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CPS / Nephews physically hurt

1 Laredo, TX, United States

My nephews have been getting physically, mentally and verbally abused by their mother. My nephew told my brother that his mom was trying to drown him in a bath tub, that she fist hit his sibling on the back, she and her boyfriend locked the 4 year old in a closet for a day and she hit and screamed bad words to the two other kids because they were complaining of being hungry and thirsty.

So, my brother decides to call the cops, get a lawyer and call CPS. The cops apparently made a report of child abandonment, (because she left all five kids downtown at my mothers store, turned around and left) the lawyer opens up an emergency case and charges him nothing, CPS shows up at my house because this is where they are living now, with me and my family. The CPS agent interviews each of the children separately in a bedroom here at my home, takes pictures of MY HOME, OF MY FRIG, OF MY FOOD, which I found rather odd because we are the ones calling CPS on her not the other way around.

So, never once did the CPS agent go to the mothers home to do the same and never did the mother get interviewed for anything. Then court comes along and the kids are back with the mom because apparently as my brothers lawyer said "it's best just to give the kids back until they have a better reason or charge against her. So of course this only led us to believe that this is happening because of her mother (my brother's ex mother in law works as a Customs Agent and boy does she have pull.)

Oh yeah the kids cry and beg us not to let them go back and they've even written letters against her saying everything that they have been through and everything that she and her boyfriends do to them. We recently got them back and the little one came back with a huge bite on her arm and bruises all over her arms, back and legs. She has been this way since she was a baby and CPS not once has ever done anything about it. We are so sick and tired of these people and the way the system works here in Laredo. I, their aunt have taken pictures of them when they all got sick with only God knows what it was but apparently the doctors said it was because of the dirty clothes they were wearing and the dirty environment they were living in. OKAY so DID CPS DO ANYTHING!!! NO!!!

Still the CPS agent stated in court that there was no reports of abuse going on. Ah okay so I guess we should all just wait and see if next time she drowns my nephew and killing the other one of hunger while she cries and beats the door to the closet where she is being held helpless by the mother and her boyfriend because she is afraid of the dark.

I only hope that God does hear these children's cry's and he rescues them from her.

By the way, not exaggerating and not lying. WE NEED HELP, WE LIVE IN LAREDO AND EVERYONE IS BOUGHT HERE!!! I have tonz of pictures but will not post them because do not know if it is legal to do so.

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