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CPS / authorization on checkcard

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My husband called to make a payment (which was past due) for my auto loan. He realized he didn't have the checking account info to do a check over the phone, and he told the representative he would call back, which he did in 15 minutes, and made the payment via check by phone. We've used check by phone with them for at least the last 6 months. At one point in time I probably used my debit card to make a payment, but it had been at least six months, up to a year.

When I looked at my bank account, CPS used my checkcard to authorize $1.01...which makes no sense since that is obviously not my car payment amount. I suspect that they were checking to see if my checking account was still open. However, since I work in the payment card industry, the fact that the stored that data and made an unathorized transaction using my debit card concerns me very very much. I know what can happen, and I know what the regs are regarding storing sensitive cardholder data in a computer system (CVV, track 2 data, etc.)

When my husband called to inquire about this, he was told he was never authorized to speak on the account, and that I had called in and made the check by phone payment. He and I conference called CPS, where a representative named "Mil" stated that "I needed to tell my husband the truth", that I had made a debit card payment that had not gone through and that is why I did a check by phone. Nevermind that I have not called CPS in the last year- my husband has been handling all of the payments. She called me a liar repeatedly, cussed, and refused to listen to me about the unauthorized debit.

I have since spoken with someone else at the organization and sent a letter of complaint asking for the call recordings to be pulled, a transcript sent to me for when this debit was supposedly authorized (again, makes no sense because it was not for the payment amount), explained why they were in violation of PCI security regs re: storage of customer cardholder data. I also asked for the calls to be reviewed in which "Mil" told me I was lying to my husband.

I have not yet gotten a response (this happened yesterday), but I will push and push until I do. I know they think since I have a loan with them I am just a poor credit dummy...but I'm a smart person, with a good job in the industry ...I just had unfortunate situations with my credit.

I will continue to file complaints until this has been resolved.

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