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Good day,

I'm very disappointed to be writing this mail as I have not received any response to my query, a month later.

I called in on the 01/03/2016 and spoke to Duval with regards to my query study material. he asked me to send screen shorts of what I can see on the usb and the was no study material on the flashdrive and he could see it. so he advised that he will be requesting for another flash drive to be dispatched.

I have been struggling for over a month to get assistance, I have made calls daily to the call center sometime I get through and at times I hold for for more than 30mins on the line. I have sent a lot of emails to a couple of agents still no response.

Im still without any study guides.

Please see below email I have sent to your institution.

I called in Yesterday again and was on the phone for over 20min, still no response, I am still without any study material and I am paying for nothin.


Apr 13, 2016

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