Devry Universityfraud all the way around

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I sat here reading complaints from DeVry students about finances and just felt a cold shiver on my spine.
I taught for a full year at DeVry, just to supplement my income as a high school teacher while I finished my PhD. I can tell you, students, you are NOT getting what you pay for, and you are paying a LOT more than you should.

The coursework is designed for your failure, and it is designed by the marketing arm of DeVry. No one there cares if you are sick, or if you borrow too much, or if you are smart enough to place out of a class and into another one. No one there will tell you, honestly, that you can go to a community college and pay a good deal less for a far better degree!

Go ahead and ask about transferring DeVry credits to any legitimate university - but be sure you ask the new university, because DeVry will lie to you. No real college will accept their credits, because DeVry credits are a sham.

I asked our main office about one student who was registered but who had never come to class, and they said they would look into it. Weeks later, she was still registered and on my roster, but I overheard two of the admissions people discussing her status - she was living in a shelter, awaiting trial!! Seriously, they kept her tuition money while she waited to go to jail, which is unforgivable.

Another time, I listened to an advisor tell a student that if he continued to do well in his undergraduate courses in computer programming, that he would almost certainly get into MIT for a master's degree. Seriously? Who can tell that big, whopper of a lie, and still sleep at night? The real world says that if you go to a crap school like DeVry for your Bachelor's you will certainly not be considered for an MIT graduate program. Let's just be real.

And then we come to how they treat their adjunct professors like me. Just so that this is transparent, you all should know that I was never asked to participate in training or in-service planning like I am even to teach high school. Before being hired I underwent a credit check but not a teaching sample. Again, it is a sham. And professors work here without having taxes withheld, are paid only after they complete the teaching, and even then they are usually paid a full month after classes end. So if you are not a student, but instead are considering teaching there - do so only if you have no conscience, because otherwise you won't be able to look at yourself in the mirror ever again. These students are being lied to and deceived in every way imaginable from start to finish.

Don't attend DeVry, but definitely buy their stock, because they are getting richer by the minute, just the same way that the real estate industry did for years. It's truly sad.

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  • Su
      Oct 11, 2010

    Devry University is being investigated for fraud. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. Watch the video...

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  • An
      Aug 12, 2012

    I would like to look into a class-action lawsuit against devry and their unethical, deceptive financial practices. My son was a minor when he first went to devry (I refuse to capitalize their name) and it has been a financial nightmare. We (both my son and I) have been trying to get from them a financial accounting of his time there SINCE 2008 and we are continually being ignored. There must be a way to STOP THESE PRACTICES or at least make them VERY PUBLIC. If anyone is serious or would like to participate in a class action lawsuit to recover funds from this school, please contact me at [protected]

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