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CRST InternationalNew Pilot Contract

I am having a contract dispute with CRST, on Jan 21, 2020 i got into a contract with this company. I feel i was offered an unfair 3 month pilot program much differnent than their regular 21 or 28 day program to become a co-driver. After day 5 of doing most of the driving with my lead driver, and him not holding up his end of this team effort. I decided i didnt want to put up with his laziness, and for CRST to have me stuck with him for 3 months on a truck was unfair. I decided to leave this truck in Albquerque, NM and I got a hotel. They day after I was offered a new lead driver, i was willing to accept one under a few conditions. I wanted to speak with this driver before I got onto his truck because i didnt want to go through the same issue. CRST took it upon themselves to ingnore my request, i never spoke to this new driver and was sent an email a few hours later to meet with this driver at a FLYING J in Albquerque, NM. I was given no transportation to get to this driver. Luckily i had friends in this town who gathered money and got me back home to Delaware on Jan 27th. 2 days later, after returning home i was contacted by this driver. This guy was late to the FLYING J and wouldnt have arrived on time to meet me there so i would have been stranded. The whole process of CRST putting me on this new 3 month pilot program was unfair to me, i feel like i was basically a test dummy. I was put with a lazy lead driver to begin with, and the second one that i was going to be put with was off schedule. I felt I was treated unfairly and at that point i wanted nothing to do with the company. This new contract was thrown at me unfairly.