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DCF is full of Fraud. Steeling children for money. I am PROOF!! You stole my children on false allegations and since I won my 2 colored children, they will not return my white child, who is my oldest. They are Biased (Racist) and discriminate on colored, mixed or low-income families. They are claiming that they are there for the children, but what about my children who were neglected in state care and now have Alopecia, PTSD & ADHD? They just drug my child, who they wont return home, just to fraudulently collect benefits through mass health and the government for a disabled child. Mind you he is still being neglected and mentally abused. Now my daughter needs tubes in her ears because her "foster parent" left her suffering from an ear infection for 5 days, til I had the Commissioner call the department and request that she be seen by her pediatrician A/S/A/P! DCF collects donations and also uses out tax money to kidnap our own children. "Help Abused & Neglected Children" catches a lot off peoples eyes, so they assume that they are really helping. They are only helping their pockets. The same as MOST Foster Parents. If I can win my African American Children, why can I not regain custody of my White Child???? They believe they have the right to violate our parental & civil rights, BUT THEY DON'T!! Even if you do report them to the Governor or Commissioner, they will not even bother to look into it, they always see us as the perpetrators, but yet we are always the victims, and so are OUR CHILDREN!!

Department of Children & Families
Department of Children & Families
Department of Children & Families

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  • El
      26th of Jul, 2011
    Department of Children & Families - Food stampsP
    540 sw 70 ave
    Pembroke pi
    United States
    Phone: 9546392689

    To whom it may concern, This my second email to your agency. The first time I got calls and interviews on the phone with DCF but here it passed two weeks after those calls and NO FOOD STAMPS no notices in the mail or any results...please recontact them again I been looking for work with no luck. I need food thank you for any help you can do to resolve this since May I have no food !!!77

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  • Wt
      6th of Apr, 2012

    Thank you for posting your courageous statement about DCF. It's posted on the Saving Kids Facebook page (WTF DCF?) Please join the Facebook page and send the link to your friends:

    God bless.

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  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2012

    I hope all the kids are home.
    These dcf agents aka case workers are nothing but
    Hitler's SS.
    They make little money
    so they feel powerful by stealing kids from good moms (usually single moms).
    why not focus on the kids with BAD parents????

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  • Go
      25th of Sep, 2012

    I am going through same thing... I am trying to get a court ordered paternity and DOR is waiting on the birth cert from DCF and they keep on lying. first they said it was on its way, then they said the husband of the mother wont sign the birth cert now they say they need a SS# its a freaking mess. This is the story i got together with an ex of mine 8 months ago for one night and she disappeared 6 months later she calls me and says shes pregnant and I say well lets figure this out and you have my support. come to find out she was married the whole time and i had no clue of it so now she gives birth to our son and at the time of birth the child is addicted to opiuts which i had no clue that when she disappeared for 6 months she went back to her ex (husband) and was doing drugs. DCF took my son from the hospital and put him in foster care so I have taken it upon myself to get a court ordered DNA which we both took now 8 weeks ago so that i can be put on the birth cert and i can get my son. DCF says "you dont need a lawyer you can do this on your own" seems like they are supporting me all the way "NOT" liars...just trying to prolong this so i get frustrated and give up. Yes i know the mother and her hustband are not fit parents but i have a professional career, make decent money and i am a good father to my daughters. Now, the past 5 months i have been taking lots of time off work to get this straightened out and DCF instructs me to go to the child protection hearing so that they can introduce me as the father. LIE!!! i get to the court and the first thing out of the DCF laywers mouth was "your honor, if you do not find the parents suitable to raise the children the foster parents have came forward and want to adopt them both!" WT[censored] now i have sold my truck to get money for a lawyer, mind you all of the time i have been taking off work to go see my son in a room for an hour and also run around to the courts... Somebody needs to hold this department liable for all the false information they have provided and yes they now dont call me back unless i call a million times a day!!! this is not justice this is criminal actions!!

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  • Na
      21st of Dec, 2012

    DCF took my grandchildren while their mother was on vacation there. Their complaint has not one true sentence in it and its been 3 months now. I live in Florida and I am trying to get my grandchildren, DCF said " I don't like Florida DCF" so they are holding the kids in foster care and their mother is stuck there. That state must have money to burn, and wants to use it up. My grandchildren have no business being in that state and absolutely do not belong in Foster care... I believe they are trying to keep my grandchildren and adopt them out for payment. I will never ever go away DCF and I hope someone exposes your criminal behavior on the news...

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  • Ly
      4th of Jan, 2013

    DCF is still asking for money to support their social workers who violate DCF policies and Federal laws

    Please sign my petition to the White House: and share this link for more signatures.

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  • Ks
      12th of Nov, 2013

    I WANT TO HELP! WE ALL NEED TO SIGN A PETITION FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS My name is Machelle Carter, Founder of KSNW Parents' Rights in Massachusetts. Through research I have found that in order to make a change we must go to the root cause of why our children are taken I have discovered it's because we have no Parental Rights' over our children. I hope you and your children are doing okay. Can you help me, help you, help the next child who is 'kidnapped', the next grieving parent who is crying out for help have the right he or she
    needs to up bring our children how we as parents choose and not government agencies.

    Let me know if there is anything that you need clarification you can contact me at or

    Thanks you,

    Ms. Machelle Carter, Founder
    Konnection Service Network Working

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  • Bb
      1st of Jan, 2014

    DCF has been in our life for four years due to abuse towards my son by his father. They have made everything worse, pitting us against each other, failing to give help to his dad who the only time they did anything is call the police because my ex threatened to kill THEIR children. When it has come to my child they REFUSE to help. His dad is an extremely angry man who snaps at anything and is EXTREMELY abusive and they have completely neglected this case. They keep telling my ex they want to close the case and have no worries yet they tell my sons therapist who has made several reports they have concerns about his anger. They should be shut down, they have not even stepped foot in his home for a year, except for once to shut me up. I had enough of them. I do NOT trust them, they do not care about your child and all they do is LIE and TWIST things you say up.

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  • Xo
      5th of Dec, 2014

    Dcf took my daughter 2 years ago and would not give new a chance to get her back... They terminated my rights, made sure they had the same judge and lawyer that heard another case I had before which the lawyer for DCF was biased... And now since I filed for an appeal DCF has asked me to with draw from the appeal in exchange for letters and cards from my 3 year old... Can someone please tell me how I can file something against these people

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  • Ma
      25th of May, 2016

    Parent Advocates are here for you to assist you with your DCF case. For more information call: 413-998-HELP (4357) or email: [protected]

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  • La
      9th of Jul, 2016

    DCF is an abomination. The office in Malden is loaded with half witted, hostile employees. They are often younf and not parents themselves and have no understanding of family dynamics. They take away kids at an alarming rate cover themselves, lest they be faced with another case like Bella Bond. Maybe if they hired workers who understands family dynamics and how to distinguish identify real threats. It's really seems like DCF creates problems so they can have someone in every household. When they find out the family needs real help they abandon the family. They are a disgrace and the governor really needs to do something about it. I don't know how these people sleep at night. They traumatized far more children than they help.

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