CSCpreplogic: can't cancel access

Hello there.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND the services of PrepLogic. For some time, I bought some specific courses and IT stuff without any problem, however I was offered a package to trial (30 day) and in case I was not happy or not interested in continue anymore, I could cancel the access. Don Snider, the representative of PrepLogic that offered me the service, was not able to cancel my access after my request. I called him and sent several emails. The point is that I got stuck until the timeframe of 30 days passed, so they began to charge me according to the deal. Getting in touch with them asking to cancel sounds like nothing. They refuse and say that's impossible, since the 30 day period has passed. They only offer discounts even you say with all words that you don't want it anymore. I don't want to work with them again. NEVER. Be aware when buying from PrepLogic. Don't get me wrong: they have good stuff, but the support and financil area are terrible with customers. If there is anyone who can help me, I will be glad, because I asked my credit card provider to cancel any requests from them. Denis from Brazil.

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