered and he replied ("I will just give you 30USD to fix the wig in your country") These two idiots obviously do not care about their customers and will just send you whatever product they think is similar to what you ordered.

Girls out there beware of this idiotic Chinese supplier which is trying to get your money, Don't trust them with your wigs if you don't want to be scammed like me... Shame on this Supplier, Very bad service...

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  • Eu
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    Thank you for this warning. I found them on DHgate too and was going to place an order. Thank God came over this posting first :-) I am really grateful.

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  • Ag
      13th of Oct, 2012

    didn't they send u emails saying that they shipped the item or anything ?

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