CR England / Run as fast as one can from this company

United States

CR England what a joke.
Now dont worry about any test for your CDL, atleast the Fontana School will give you all the answers and you "Will Pass". Hell people that had the breaks pulled on them while doing road tests had passed, come on, if the breaks are pulled on you to stop the truck & trailer, then you have no buisness being behind the wheel.
For those that have no buisness back ground or any money set aside to cover you, you have no chance. You will need to have money to eat with, yes you can get an advancement on your pay. The trainers I had who had been doing this for over a year, had no money, was buming off me at first, 1st clue to me.
If you have a new family, recently married, this will not work for you, this job is for those that have no life, no social skills, no kids, no wife/husband and no money and no clue on how to opperate a buisness.
In training you will only make 430.00 a week, and thats for driving 10/11 hours a day for seven days, while in training. not even federal standard wages.
After completing and going for an upgrade, if you go for 2nd seat, they say 12cpm, hell you make more as a trainee then as a second seat driver.
Now if you op for a lease driver IC, Boy you just ###ed up.
My first day in the Mira Loma yard I was approached by another employee who had informed me to run like hell from this company, hell I was'nt there no more than 5 min. when he came up to me.
Then when I had gotten onto my trainers truck, all I heard was neg. chit regarding this company the whole time.
This Company has no intensions of wanting a company driver, they are a leasing company.
Before you decide on leasing, make sure that you have it in writing that you are going to get x amount of miles, ( have it in writing ). Then do your math...! to see what you will need to a profit, just to clear your opperating costs you will have to run 1800+ miles first.
But, remember, if you chose to have them handle all your buisness affairs, book keeping then you have your maintenace fund, broker fee's, truck payment, "fuel" etc. Plus all the additional of extra cost for putting the truck on the road, chains, gps, if you have to chain up, word of advice, pull it over and park it, no feight or miles are worth it.
Get your self some software for tracking your buisness, dont op to have them handle all your affairs, less money you will be bringing home..!!
And after all is said and done, and you decide to walk, dont drive back and deliver the truck, go home and part it out, atleast you will be able to recover your losses.
They will hit you for the balance and then sum hidden costs, plus all the repairs they will claim had to be done.
Last month they had 9 roll overs, but hell after 180 days you can be classified as a trainer.
No wounder why the high safety accidents this company has.
A class mate that went through the same time with me op for the lease program, ( me I left, rented a car and drove home) well, the first week he brought home $215.00 after everything was taken out of his check, the second week $45.00, I had text him the other day, in which I asked if he brought enough home for a twelve park, his responce was no, and he was having his wife seeking out an attorney to get him out of this lease, has asked his DM for more miles, nothing.
I'm sure once he gets his 180 days and can become a trainer then yes, he will get more miles, due to the fact that he will now push the new trainee into becoming a leasee just as his trainer pushed him. The trainer who is training a new fool is the one that gets the miles.
Our truck never shut down, except to fuel up.
Plus gotta love all that wounderful food at the truck stops, plus sitting in ball soup all day if your a male, wounder what to call it for a female...?
Those that I've seen to op for a company position, All I had seen was that they were sitting and waiting for a truck to come up for them, this one guy had been sitting waitng for three weeks, mind you at no pay while waiting, so he ended up going to lease just to get out of Salt Lake so as to hopefully make some money so he could eat.

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