Credit Acceptance Corpunauthorized charges

I didn't like this company from day one. The so called customer service was ridiculously rude with the exception of maybe 3 people. (In the almost 20 people I talked to.) Their guidelines seemed shady, but I figured it was meant for people rebuilding credit so I dealt with it. I was told by the dealership that I HAD to get GAP protection and an extended warranty through Credit Acceptance in order to be financed, so I did. Little did I realise that once my car needed to be fixed of course nothing was included in my warranty. Partly as a result of that I ended up in a wreck with my car. It was deemed totalled and I felt ok about it because I knew the car wasn't worth the amount of the loan, but I had GAP protection. Or so I thought... My car was wrecked right around the payment due date of the month and the insurance was sending them a check. Once they received the check from my insurance company they were suppose to send paperwork to the GAP department to take care of the remainder and it would take 7-10 business days to process. I called back two weeks later and nothing was sent to GAP, but they said they would 'send it today'. I called a week later to check on it with the same results. This happened 3 times before they actually did send the paperwork. I just received a letter in the mail stating how much GAP was sending a payment for and realised it leaves me with a $1250 balance due!!! When I called I was told it was because the GAP department doesn't pay past due payments. With the exception of the payment for month I wrecked my car the whole situation was drug out 2 months because they didn't do their job to send the paperwork until over a month later. Now I am stuck with a bill on a car I don't have because those rude employees can't do their job. NEVER GO WITH CREDIT ACCEPTANCE!


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