Crunch Fitness Gym - Hialeah / cancellation

3505 W 20th Ave #95, Hialeah, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (305) 549-8119

I was a faithful member of this gym for over a year, even began paying for the personal training session (which were costly) but up until january this year the service was january, they upped the price for the personal training sessions, and although I had signed a contract for a specific price, they wanted to raise is, so I decided then & their to cancel my membership. But unlike every other gym (this place seems to be a little old school in this aspect) they do not have the cancellation form that gives you a carbon copy for your records. So I requested that the employee gave me a copy of the form but he said that the one & only copy machine they had was out of service because they were updating the computers & were not able to provide me a copy. This sounded a little fishy to me at first, but I left the gym that morning of january 2014, believing that my membership was canceled. Months later, I am being hounded & harassed by debt collectors, claiming I owe 9 months of gym membership fees. After telling them I canceled & the gym even stating that for those 9 months I did not visit the gym, they said that because the cancellation was not entered (which is not my fault), since I had no proof, I had to pay over one hundred dollars in a membership I never used. This is ridiculous, what a coincidence that they didn't give me a copy & that some how my cancellation was not entered & now I have to pay this. They get to you with saying that if not, it will affect your credit, so I ended up paying it to get it out of the way. But this is ridiculous, a total scam to get your money. Never again! Horrible place, stay away from it unless you want harassing calls to your phone months after your cancelled.

Sep 15, 2014

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