Department of children and familyfood stamp program


I am disabled, when i was declared so by the State of Florida, they also signed me up for food stamps.The letter stated that I had to do nothing, that my review would be done at the time of my SSI case. I received one month of 132.00 before I got a letter cutting them to 129.00 then the letter came that i was no longer eligible. a letter came to recertify, I could never get any one by phone, when every one in the nation was getting a 20.00 increase, I got cut.After my online recertification I get my long awaited letter only to find out that I have been cut again to 63.00 . Trying all the phone no. on the letter, I got a real person (I think ) that could not help me other than give me the phone numbers that I had called all day, even the one I was talking to her on.Where does this bull end. I have worked since I was sixteen until got hurt I have had three back surgeries in the past three years, last one in April 09.I Had soft palate cancer and is unable to eat most foods. I live on nutritional drinks to have a balance diet.They cost 7.oo + for six, I need four per day.This is why I'm outraged.I found out that if I go to jail and I can get 200.00 in food stamps and cash assistance Right away, I had to wait months after I got my first SSI check. This guy has never worked, not legally.I guess crime does pay.

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