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Dell / product does not operate as specified and lousy service was provided

On November 19th, I chatted online with with a Dell representative concerning the purchase of 2 laptops. I was told I could order the link follows
I ordered the recommended laptop and they arrived on November 26th as promised however, I could not install Office 365 on these computers and was told by your technicians that there was not enough memory to install the software. I then started a customer service call that lasted for more than two hours I was passed from customer service representative to another customer service representative with out a solution. I requested to speak with persons who were in supervisory positions and to person that spoke better English and I was not allowed to speak any of these persons.
Finally, I decided that it was best to return and re-order the computers. I located the desired computers and prepared to purchase them, I then requested that the computers be delivered by November 29th. The representative explained that there was no way to accommodate my request. The standard time for delivery is 7 to 8 days.
I have no problem with the standard delivery time -- however, I believe that if you value your customers to do all you can to accommodate their requirements. I believe that I ordered in a timely manner, I followed the directions of the technician, I ordered the required software.
I received horrible customer service support and talked to persons who only knew the company lines and did not realize that I was a customer who was real with timelines and requirements. The personnel that I spoke with did not have the authority to make a change and would not correct me to any who could make a change either.
Today when I called to get a mechanism to register a complaint I was given a website address that did not work and reluctantly was provided an address. I believe that as individual consumers we have no value to Dell.
My main concern is that a company as large as Dell has no empathy for the individual customer

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