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Cultural Care Au Pair Agency / Service

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Hi. I was very curious that I don't see all the complaints that were posted here previously on Cultural Care Au Pair Agency.

I noticed that their are no complaints on as well. I would say there were at least 900 complaints on these sites, and now they have all disappeared.

Does this site normally delete all complaints on a particular agency? How does this happen? Can the agency delete their complaints using a third party website company?

It is very curious how this happened over the past several weeks and during an especially heated time for this company that has been under a lot of pressure from grass roots movement from host parents to make this company either listen and change or "go down" as one reader put it.

There was also a movement from where they urged host parents to send these complaints to First Lady Obama. Perhaps this is why all of the online complaints about this company "went away?"

If in fact this happened to be the reason for a site, such as this one, to delete complaints in response to pressure from Cultural Care, I would question the reputation of an online service that bases its business on providing up-to-date, factual information, in the form of user's complaints, to report bad service.

Has anyone else noticed this as well??

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  • Ly
      11th of Apr, 2009
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    I also found the same situation, which I had never encountered before. I am not prone to believe "conspiracy theories" but this is appears to be a flagrant violation of a basic purpose of the Internet--the free exchange of ideas and comments without suppression by organizations that are the recipients of negative postings.

  • Ss
      8th of May, 2009
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    You can bet that a big chunk of the money that Cultural Care steals from hardworking families on a daily basis goes toward attorneys' fees to clean up the mess they make. These attorneys probably threat the review sites with lawsuits for defamation, and they probably succeed at scaring them. We want to stop other families from the suffering we endured, and as affected consumers we can do things that work and weaken this organization:

    1. Complain to the Better Business Bureau. All you have to say is that you're not satisfied with the quality of their services. You'll be amazed at how responsive Cultural Care reps suddenly become. You have a big chance of getting money back, and you also lower their rating.

    2. Complain to the Department of Consumer Affairs in your county. They'll have to respond to them and that takes time and money as well.

    3. Another way to get at least some of your money back is to get matched with an au pair that has only a few weeks left in the program and you'll be fully reimbursed for all the weeks of service you already paid for and won't be receiving. And don't pay for your au pair's vacation and educational component until the very end. Last but not least, don't take any more abuse. If things aren't working out with this last au pair, get her out of your place and don't sign their stupid exit form. Get a police report if there is unacceptable or unlawful behavior. You're not breaching any contract. You are protecting your family and your assets.

  • An
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    Well, at least one website has finally come to their senses -, a consumer site on the aupair agencies, had Cultural Care listed as number one - they now not only dropped them on the list, they pulled them off of it (Top Three Agencies).

    There were a number of complaints on this site too, but none were removed. They seem to believe that this company still has promise, but I am telling you - avoid them like the plague - they will take your money, put an au pair from hell into your home and then leave you stranded without support or assistance.

    Once they get your money, all the nice customer service you got before you signed the contract just "goes" away!!

    Check out the survey results and what they said about Cultural Care at. and

  • Lc
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I work for Cultural Care and have found this company to be very caring and professional. I went through extensive training to become an LCC and support local families in my area. What I have seen are false (and anonymous) accusations on the internet detailing events that could not possibly happen. No one forces a family to take an au pair as suggested here. CCAP (the largest au pair agency in the US) tries to find an au pair for a family (when a family needs affordable live-in childcare and requests an au pair); the family screens the au pair until they are satisfied enough to accept him/her. Program fees are only collected when an au pair is found and accepted by a family (unlike many nanny agencies who require fees up front). If it does not work out with an au pair, a replacement au pair is suggested but it is always the family's choice on which au pair to accept into their home. (There are usually many au pairs wishing to extend their second year and who have proven to be excellent care givers.) It is unfair to withhold the educational component and vacation as this is punishing an innocent au pair. The au pairs that I have seen have been hardworking and energetic in their jobs. Cultural Care must abide by the program set by the State Dept. The best website to see Cultural Care's efforts in customer satisfaction is: Here is the history of Cultural Care: Cultural Care takes surveys twice per year to monitor the program. The last survey had these results:

  • Ju
      24th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I recently had an experience where the AuPair simply made up allegations about me, my family and friends. And, Cultural Care supposely conducted an inquiry which they citied with the AuPair! I was shocked! I offered to have the AuPair polygraphed! Everyone has been correct, they place aupairs who are not qualified, the support goes away, and then they turn the events around to make like it is all of the host family fault! If you have a complaint about Cultural Care, direct it to the United States State Department, BBB, Your Local Congress Rep and Senate Rep, Your Local Consumers Affair, and Get an attorney to sue for your refund, and all of the court cost involved! The Law Firm of Williams and Connelly, Washington, DC, will be glad to talk to anyone who has had trouble with Cultural Care. You have to have documentation, recordings, pcitures, witnesses, etc. Let's band together to get this fraud of a business shut down!

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