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My husband and I drove O/O from Feb 01, -June 28, 2016. Recruiter told us both names would be on contract, we would be hired in at 78% of gross freight revenue, 100% of fuel surcharge, a 2014 or newer truck with low miles, payments of $350 wk for 48 months, bumper to bumper warranty provided, was only responsible for bob tail insurance and personal health insurance, no trailer rental fees, company would provide all permits and base plates and they would hold out .03 cents a mile until a balance of $5, 000., to be used as needed for breakdown, tires, oil changes, etc. Went thru orientation, On the last morning, went to lease purchase meeting, the lease/purchase manager highlighted some information of contract but said that, after lunch, she would go over it completely as she would have a one on one final meeting where both parties would sign in front of a witness. Agreement changed to making only 70% of gross freight revenue but by Federal law, every trip would have a copy of the original customers freight agreement before we had to decline or accept. We got 97% of fuel surcharge, the 3% of that would be put away and IFTA paid but we would get a bonus of .06 cents for every gallon purchased, we volunteered .03 cents per mile to be put in a Voluntary Personal Maintenance fund for a vacation or whatever of our choice. They were going to withhold .20 cents per pd mile, to be put in escrow for bumper to bumper, major repairs, that all or any unused portion would be returned to us promptly after terminating lease agreement that did not require any notice but had to be returned to the nearest CRST facility. That's when we was informed we were 100% responsible for all insurance and base plates, $25 weekly trailer rental, $15 weekly charge for qualcomm and found out, payments was to be $449 a week, and at the minute of going to inspect and decide on truck, we were told our truck was in Oklahoma City, OK but if it wasn't to our satisfaction once we arrived, we would return it to Cedar Rapids, IA and pick our another. While they were getting our paperwork, fuel cards and ID badges together, I was informed that ONLY my husbands name was on the contract and I was not employed by CRST but by my husband and he would be responsible for paying wages, taxes and giving me a 1099. Got to OKC, truck had been wrecked, nasty and a smell that wouldn't leave. And it had over 400, 000 miles. I called and told them i was not paying $100, 000 for a wrecked, nasty. We didn't get any paper proof of payroll for over 2 months but was sent an amount. We found the legal binding original lease, signed as it should be, between CRST Lincoln Sales and CRST Expedited and when asking for legal advise from OOIDA, was told in order for us to have legal rights to ownership, a contract would have had to be signed by all three parties, with us being referred to a renter and that CRST Lincoln Sales had the legal right to terminate or revoke at the choice. The lease between the CRST companies, stated that at the time of final payment or termination, all funds in escrow would be turned over to CRST Lincoln Sales. They mailed us a final pay sheet that read, the truck had earned $97, 000 but only $21, 000 was paid to driver, which left CRST making $76, 000+ profit . Have asked for copies of proof of revenue for a year now, still nothing. THEY NEED TO ANSWER FOR ALL THEY HAVE CHEATED INNOCENT PEOPLE JUST WANTING TO LEARN A MEANS OF MAKING A LIVING, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, CHEATING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OUT OF FUNDS THEY CHARGE FOR HELPING THESE PEOPLE. By their own admission on their website,, they have revenues exceeding $1 billion dollars a year. They have ZERO debt. They own over 4500 semis, that were paid off 3 times their by company drivers and then charged $100, 000 to buy it from them. They shouldn't be allowed to continue to cheat the public while at the same time stealing and committing fraud against the Government. They receive Government funding for a school that turns out drivers behind an 80, 000 pound death machine because they are not given the knowledge or properly taught how to drive or control the truck. The accidents that we have seen by their neglect to properly teach the driver, has been horrific. We met the caliber of professional trainer while we were there, this young man, had ONLY 8 months total experience and had been given this position, 4 1/2 months into his time, he had graduated from the truck driving school owned by CRST. This company should held ACCOUNTABLE and forced to pay for the devastation their GREED has caused.

Jan 20, 2017
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