Department of Home Affairs / Rectifying my date of birth on ID is a nightmare

I am so disgusted by the lack of service I'm getting from the department of home affairs. In February 2009 I went to a Sasolburg branch to apply for a new ID to rectify the date of birth. In March I got a call from one of the staff members at the same branch saying I need to have my fingerprints done and they say I have done this in Feb when I first went in. Done. Waited a few months before I could check the status with the call centre. I spoke to a Shirley and Patience on 24th Aug and they both mentioned that they're received my application to change my surname!! I was shocked, they gave me a case number to say that they'll pass a message to the head office to rectify this, they said I had to phone back after 2-3weeks to check, I did that but all they say is : 'your application is with the head office'. Spoke to Precious on 03 September. I spoke to Mandla today, gave him the case number and he put me on hold only to cut me off. I immediately dialled back and the same Mandla answered, this time he didn't put me on hold but he gave me the very same famous answer: 'your application is with the head office'. What am I supposed to do to get this rectified. I'm really sick of this!!!


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