SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / flight from manchester to puerto rico 21st may 2017

Miami, FL, United States
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With reference to my recent journey to Puerto Rico - purchase ref [protected]. I purchase one ticket for my family's journey from Manchester to Puerto Rico which entailed 2 flights - the second a connecting flight from JFK, New York to Puerto Rico.

I was not sold an accurate product/service - Despegar allowed only 2 hours for the changeover procedures regarding the 2 flights which was not possible/feasible. During the 2 hours allocated we were required to complete the visa entry procedures, passport checks, baggage collection, travel to another terminal, check-in for the second flight, go through security checks and ensure we were at the boarding gate within good time - all of these procedures were not possible under any circumstances and therefore I was sold an inaccurate product/service.

Consequently, we could not make the connecting flight (scheduled for 3 pm departure) on our outward journey (the return journey involved fewer procedures) and due to the very good customer service of Jet Blue, were provided with a complimentary second ticket for a flight 9 hours later. We were originally scheduled to arrive at Puerto Rico at around 7 pm to stay at our hotel - the Puerto Rico Airpot Hotel - but did not arrive until 4.30 am the following day and were therefore charged as it was too late to change our hotel booking.

Our hotel bill was $188.31, we had costs during the 9 extra hours spent at JFK airport and severe discomfort - our Jet Blue complimetary flight did not depart until 12 am. This is the second complaint as Despegar asked for information and I was away and could not respond - so the company closed the complaint and I believe said to re-submit it - having previously offered to pay the hotel bill of $188.31

Jun 22, 2017

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