Dermawanddermawand fees and services

I purchased my first dermapro out right. Shipping and handling is supposed to be priority, and free. However when I saw my charges, they charged me 14. 95 + 19. 95 for shipping and handling.

I called customer service and they basically tried to say that 14. 95 is for the Cosmetics that comes with it for free. The 19. 95 is for shipping and handling and customer service told me that it clearly stated at the bottom of their website. I told him that that was for the trial of 30 days. I purchase the dermawand pro outright. He tried to say no, there is no free priority I read it wrong, and that shipping and handling and processing is for both charges.

I asked for supervisor, and she told me that my shipping is priority because it's coming 10 to 15 days instead of 15 to 20 days. I asked her that I was supposed to have free priority. She didn't have anything to say about that, or an excuse for the double shipping charges. And would not reimburse me back my shipping and handling charges.

Folks, dermawand is cheating people with shipping and handling fees. And giving false advertising 4 free shipping. Beware.

From concerned customer

Jul 15, 2018

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