CR England / Charged me for the load not being drop off in the right place

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I went to work for CR England Oct 2 2011. I went through the training and was on the road with a trainer and another person in training on the truck with in a week. On Oct. 27 2011 I was kicked by the trainer and was yelled at. Was cussed out at about my sexuality. The trainer then left me and the other person in a truck stop in In. CR England then sent us to Salt Lake UT and did nothing for us. We sat for a week waiting to get back on a truck. I was made to feel it was my fault and they didn't care. I was put back with a new trainer on Nov. 5, 2011. He was very helpful and nice. By Nov 9, 2011 I was in gray In for more training. On Nov 14 2011 I was givin a load and truck for my first hall. The weight was 40, 000 lbs. When I started up the rocky mts I found out my truck had no breaks. I called it in over and over from Nov 15 to the 16 2011. I had only the breaks on my trailer. On Nov 15 2011 5 pm they told me to wait and someone would come get my load and give me a lighter load. I was givin a 80, 000 lb load insteed.

I tried to get help over and over and the only response I got was they had already had two roll overs that day. They told me to drive the truck to Salt Lake UT. I had to drive with no breaks only trailer breaks the whole way. When I reach Salt Lake Nov 17 2011 the office was closed. Nov 18 2011 I went in to talk to a manger and he did not care. He charged me for the load not being drop off in the right place. He would not fix the truck. They just sent me back out to the truck in the yard.

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  • Cr
      24th of Nov, 2012

    they should shut them down for good i work for them and got fired after a man ran in to me in Texas just because he didn't like the Cr England and the fatality rate is threw the roof i was there for 6 months and 42 students and trainers died but do they care no they do not and furthermore what do they tell the families it was all there fault no it was the drivers and i would like to Sue them so take it from me don't go to Cr England

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  • Bi
      31st of Jan, 2014

    My first experience on the truck with the trainer at the school who was a big black man from the congo in Africa. He put his hand on my thigh and pinched it when I was backing up. He then wanted to give me a kiss on the lips as a reward for a job well done. I told him I was not a homosexual and he then treated me badly for the next 2 weeks often yelling at me while he was rubbing his hand on his crotch area of his pants. Really strange smelly freak if you ask me. My mentor driver kept asking me to do his dirty laundry; and give him foot massages which I thought was weird. I could hear him masturbating in the sleeper while I drove then laughing and asking me to come back into the sleeper with him. I declined which made him madder and angrier. If you ask me they are all a bunch of dirty perverts but if you like to be raped up the ying yang then this company is for you.

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